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Friday, February 29, 2008

Song/Video of the... #23

Another stellar voice never fully appreciated - Ben E King.

Loved the movie of the same name. You?

Sometimes you have to really, really ignore the videos attached to these YouTube classics... like the one RIGHT above.


  1. Stand By Me is a classic. So is This Magic Moment. Never heard too much about Ben E King. Is he alive still?

  2. Yep and still touring Pound. I saw Golf Foundation info as well aptly named after one of his tunes.

  3. Really well it is good that he is still out there. You know who I miss and they were on schedule to come to my area in 2006 and then cancelled... Billy Ocean. I love some Billy Ocean and it cracks me up on Everybody Hates Chris when his sister talks about him.

  4. Don't watch that show but I was never a BO fan, if you will. I can name 2 songs - Love on The Run?? and Caribbean Queen. Oh wait, there was a slow song... anyhow...

    What else is new with ya? You like to eat? AHAHAHAHA I do and I made some Rice Krispie bars that are to cry for. I've never made them that I recall. Just so happy I had the right ingredients and wallah. I'm so glad I don;t have to share them. Heeeheeee, mean I know.

  5. You don't like Billy Ocean, oh my. I love Billy Ocean. I also like Shake You Down by Gregory Abbott. I found out he had more songs than just that one. Anytime I hear Shake You Down I always say everybody listen to Gregory Abbott's greatest hits.

  6. NOPE. Gregory Abbott, I can do... he was FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOINE!! I don't know about now but woah back in the day. He was another Phillip Michael Thomas for me. And Gregory did have some other tunes but I can only name that one at the moment. (ooops)

    Sadly, yes, I love me some LIGHT
    *cough*yellah*cough* men - LIGHT and BRIGHT. Hazel, green, blue, light brown eyes are a bonus. AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!


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