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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reading Is Fundamental, Comprehending Is Everything

Reading IS Fundamental (RIF) is a organization that assists children who can not read with the ability to... read. But, in adults, comprehension is something else. How do you teach that?? I don't know if there's an adult version of the agency but if not, we sure need it - BADLY. I've been a mini-victim myself but not like I've seen as of late. On 'Parking Wars' because the sign was upside down dude couldn't read the sign stating no parking after a certain time. Ohhhhhhkkkkkkkkkk. They televised him saying he put money in the meter at 3pm which SHOULD have covered him till 4:30. Well per the UPSIDE down sign, rush hour no parking began at 4 pm and he was pissed because that the meter took his money. Oh the meter should not take your money if you can't park there after a certain time???? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!

Yes, he stated this and argued with the meter lady about it. AND, whomever the older guy was that was with him, he was not letting up either. He also insisted that the sign was upside down. The meter lady even went on to say well if this was my car and the sign was upside down, there's a few signs around. One in front just up a bit and across the street. Ohhhh noooooooo, if I didn't park there I should not have to read those signs said car owner. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Even if that scene was scripted, you KNOW there is somebody that will swear on a similar incident. I love this new show and I try to watch it every chance I get. It just shows how bad off people really are and has been far more entertaining than anything on MTV, VH1 and etc. right now. Well, except Baisden After Dark. How can you not laugh at people making complete fools of themselves by not being able to comprehend? And for the record, they are not disabled in any VISIBLE way. Cue word -> V-I-S-I-B-L-E!!

Now, you know it's a sad day when someone gotta put you on blast for not reading isn't it? Another r&c issue. Xzibit posted 2 pics from the set of the X-Files 2 movie. He distinctly took necessary time out of his busy, tiresome, frigid cold schedule to place captions under each picture. Clearly written is the date, title of the film and some other lil personal addition. So why did he have to come back on ANOTHER blog to address people writing him and inquiring if he'd joined law enforcement???? WHAT???????? Sad that your favorite "celebrity" has to go through this all because you so caught up in?!?!? And we won't even get in to the disabled HTML in his and other people's sections for leaving comments (under photos, blogs and main page comments area). I know he specifically asked people not to advertise on his page. NOPE, they never ever read that NOR the big red text IN and ABOVE the comment areas. I guess they figure they're going to do what they want to do or.... they's damn illiterate. (<- on purpose) And still speaking of SpySpace, I was on Katt's page and ohhhh my goodness. What a friggin' mess it is there too. One person was the whole page advertising his music. I ain't going to blast, but his *cough*BROTHER*cough* needs to help him out on those issues. Shoot, I won't even get into DJ Invis' page of SPAM. I'm thinking people know that these people are in the entertainment business and to them, they think it's ok to advertise in hopes of getting seen. Not only advertisement but spamosis galore. Horrific.

Now about my lil thing recently. I went on X's page and asked about something related to the movie when he SAID he could NOT talk about the movie. I did it in spite moreso than anything. It is something I know he'll address down the line but sure enough, next Blog he came back and said AGAIN... he could not talk about the movie. AHAHAHAHAHAHAA!! I know it was not directed AT me... wait... was it???? Hmmm...

PM EDIT - I've linked 'Parking Wars' website in the first paragraph relating to it. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Song/Video of the... #4

I'm still in dance mode just like I was when I was a teen to 20's. Somewhere along the shootups at the local nightclubs to the I'm older than the kids in here mentality, I've lost the need to frequent any of those fun days again. It's so sad because I'd probably be around the buck 20/30 mark if I get back to it again as much as I used to jam. So back down wigglywiggle lane we go.

And just one more from the greatest JAM dancer ever...

When music was fun... those were the days ya know... (sighs)

First Female President - My #1 Choice

Here we are discussing the future President of the United States in the Year 2008. For those of you who would like a choice for President, we have a solution. It is probably time we have a woman as President. One choice is a very special lady who has all the answers to our problems.

PLEASE give it a thought when you have a moment...


Very eloquently put...........don't you think?

