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Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Extreme (Makeover) Foreclosure & The Racist Remarks

As I'm reading some remarks about the foreclosure of The Harper Family's Atlanta home, it makes me angry. Some of you have been reading my discord via the IMDb relating to the people I support and I've not been very nice to say the least. I need to slow my nerves as I think how much of a historical event has been brewing since Mr. Barack Obama landed on the Presidential scene. The Blog linked above is one of many existing that has me in outrage in this day and age that I am. I love what Katt had to say about racism and the racist that exist right now. But to further put this in my own terms as you have and/or may see, white racist... we did not ask to be Black. We had NO choice in the matter people. GOD made us from the same sands s/he made you. So what s/he went under the tree and gathered the makings of you and then proceeded to the shorelines of say Jordan to make us. AND????????????????


So to sum this up, forgive me if you see my rants but I stand FIRM on being the proudest person of color RIGHT NOW and I WILL fight verbally for the right to have life just as every other shade of the color spectrum has done for ions. Get over yourselves white people who are racist. Your 10th generation Great Grandmother may have some of this beautiful brown color in her bloodline too. I know and accept where the white lies in my lineage and it's very close not of my choosing but by GOD hand. And... if there should be not a speck of color that you know of, know this no matter... GET OVER YOURSELF AS WE'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Are We The Only Ones Who Wear Huge Jewelry??

I've watched Katt, and recently Xzibit, on various talk show programs and I am really bothered by the jewelry questions. Are Black people the only race who buy big, gaudy trinkets that require several minutes of awe from the likes of Howard Stern, Conan O'Brien and Craig Ferguson? I do try to look around and it seems really wealthy and/or the street wanna bes are the majority of Black males I see with a cross bigger than Jesus himself practically. Now, if I recall right... Jesus carried and died on a wooden cross. How come I don't see a single person with that around his/her neck?? Do the diamonds, platinum and whatever other materials they are made up of carry more significance than the wood?? Does it solidify the belief? Why do we need to wear trinkets to remember Jesus Christ's life/death... at all!?!? Ok, this might require another Blog post at a later date. Next............

Back to the jewelry and it's size. Howard Stern spent so much time on Katt's jewelry that I was about to just leave the room. Each visit Stern seems to have never seen anyone else with that much jewelry on in his entire life as a interviewer but as a person as well. It's oooooooooooo k Howard. And then, Craig asked Mr Joiner how can he get a watch like the one he was wearing. Hellooooo... you take your arse to a jeweler and buy it. What part of that did you miss along the way to your nice lil rise to the top. Just like a house, a car and anything else... you make the money to be able to afford it. I'm just not understanding because.......... do you ask other guest this question as if they should just say 'oh, here... you can have this one?' while taking it off and handing to over to you?!?!?

I don't want to seem like I'm being racially incorrect because Sherry on The View asked Katt about his jewelry too. And for those who do not watch the view, she's Black as well. I'm just befuddled as to why the question needs ot be asked?!?!?!

'I Lie To Myself In The Mirror Everyday'

Another reason to quote Katt I don't need buuuuuuuuuut... that line just works, for me at least. Feeling good in this 'mentally recessive' time. I get up in the morning saying things like 'girl, did that SUV come get it's spare tire yet?', 'did your hair grow down your back?' and/or 'wow, you are stunning that t-shirt'. Hey, whatever works... SAY IT. Why? Because there are so many realities that you can't lie about which can you leave you crying in your bed that you don't want to get out of it, just because. If you go with the thought process of starting the day off right by thinking AND acting in the positive, maybe the day will be... more... positive. The elements of the earth and your being in it are at your will. Yes, I saw THAT dvd and am a firm believer in all things are of the higher realm.

So, what 'lie' did you tell you to get your day on a more productive beginning?

Monday, July 14, 2008

50 Year Young Prince

As you might know (or might not but about to find out now), Prince Rogers Nelson has been my artist for life since the album one. Yes, I did managed to hold on to that vinyl as well as a couple more albums from this man when the rest were stolen. Prince turned 50 last month and he still has it going ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!! He's on


which are no doubt both very fitting and well deserved. My Mom handed me Ebony and I took of running while she laughed. She knows how I am on that man, the most prolific artist of my lifetime. I've seen him live well over 40 times, I'm still trying to finish 'Interactive' - the game and I have an awesome collection of live shows across from across the globe. I'm hoping someone would like to gift me this book written by THE MAN entitled 21 Nights. ANYONE?? My birthday is October, it'd make a really, really, really nice gift. (no laugh)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beautiful Hair, Beautiful Me

As I looked at Michael's (from the last post) photo of what I think is him, I realize how much I LOVE hair. I've been a hair freak... wait, let me be kinder with that... I've been into hair since... who knows when. The more naptural, the better as for hairstyles. But I love body hair on men too. I love a well groomed man with a beard, sideburns, a goatee and/or even a simple mustache. Just keep it neat is all I ask. I know razor bumps/acne can have adverse affects on the male skin and I sympathize with those who suffer from this. I'm not one who can recommend anything for someone I don't know but Dudu Osun (African black soap) and/or See Breeze are the absolute best for me. If I could just stop drinking sodas and eating chocolate I'd have the face teens would envy at my age. Annnnnnnnnnd... that won't happen anytime soon, so... bumps away with my 2 recommendations is all I can do for now. Did I say I love chest hair and arm/leg hair on men?? I mean, I don't turn a guy down if he's treating me to dinner if he has no body hair what-so-eveeeeer. But... if he does... let's just say it'll be real hard to get though a meal sitting next to him. (CUL) Now, am I that bad you ask? I don't lie on myself... OK? (snickers in thought)

