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Saturday, July 17, 2010

DMV EarthSHAKE Humor

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"For those who missed the DC Earthquake today, check out the devastation in Gaithersburg!"

Caption by Jason Pollock via Twitter. Photo by BYT (BrightestYoungThings.com) via Twitpics.com

Friday, June 4, 2010

The First No Photo Needed Post

If I just say "oil spill", a picture of the very horrific scenery be in your brain... instantly. And this image is forever burned into my brain as I watched on TV today as a poor bird making an attempt to clean his oil laden body. I was struck and I was struck hard. In my heart and in my head. I want to go and be trained on how to aid these poor animals. I want to pack all of my Maryland possessions and just move on the water lands that they are on and just start cleaning. I don't want to sit on the couch and watch the process, I want to be of assistance to it. I felt and still feel compelled to do something. And what I want to do is learn from their perspective. No, not about the oil spill, not about what caused it but what those poor creatures life will be like should they live. I want to be there and help put their lil lives back together as I have for a few humans. I want to be there and bury them, again, like I have some humans.

I just want to be there... dangittoall


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gumball 3000 Rally 2010 - Times Square, New York

Here's some pics. Still trying to find a couple more but the event was DOPE!!

Here's the Official site so that you can read more on what the event is about.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

'Mr Scott McKnight' Brings It 'Just Wright' To The DMV

Actually he brought posters and a very warm persona along with his support team. No security, no huff nor puff nor fluff. Just a 'Calm Common Collected' (an actual CD title) guy dressed in jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt that read 'Great Scott'. Arriving a lil off the scheduled time of 3pm, 'Mr Scott McKnight' came right in and sat right down for the 2+ hours Meet n Greet session. He was cordial and polite to each and every person as they stepped up for their time with him. Pleasantly smiling and being very grateful for the support, he managed to get thru the session despite the warmth in the mall and Lane Bryant in Pentagon City, Virginia.

I was grateful that I was able to show him (via my cell phone) the one CD I had on me which he really liked. Prior to his arrival, I had tweeted to 'him' that it was warm in the mall prior to his arrival. While I was still talking to him about this, he pointed to Sean, his assistant?? and told him I was the one who sent the tweet about it being warm. See, Twitter can be very effective. I could not get the nerve to ask for a pic with him as I was just glad he took the time to come to the DMV. It's not been my normal self to ask more of a person once they're already giving you something you know. I took as many pics as I could from inside and outside the store. I also managed to speak to other supporters which made this a really neat experience.

I started feeling a lil ill so I trekked on over to my favorite pretzel spot (Auntie Annie's), chowed it down and was going to leave afterwords. A tweet came in that made me return and show 'Scott' what was said. Staying around a lil longer proved beneficial as I received a film T-Shirt, a HUGE poster and was named 'biggest Twitter fan' by Sean. Man, that was icing on the cake so much that I am still stoked.

Now, can you believe after reading all of this that I JUST picked up Common's CDs last week?? Can you believe I had not heard one song by him prior to them? Can you believe I had not done any more than seen him in the films he's been in? Can you believe I so slept on him? Neither can I but my Moms always said "it's never too late to learn". Common loves supporters who come on board today as much as those who've been there since the umbilical cord was cut. Not literally YOU. It means since his first release to allow us to even know who he or 'Mr Scott McKnight' is.

Thank you Common for giving up pieces of your life to do what you do and love most besides being a father/son/family man/man of GOD. And definitely thank you for allowing that which you love to have brought 'Mr Scott McKnight' to the DMV.

Here's a link to more of my photos. Do ENJOY!!


PS - as I said on Twitter - $2 parking. $3 Aunt Annie's Pretzel. $5 returnable footies from Macy's. Meet n Greet with Common AKA 'Mr Scott McKnight' = PRICELESS!!

Actor/Recording Artist Common in the DMV

Thanks to a tip from "Mr Scott McKnight" (AKA Common's character via the new film featuring Queen Latifah, Paula Patton and many others including NBA players 'Just Wright'), I will be trekking it to Pentagon City later today. I hope I can get some good shots in as I'm taking the cell with it's newly updated camera features.