Maxine on "Driver Safety"; "I can't use the cell phone in the car. I have to keep my hands free for making gestures ."

Maxine on "Housework"; "I do my housework in the nude. It gives me an incentive to clean the mirrors as quickly as possible."

Maxine on "Lawn Care"; "The key to a nice-looking lawn is a good mower. I recommend one who is muscular and shirtless."

Maxine on "The Perfect Man"; "All I'm looking for is a guy who'll do what I want, when I want, for as long as I want, and then go away. Or wait nearby, like a Dust Buster, charged up and ready when needed."

Maxine on "Technology Revolution"; "My idea of rebooting is kicking somebody in the butt twice."

Maxine on "Aging"; "Take every birthday with a grain of salt. This works much better if the salt accompanies a Margarita."

I'm telling you ... she's the perfect candidate.

"The only two things we do with greater frequency in middle age are urinate and attend funerals ."

"The trouble with bucket seats is that not everybody has the same size bucket."

"To err is human; to forgive, highly unlikely."

"Do you realize that in about 40 years, we'll have millions of old ladies running around with tattoos and pierced navels? (Now that's scary!) "

"Money can't buy happiness--but somehow it's more comfortable to cry in a Porsche than a Kia."

"After a certain age, if you don't wake up aching somewhere... you may be dead."

And with that said, tell me you did not laugh, huh... at least a lil?? Come on, we need some humor in our lives every now and again. I love Maxine and I plan to find more of her quips to add here. Have some, please pass them on.

BTW - I received this in an email from a good friend of mine as this info. seems to have disappeared from my original posting of this message. Hmmmm...

Monday, January 28, 2008

X Does X-Fles (Movie #2)

Above are photos of Actor/Rapper Mr. Alvin Nathaniel Joiner aka Xzibit on the set of the new working movie 'The X-Files 2'. Yes, this is the second of two movies from the highly acclaimed series seen on TV. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny along with Amanda Peet (who??) and Billy Connolly are also in Vancouver Canada where the temperature is as X says "brick". The Chris Carter film is slated for a July 25th release. The very first photo, Mr. Joiner uploaded yesterday to his MySpace page and took time to add a long written but deep Blog about the emancipation of 10 years of 'braids', what else he's been up, Canada weather, getting each role in 'Pinkville' (now in hiatus due to the strike) and this film. There's loads more to read @ www.myspace.com/xzibit. Check the Blog with "freezin'" in the title. (laughs) He's a very animated person for those who somehow scathed the antics on MTV's highly successful 'Pimp My Ride'. He has many more personal Blog messages there that are HAHlarious to say the least. First Class (plane flight) farty guy was the funniest I ever read in life, I mean it. Anyhow, I'm not the BIGGEST, BESTEST, nor #1 X-Philer but I can't wait to see the movie as well as what X brings to it. If music don't work, I'm all for "keepin' it movin'"

Added note - X added a new Blog message where he's getting on people who've written to him asking is he really in law enforcement. He does not let it go by telling them about their lack of reading skills.

Song/Video of the... #3

I danced my azzzz off to this song back in the day. (still have some left can you believe it??) Anyhow, I have to thank Ms JJ of 'Just Judith Says' and MDC of 'My 2 Cents' (see linked over to the right there) for the inspiration to add videos to my Blog as well. Sorry I did not do it on post #1.

And one more for the road...

Are You Old Enough...

This probably it better understood by East Coast people (USA) but you will surely have your own memories no matter where you live. And here I go...

Are you old enough to remember...

When there were jeans with names like 'screwdrivers', 'painter's' jeans that also spawned pants (or vice versa), 'pockets', 'zippers' and ....?

When KFC aka Kentucky Fried Chicken was originally Gino's and they sold a Gino Giant wrapped in a paper around it to keep it from falling apart? Remember licking the "special sauce" of the paper?

