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Saturday, February 23, 2008

And We Laud The Greatest "Hoofers"

Thank you MDC (Mes Deux Cents) for your thought process that led to this posting.


  1. Lady Di,

    Yay! I hope I can see Savion Glover dance live one day.

  2. You are just the person who I would want to see him MDC. I know you would come back with such a awesome Blog post about it. That Sammy Davis video, man, I watched it 4 times in a ROW!!

  3. I also would love to see Savion Glover dance live as well. Gregory Hines came to my area some years ago and I did not hear about it in time. Some months later he died. He is the reason that no matter what I am doing, I go see my legends. I remember everyone I thought I was pushy about seeing Luther in September 2002. Then by May 2003 he had his stroke. If it is an entertainer you really like, just go see them when you can because you just don't know. Especially true entertainers. We don't have as many anymore.

  4. Yep Pound, I did get to see Luther live 2 times and boy do I miss his music very much. 2 shows I will never, ever forget. Also, even got to see Maurice White (EW&F for the visitors) from front row back in the day. We called out "Reecy" and he looked and pointed at us with a HUGE grin. Like we knew him and ish. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    Shaggy had performed with James a wee bit before his death and they have a nice memory story from JB stopping in Shaggy's dressing room as well as the whole Might of the Proms tour with him.

    Pound if you do get to see Savion live, please come let me know. What's he up to now??


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