Off to rest...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

CauseWorld - Donate With An 'App'

Weeks ago while browsing Android's 'The Market' looking for something new to play with, on the main page was this app named 'CauseWorld'. First off, an 'app' is short for application or in this case - a mini program that you use on your cell phone. If you still don't know that it is, then you don't have the phone that's capable of this sort of technology. Anyhow, 'CauseWorld' makes it so cell phones users can donate to various charities just by visiting any store listed in the radius. You don't even have to get out the car. I actually hit it on the beltway doing said beltway speed and get my "karma" on. It's just two taps if you open it PRIOR to putting the car in drive. *woooh, cleared that up for those pesky ones who will ask if I'm using my cell to text while driving*

Here's how it works. You install the app to your phone. Go to the 'Check-In tab and the closer you get to a location, the lil icon for the amount of "karma" you can donate will turn green. That is if:

1) you are not maxed for the day and/or
2) you are within radius of location to earn.
3) you have already earned "karma" for that particular location in 24 hour period

If it is gray, then one of the above has happened. So, it it is green select from the list of possible locations. WHALLAH... you've just added "karma" to your profile which then translates into $$ for organizations such as LiveStrong, American Red Cross, and the American Humane Society. There are 19 different causes to support all with a tap of your finger. It's fun, easy and charitable all rolled into one. I am having loads of fun until I max out for the day. Oh, I didn't mention that? Back up... when you donate, the increments are in 5's. Each location gives you 5 "karma" and you can only use that site once a day. So if there is a Giant Foods up the street, once per day there and then once per day at the next location. And then... there's the 50 "karmas" per day cap too. It was 100 when I came on board but since so many more great donaters jumped on board, the support has to be spread out. After you've maxed out for that day and/or you want to donate heaps, go to your "Me" page to see where've you donated your "karma" thus so far. You will earn badges for various things such as holiday check-ins, time of day check-ins, levels of support to one organization, number of check-ins per set increment and much more. Your page can get pretty full if you keep at it. I'm spreading the love to every organization there but my tops are Chile, Haiti and, Humane Society and LiveStrong. Well actually, I think my carbon reduction count is pretty high. I love the footprints video. Yes, small videos (as they stored to my phone this way) animate once you start donating. NICE!!

Right now, I am a Philanthropist (with 2090 "karma" donated to date) and next up is Altruist. There's also a 'Feed' tab where you can view what others are donating and where to as well as connection to your Facebook to let those folks know they can join in too, if they want. It's been upgraded to include much more features like sharing "karma" and I hope a Twitter updater. Android's build takes awhile longer and I am eagerly waiting it's arrival. I am wondering how many more companies will see this as a great opportunity to utilize this donation source. Kraft Foods & Citi are funders of the program with as little as 20% staying in CauseWorld. Just yesterday while in 'The Market', I noticed that T-Mobile has 'CauseWorld' in their 'Top Picks'. I've screen capped a few pics of that but will add more so you can see the app in detail. 'CauseWorld' used my photo to Blog about it. Check it out here - http://blog.causeworld.com/2010/03/thank-you-android-users.html

Used Lingerie Returned For Next Person To Purchase

This video is so disturbing to me, I never want to purchase non-packaged panties every again. Just eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Miss My Mom, Yes I Do!

Mom, birth mother, would have been s... *feels smack from heaven*, uhmmmmmmmm a year wiser had she been alive today March 2. Each year I get older, I think... "this is gonna get easier". Each year, it gets harder and harder as I become more aware of that which I never knew about her and her life. Some of the info is coming from just being a good listener and some is coming from visually watching actions of those who might have affected who she was (or wasn't). My brothers are still torn up about our loss, probably more than me. I do know what my brain has had to deal with in knowing who she when I was a child whom was adopted away from her and then a child who came back to her, sorta. Long story that would require some kinds of alcoholic beverage before reading.

So as I sit here a very grown woman who's had a great job, a couple living quarters and more than a few vehicles... I am still not happy about how she lived and far less happy about her death and the relationship we should have had but didn't. All because of my anger about being adopted away from her, my misunderstanding of her life as a mother, woman, homemaker and much much more, time was wasted... regretfully. Since I do not allow regrets to overcome my life, I look to the heavens and ask for forgiveness every chance I get. I was too young, too torn, too into my own feelings and yet... so unknowledged to that which I have since found out. It's never too late to learn they say and to some degree I agree. It doesn't ease my mind to hang onto bitterness, hate and/or even anger. Let go and let GOD.

Thank you GAW for the life and times we had together. I hope you found some ounce(s) of happiness having me back in your life. Actually I was never gone because I was told you knew exactly where I was the entire time I was not with you physically. You never let go and I shall never let go of you & the thoughts of you either.

MISS YOU SO MUCH MOM!! Wish you were here for your day of birth... physically.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

20 Below, There Was "Mon-Roe"

I have to commend a dude for his hustle. I hope and pray it pays off because he was outside with a jacket on, not zipped up, and was hitting each and every person for his "million downloads/street sales". I liked what I heard but who knows where this will go for him. He played me a gospel track, 'Dream" I think it was entitled. Not until today did I come online and look him up. So here's the sites linked via the business card he hand me upon request.




He's also on iTunes as well. search 'monroe my story'.