When GOOD candy/gum was Dots (pink, yellow, green, blue dots on paper that when you ate them you ate paper as well), gum cigarettes (chewing gum inside cigarette looking paper wrapper and you put it on your mouth to puff out the confectioner sugar on the gum it looked like smoke - see, they influenced that early on to start smoking), Now Laters ("eat some now and save some for later" was the slogan), Bazooka Joe Bubble gum complete with cartoon wrapped around gum, Boston Baked Beans, Lemonheads, Jolly Joes, Jolly Ranchers, Mike & Ike's, Red Hots (not for me, I had a thumb in mouth problem so I hated anything cinnamon then) and Pixie Sticks (granulated colored sugar in a long straw that later morphed into a huge straw)?

When church's only instrument was the choir's and/or church member's voices complimented with at least one off key person and/or a kid's attempt to chime in?

When TV was black and white? (I do)

When the radio hosted shows that you wanted to see on TV?

When cowboy movies were on all the time it seemed like?

When you could sit on the porch in the city and enjoy the not so noisy neighborhood?

When you sat on the "stoop"? Remember cleaning that marble with brushes like everyday? ('stoops' are marble steps in the city that are usually kept immaculate)

When you heard of no one your age dying and if you did it was not due to violence?

When the loudest noise in the neighborhood would be a family dispute and maybe the door slam afterwards?

When you got in trouble in school and you caught about as much azz whipping from the neighbor's as you did your parent(s)?

When you were made to sit at the table for hours because of a certain food you did not like? Remember trying to feed it to the dog? Remember getting caught?

When your mom had the living room NO ONE not even Dad could go in (or so it seemed)? And how about that 3 inch thick plastic (on the couch and chairs) that had turned yellow plus cut you when you sat on it?

When they had odd and even day for the gas ration in the 70's? Remember actually being IN the line for it??

When 'slurpees' first came out? (frozen slushy drink in 7-11 and attempts to duplicate have been futile)

When 7-11 had all races owning, working in and running them? (I opened the one that sits on 301 down from my Dad's house still today. Opened as in stocked the shelves for the grand opening and was cashier there)

When the Cadillac was the gangsta/pimp car when you were a kid? Fur lined insides, steering wheel and seats??

When the Electra 227 was the cheap version of a Cadillac? And how "pimps" dressed it up as well like those who owned Caddys?

When $1 bought a Pepsi, a pack of Kool's (smokes) AND you had candy change leftover? (I had a HUGE lil brown bag of candy while I handed Mom her poison's)

When penny candy WAS a penny found in 7-11?

When you told your Mom you were going to tell your Dad that she beat you and her answer was "I'll beat his azzz too if he mess with me"?

When your Mom could just look at your Dad and make him leave the room because he did not want to argue?

When there were toys/games/fun times like the bat n' ball (Lil bat with a red rubbery ball on a long rubber band string attachment. I thew this away too after getting beat with it - ball still attached), jacks (red rubbery ball and silver metal criss crossed X's that you used to pick up one jack after tossing the ball up BUT prior to the ball hitting the ground. You did this for 1 - 10 jacks AT one time, again prior to the ball hitting the ground. I was GOOOOOOOOOD. I was all on 20 jacks.), jump rope/Double Dutch, hand games like Ms Mary Mack, Ms Lucy Had A Baby, Eenie Meenie (and more), hopscotch, red light/green light, Mother may I, and hide n' go seek?

When Timberlands were worn by dock worker's, painters, electricians and people in those fields?

When Eddie Bauer was ONLY for skiers and not a fashion statement nor vehicle addition??

I'm sure there are many more I'm leaving off but my brain hurts thinking of all the good times we had as a child. Might not seem like I had many of them and I didn't but when I got them, I lived them like they were my last. They came so far and so few between...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Song/Video of the... #2

I've had a professional photographer as a close online friend for years now and he sent me his Jon Bon Jovi pics to check out. I have loved Jon since 'You Give Love A Bad Name' because he is a consummate artist. He was always in it for the love OF the art not the art of love (adoration from fans and/or the material things acquired from his creativity). So as I sat ooogling through the pics, I decided to see what info my all things actor/film site has on him - the great Internet Movie Database aka IMDb.com. I usually read the info linked in their bio and I found something I really can relate to no matter how long it's been since he said this very truthful statement. Plus, he named names. Read this:

