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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Song/Video of the... #16

I'm testing here but this is my favorite tune from Daft Punk. I love electric, go-go, house, synco, techno, world rhythmic, trance, and the like. I also like that dance troop that beats on trash cans, uses tin cans for shoes and stuff too.

3 AM Eternal... I cannot tell you how much this song means to me. The things I did AT 3 am would be $$'s to any news sources. Give ya a hint... at Morgan State, I was a "sweetheart" and not the Valentine's Day kind either. I loved Sororities and Fraternities immensely. Since my GPA as not up to par, I opted for being a flunky for the Ques, Kappas, Sigmas, the band frat, the football team frat (Bozacks - here kitty kitty my azzz)... Oh never mind because too much info just should not be discovered about me. But if you "pledged", I'm sure you know what I am referring to - especially in the 80's.

I see I left off my Iota's, Alpha's and Pershing Rifles too. Sorry fellas, had lotta love for ya'll too.


  1. OMG!!!!!!! This was MY JAAAMMMMM!!!!! Yes I know I was in like junior high or something when this song came out, but I LOVED THIS SONG!!!!!!!! You should see me groovin' right now as I type this... KLF IS GONNA ROCK YA!! Good memories!

    I wish I knew WTF you are talking about in this post...mostly because I'm just nosey as all hell, but it sounds fun! lol

  2. College Life Bre. I wish each and every person could spend some part of their life on AND off campus as I did. I actually lived in all the dorms, yes the guy dorms too. Sad, I know. ANYHOOOOOOOOOOOW, it is the most beautiful and educational experience one can have PRIOR to truly growing up, if you ask me. It's that step from Mom and Dad's to being the adult you SHOULD be when done, no matter how long you stay. My MSU stint lasted 2 years and all of it was pretty much on THE BRIDGE. Laughs now but it was not funny to pay that $$ back and see where it REALLY went - in to the cement keeping THAT bridge the very monumental and architectural structure it is today.

    Onwards... in order to be in any Fraternity and/or Sorority, you have initiations also known as "pledging". And in those "initiations" lasting sometimes 4 or more months, a whole LOT of crap went on to say the least. All done *cough*underground*cough* mind you while learning vast skills to succeed in life, being educated in your classes and the rites of passage to be said AKA, Delta, Que, Sigma, etc. "Hazing" played a major part too until it started getting publicized but I will swear it still goes on again, *cough*underground*cough*.

    Some of your very famous figures like MLK, Ella Fitzderald, Tavis Smiley, Mae Jamison, and even Red Grant (- Katt's friend) are renowned people who "pledged" and live to tell about it afterwards. Yes, sadly, there's been some not so nice things done under the guise of....

  3. Yeah I never had that college experience... I did college way later, while I was working full time...and I never did finish it. =(

  4. Well reading your Blog, you made up for missing college NO DOUBT Ms Bre. (looks shocked and laughs)

  5. LOL Yeah...I've got some stories to tell!


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