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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cheating, Drugs, Drinking, Guns & Careers

I just want to know something real simple... is it like the norm to have a police record? Is it the norm to have a cheating situation in our lives? Is it the norm for guns to be that much of a problem in LIFE? Are drugs and/or alcohol worth the end result losing careers, jeopardizing families and personal as well as mental health? Am I like the only person who sees this as a real problem from my section 8 chair vs. those in the real estate lifestyle living said problem??


  1. as the norms are always defined by the community you live in it actually might be the norm... fortunately norms can be altered, at least that's what theory tells us...

    what worries me more is not the set of norms, but the set of ideals that seems to be connected to it: is it really a goal to become famous for your drug/ gun careers? is it really cool to breakdown in public and not even registering it because you are too high/numbed?

  2. Hmmmmmm... I dunno girlie. I am seeing people who already had affiliations *cough* with guns and drugs carrying this stuff INTO their celebrity life as well. Like your gangstas/gang members or ex/child stars turned ???? who grow up or into the business and things get progressively worse. Not all but some sure make it hard to see those who aren't possessed by their illegal possessions. What bothers me is that these people are parents and have children and/or families to answer to in defense of their public advocacies of illegal substance use, to the jail time and/or being banned from a certain place because of...

    More and more I dread wanting my Real Reality as a dream come true. What I dream here on my $1.00 salary could be my million dollar nightmare. JJ's Dirt and Celebitchy really frighten me. These people have careers in this I know but a what cost and to whom. Scary, ya know.

  3. ladi, this is exactly what i mean, although i might not have found the right way to say that (darn aphasia again! laughs)

    that's what i meant by 'ideals'...we idolize people for the wrong reasons, and that's scary, i agree...even more scary is that you can make a fortune by continuously reporting on the rise and downfalls of those 'idols'...

    ...obviously social responsibility and social consciousness are not good for business, neither for the 'idols' nor for the pack that hunts them down...which brings me back to the question why we still want to know everything about them? must be a human urge or something - no wonder i'm social phobic, eh?...

  4. I understood everything you've said thus far kayoz. Sometimes I may stretch it out more to strengthen my own terms of dealing with it as well as deepening the thoughts of your words as well. Hope we've cleared that up. (laughs)


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