"Some people just court celebrity for the sake of it. People like Tom Cruise. He was always a great actor, but I think the man's lost it, lost it. You won't ever catch me jumping up and down on Oprah going on about how I love this woman. And then others start feeding off it. Suddenly, Katie Holmes is on the covers of magazines. These people claim they hate the intrusion that fame brings but then they bring it on themselves by having huge entourages everywhere they go, attracting attention to themselves. It's a great fallacy. Another one's Paris Hilton. Famous for being infamous. And the people who should be getting the attention, people like Bob Dylan, aren't. It's sad."

And with that said and done, here's the 'song of the...'. Hope you enjoy the pics and the video to the fullest. I know I do!!

PS - I am acting this video complete with air guitar and swinging hair. I'm so glad you can't see me in my purple penguin pajamas. Now say that 3 x's really fast.

January 31, 2008 10:51 PM EDIT - My friend's photography site link had to be removed for any of my prior visitors. Reason withdheld for now... (sighs)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Waking Up On The RIGHT Side Of The Bed

Ohhhh am I ever glad to see another one of The Almighty's glorious days. Every morning prior to opening my eyes (there's $$ taped to my ceiling, we'll get to that in a sec) I say a prayer UPWARD. I have no clue who told people to bow their heads in prayer if GOD is UP. So I've adopted the UP attitude every prayer I pray. If someone says I'm wrong, feel free to attempt to correct me and/or provide evidence as to your reply. Till, then UP it is. After saying my prayers, I open my eyes and see the green bill I've plastered there. I know you're asking 'WHAT?'. Well I watched that DVD 'The Secret' and one of the men who had achieved wealth said this is what he did to inspire wealthy thoughts that lead him to where he is... uhmmm as of that video. Dude could be homeless now, I don't know. He said it was a reminder to him of the thing he wanted most and that was to never be broke ever again. He added that you should think and live wealthy thoughts that could lead to financial independence. For me, the bill(s) changes but not less than $50 - so far. Don't even think of trying to break into my crib. Prentis will claw you to death because that's his food & litter $$ for awhile. Believe you me, that bill gets snatched down real quick but I try not to leave the space empty for long. I'll put $1 if it gets that bad, I just have to have some hope, ya know.

Since my bed is centered, I don't wake up near a wall thank goodness. I always said that's how a bed should be, centered IN the room. And I also said that if I should become happily wealthy, I realized recently what my fanatical thing to do would be. Some people have netting over their beds, some people have art and others have mirrors. If you don't know why on the latter - DO NOT ASK ME. Never had the urge to do that - as yet. Well my thing would be REAL $100 bills JUST over the bed only. I'm not into clunky jewelry, can only drive one car at a time and my house needs to be spacious enough for me to breathe not drown. I know somebody is going to steal my idea. DO NOT let me see it on MTV Cribs or whatever. I'm going to come burn it and the bed too. (laughs) As I continue on my trek to becoming "independently wealthy", I still keep my $$ taped nicely to the ceiling for quick retrieval of course. It may not work like it did for the person who suggested it, but as the old sayings go:

'Nothing beats a failure but a try' and 'have some faith rather than have none at all'.

(watches everybody leave to tape some $$ on their ceiling too.)

Furry Friends & ...

I can only speak on cats, dogs & goldfish, so I'd like to share my love of at least two of them. Goldfish first. I tried so hard to be a good water child mother, I really did. But they kept getting "ick"?? I thought this was something you said not something water children get. So, needless to say after a few teary eyed & mournful visits over a toilet an/or burials in the backyard box, I realized I don't make a very good mother... of water children that is. Hey, I don't have 2 legged kids so maybe this is some sort of.............. SIGN. (GASP) Don't worry, I haven't had a maternal moment in my life and maybe this is yet another OBVIOUS sign, ya think?