Back to my hair affliction... I also love long hair on men. My poor nephew is beating me out of his curly long sides. I think he's so adorable right now... when he's sleep. (laughs) Anyhow, my hair is so long, I think if I permed it out I'd have just past shoulder length again. I've always sported lengthy hair for ponytail purposes no doubt. The only time it's been short was when I decided to go BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEACH blonde. I just knew the honey cocoa brown skin was going to look good with white gold hair. This was back in the 90's and not one soul told me how very important moisture was to straw. Yes, it was that light. Soooooooooo... needless to say after a few months, I saw hair just dropping in the sink and filling up the comb. My stylist Edie said, "sorry Di, we've got to cut it down in order for it to grow as I had here and there chunks that were short and then some that were shorter. I was mortified as I'd had long hair past my shoulders or so since I was a lil girl. Chop chop it went and I ended up with a pretty blonde top mix with the black sides and back to the neck. I thought it was so cute... that is until I came home with 4 different sized curling irons. One iron barrel was the size of an ink pen's ink barrel - no lie.

I burned the hell out of my scalp for months as it grew from a 4 barrel do to a one barrel style. Never again was I cutting my hair once it was on my shoulders again. And that lasted til 2001 when I decided I wanted twists. Get to the stylist and she tells me I need to get the perm out in order for it to twist properly and then lock. "Lock"???? WHAT?? So, I had to research this "lock" and when I did I was like OOOOOOOOOOOOOH HELLLLLLLLLLLL NOOOOOOOOOOO. (laughs hard) I decided to stick with twists and go from there. So, she cut ALLLLLLLLLLL my hair off and I had about an inch that was twistable by using a "rats tail comb". After she finished, I had all these lil curls on my head and the air hit it hard. I was sneezing my scalp was so exposed. I've never looked back as I still have twists today. Needless to say, they are done by hand because that original comb would be downright comical to use now. I want someone else to do them to see how they turn out. Me, I'm just grabbing no parting and twisting away. Gives home grown an all new meaning, ya think?

What's my hair care regimen? I started on anything I could afford at first, then Carol's Daughter (thanks to actor Gary Dourdan) products came next. I was enthusiastically hooked even going as far as reading what Jada Pinkett-Smith and Mary J used and then combining their recipes. One bad order gone wrong too many times led me to the ORS products - Organic Root Stimulator. I absolutely LOVE the Hair Mayonnaise (mixed with an egg) after using the Uplift Shampoo. I now and again top it off by using the Replenishing Pack for an hour or more of conditioning and then twist it with either the Olive Oil in the jar or the Carrot Oil Creme (jar). I rotate them when I can afford to buy both as they both are soft on the hair. People always admire how soft my hair is for one who does it at home. I pride myself on attempting to manage it despite the aching arms from the de-tangling process - arrrggggggggggghhhh and the upwards of 4 hours from shampoo to last twist. Mind you, it's still not dry which is a naptural process. I wish ORS people would update their website and be responsive to emails. Still, I love the product and thankfully I can find it on more shelves now that I could when I first started using it. I try to keep it all in the family as you see as it just works better for me when all said and done.

So hair today not gone tomorrow I pray. If I were to ever lose my length again... I dunno. The reason I did not want "locks" (short for dreadlocks) is because to change to a straight style, you have to cut the locks out. Yes, depending on the roots length, I'd be almost bald again. NOOOOOOOOOOT! With twists, I can break out a curling iron (yes, I've tried and failed) and get a semi straight look for oooooooh about an hour. (laughs on the way out)

Where in the world is Di??

Here me isssssssssssssssssssssss. (laughs) I know, I have not Blogged-in since what seems a mighty long time going on previous posts. I started one yesterday and I just realized I could go back and add on to it. Oh what the heck, I might as well continue here. If you haven't noticed, I added David Duchovny's Blog (over to the left there) because it fascinates me people of his magnitude have time... THAT MUCH... to think much less type. It's all in lower case and he even takes time to explain why. WOOOOOOW. I love it when the celebrated ones talk to us when they can. I'd rather have that than an autograph any day. I can remember words to conversations very well like words to songs but where a piece of paper is?!?! Oh no, just forgetaboutit. (haahaaaaaahhhhhhhhha)

And Ms. Bloggetto (Ghetto Blogger) has stumbled on a very provoking of the thoughts on race and it's matters. I'm not going to say any more... just drop the link. Race Matters by Michael Datcher

Ok, I said I was not going to say any more but that was in regards to the link ONLY. You know darned well I have more to say. I think I talk in my sleep but since I'm single I can't verify this and lucky for me, neither can you. Prentis said he'll never tell. (CUL) So what's been up with me? Well, I've been a weee busy offline like traveling, continuing to nurse Prentis back to better health (so far so good until 3 today - arrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh), trying to be a very patient Ant (vs. Aunt) to a gadget driven nephew from the umbilical cord (arrrgghhhhh the terrible 10's) and just still trying my damndest to enjoy life. Whenever I attempt to think I'm having it rough, I can watch the opening of the news every single day and get a hellavah reminder how blessed I truly am no matter. I'm still working on the passport/get out of MD for good?? issue believe you me. Other than that... still saying my prayers to the One Most High for everything. Even the pimples I'm getting at THIS age in my ears and my hairline and my back and my.......................................

Make today a splendid day, hear me??