Now early in my childhood I have fond memories of twin German Sheppards and how they really loved ME. It seemed they loved me more than humans did because they ran up to the fence when I came home and jumped on me like I WAS food. It was the most amazing feeling as a lil kid under 8. Awwwww... I miss them still as those memories are more fresh than some human interaction memories. Sad huh? NOPE!! The next memory I have of Teddy & Tramp (I don't recall naming them) is they were taken to Doggie Trainer School or whatever it was. I was horrified so much that I remember not leaving my room unless removed physically or the sight of one of those "switches" from the Pussy Willow WEEEED (grrrrrrrr) in the back yard. Now, if you have no idea what a 'switch' is, then you obviously grew up no where near the East Coast. Comedians joke about the dreaded swoooop in the air that the horrible azz whipping apparatus made and/or the having to go get your own "switch" to get beat with. Yeppers kiddos... you were sent in the yard to go get this thin, long branch off of the tree. It had leaves and also grew pussy willow buds when in bloom. The whole thing could and would be used - blooms and leaves STILL in tact. Well, until they sliced on your skin.

Well there went the lovely memory of the dogs... (sighs). If you did not come back with an "appropiate" branch, the abuser (ughh huuuh) would go and get a THICKER one orrrrrrrrrrr, far worse - bring several. Let me tell you, that is not a picture a kid who was raised as an only child that was adopted wanted to see. I was a small frame kid (looks down and asks where did that frame go) and that "switch" would literally wrap around my body. So the pull off was not very pretty either. I vowed to burn that tree to the ground. Hey, I threw my hot wheels track away because it was used in abusive moments as well. I mean come ONNNNNNNNN. How bad can a ONLY child be???? (sighs) Ok, back to the puppies. So I stopped eating and I stopped breathing, I thought. I was just devastated as they were my best friends ever back then. I wasn't allowed to go play with the other kids that much. Can you say overly sheltered to the maximum degree. Nobody gives people a parents guide and if they did some would never open the cover or allow them to collect massive dust. I grew up and I am not even bitter about it as I have put it in prayer. Rest her soul if she's left this life is all I have to say.

Later on, we moved after a family break-up and the babysitter & her husband were inspected by the child welfare peeps and found to have been feeding us dog and cat food. She brought some cans with no labels on them and... don't ask, I have no clue if I was a victim or not but rest their souls too. Plus some other stuff went down where she did the absolute adopted child no-no but that's another blog... maybe. Up the street we went and a new dog I get. 'Snowball' was a purely white Alaskan hound?? His tail curled in a 'c' and he had this long, long white furry coat. I was so sick of having to several times a day go through the house and find his fur tracks. Yes, the house had to be spotless at ALL times. Remember, 'Mommy Dearest'? I could have made a black girl version of it... no lie. Anyhow I loved Snow but not as much because I was still hurt from T&T. I recall I wanted to know if he REALLY was a boy. Stay with me because this will come back further on. So I looked under him and he seemed to be offended and bit me - hard. I remember that and then I do not recall whatever happened to him after that. I just can not remember if he was taken away or if he passed on. Rest his soul wherever he is in fur child heaven.

So as an adult in my late 20's, I gave the goldfish mommy some time and as I said earlier, it did not work. In '88 my college pal invited me to her house in PG County, MD. I'm there having my normal visit fun when I see she has kittens. I'm like 'where did they come from?' and of course much laughter erupts. So there's these lil furballs scurrying around while Reesie's trying hard to get me to take one home.' Oh nooooo', I'm thinking. I went t0 live with my Dad when I was 15 and they had cats straight till I RAN back to B-more when I was roughly 19 or so. I was done for pets or so I thought. Well, something was in the bushes just dashing around and I am like is that a big bug?? I get up and go over to see what it was - very cautiously I might add. I see a black spot and try to untangle it from the woodsy mess. I had in the palm of my hand an all black kitten no mare than a few weeks old. I turn around and some one goes, 'you touch it you own it'. I try explaining that I live in a 'no pets allowed apartment complex'. Nope, did not work as lil thing seemed so attached to me it was not funny. You can't take them from their parent(s) to early and that was a relief in my mind, I thought. I go back over a few weeks later and the kitten finds ME. WHAT????

'Prentis', as he is now known as, was like 8 weeks or so when I packed him in the car and started driving back to my home which is a little over an hour from his place of birth. He meowed all over the dashboard, all over the back seat, front seats and even me. Shoulders, legs hair and whatever else was in his wee lil claw grasp was not untouched. So I pulled over and calmed him (and me) down by stroking him to sleep in my lap. He slept for all of the 30 minutes left to get to his new home. We get to the parking lot and I hide him under my coat. It was dark as tar but still, I wasn't taking any chances. Speeding this up, he spent many a days hidden when maintenance came and even got busted. The guy was like 'Di, come here'. We went out front and right across from me there was a HUGE dog (like those bobsled) dogs in the patio door. He said 'why on earth are you trying to hide your cat when there is a dog in plain sight and it even gets walked on the premises'. Embarrassed I was and Prentis was never hidden again. I won't even get into how from the initial decision to take HER home I named HER 'Preshus' because I failed to check HIM like I did Snowball. I guess I didn't want to get bit again, I dunno. (shrugs shoulders) They tell me if you just keep the syllables (in the name) the same they'll be fine.

Ok, HE is fine today in his soon-to-be 20 year life span. Everyone who knows me is very concerned about what will happen when his time is no longer on this earth. I don't even want to think about it is the most I can say. I love him so much because his love is unlike that of ANY human but like that of The Almighty... UNCONDITIONAL!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Song/Video of the...

Could be song/video of the minute... hour... day... month... even year. Let's get this crunked. I don't really like linking vids from You Tube's nor any other video upload server either but... if I see a LEGAL load, oh it's on.

And ahhhhhhhhhhhherewego.

Do you have a song/video that is your "of the..."? Let me know!! Be sure to watch this Blog because if you need know one thing about me, it's that I change my mind faster than any wind blows. ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stay On Track & Just Give Back

Ughhhh ohhhhhhh... the thoughts are rolling in now. (laughs) Not that we need to read every time someone is thoughtful, giving and/or just being themselves, sometimes it's a nice lil reminder as well. Case in point. I went to see First Sunday last week and it was free popcorn day. Me, I despise popcorn as the cooked but unpopped corn kernel's skin gets stuck in my REAL teefeses and hurt like I don't know what. Plus, the popped corn rubs against my teeth where I can hear it in my mouth and it does sound nor feel good at all. So, I looked over at the concession stand to see how many people where there. I went up to this guy and asked "are you buying popcorn?". He was like "yeah". I said "I have a coupon for a free medium size but I don't eat it" So I waited for him to move ahead to make sure he could use it as he was so happy about it. So we get up there and they deduct the price of the medium off of the larger size he purchased. I felt better and possibly that caused me to enjoy my movie even more.

Another time, I received some free stuff that I couldn't use. So I packed it up and put it on my neighbor's door. I really don't know her but she asked me how I was doing at the RIGHT time after a rainstorm soaked the inside of my car. Longer story but we'll let that go so you don't fall more asleep here. I know she has a family whereas I do not (in my home), so I hoped she could use it as I left a note on it as well. That was like November and today she was out and I asked if the stuff was ok. She hugged me because she did not know who it was. (dang I should have not opened my mouth - HAHAHA) She loved it and was just finishing off one of the products today she said. That lil "just give back" made 2 people feel good if only for that moment. We all know in this rough life, moments like those happen so rare IF people do not make an effort to do so. I know we can't go out and pick up hitchhikers and stuff but you just never know when something so small can be even larger to the recipient.

And yet one more for the road. I was agitated in line with 3 items while this lady had to take stuff off the already rang up merchandise because she over spent. Guess people do not do like I do. I ask the attendant to give me a total in the event I feel I might be close in my prior head calculating batteries going for dead shopping necessity. Yes, ALL shopping is a necessity, don't get it twisted ok? It's what a female is supposed to think so get over it - MEN!! :p Anyway, the lady made it all the way down to some change and started digging in her purse for it. I was really unnevered by now as we'd been there for like 15 minutes already. What do I do? I take a $1 and say "here, let's keep this moving". And she was so apologetic and promising she had it in the car, blah, blah, blah. It did not even matter to me, MOVE although I didn't say it her face, I thought it. (sorry - ok NOT) I'm in my car putting my stuff in it and I see her van pull up. She jumps out and is still digging for something. She walks over and says she doesn't have it. I'm like "look, I am not worried about it. It's Thanksgiving and I know you are thankful. Take care and have a good holiday". And that was that for me.

I know I did not need to share that with you as you SHOULD be doing stuff too that will possibly never see the light of day. It won't even get thanks, right? So this is not for you, it's for the person who happens on this message and needs to do some soul searching. It's for the person who likes to read good and simple deeds done good. It's also for the person who also may be compelled to share their happiness that came from someone "just giving back".

PS -"Ma M" if you're reading THANK YOUUUUUUU for just being YOU!! Love U!

Stalkers, Stalkographers & Stalkeration

Man, I'm skimming Blogs/news sources that deal with the "celebrated ones" and it's amazing how much the camera loves certain people and vice versa. I know I sorta dealt with this in the 'Shine Down' blog but stay with me here. I want to do a very public project but I'll be damned if I want a camera as a buttscope every time I move. Bowel move that is. The price you pay for "success" on ANY level is always tremendous don't get me wrong. But some people just over do it to the maximum degree. It's not the ME I worried about, it's my family who truly do not deserve to be "stalked" just because we share the same blood and/or a leaf off of the family tree. I fear having to come and break a can of sue/whup your A$$ out on someone messing my Father. Now Dad can hold his own but it's just not fair that he should have to do so. Public figures depending on their amount of publicity have to work hardER to pay the security, the lawyers and who knows who else for what is rightfully theres anyhow. The right to just be like any other normal person with a career/job. Sure their pillows are fluffier, their cars are plentiful and their poisons are free (in some cases) but when it's all said and done... they don't eat, sleep nor crap any less/more than people making $2 an hour.

I really can not imagine parents having to protect their children from posts on the net, stalkographers and those people who claim to be "fans". People post pics of say, Boodie Boo's kids and think nothing of it like they wouldn't protect their own flesh and blood - far better. Ok, if YOU were in the same exact position, how would you feel?? Would you be no less overly protective if the shoes were worn by you? I doubt it because that would really state the affairs of your parenting skills, rather the lack of. Even when you post in response to news about a public figure, think how it would affect you IF it were you and/or your loved one. Oh yeah, I had to learn that thanks to the PF's (public figures) that I've linked myself to on this WWW. I have a tend to be blatantly honest about how I feel and can live with it. But then I realized that these people have flaws like me and also have significant others who may very well be reading. Sometimes they too like to know what's being said or not. I know this because some of the management peeps I've dealt with let it be known "we see you Di' without saying a word. (YIIIIIIIIIIKES)

I don't know, really... on one hand I am fearful of what can happen when the photolight is upon me and on the other I want so bad to do my project for the betterment of all WOOOman kind. So, the choice is sooooooo friggin' difficult. Especially creepy, is not only are the media allowed so much leash to do what they need to do to get A story but TV shows specifically designed for stalkeration are cropping up quickly. I see PF's trying to be so nice to the stalkographers that it just becomes evident in understanding why the lawsuits and war words occur. Here you are trying to go get some groceries and there's this stalkographer like pushing a cart with a box of Life cereal hiding a camera. WTF?? I laugh when I heard some POP-POOR-ATZZI recently were arrested for what I think was deemed excessive stalkeration, I mean... pressuring of one particular PF. Where do WE draw the line? Better yet, can we?? And then you have people that want to change their name every time the wind blows the wrong way when they need to change it to "relevant". OK? Or you have the one who is so desperate for press (and work I guess) that they've appeared on every reality show there is. Damn, didn't I see her/him on 'I need a real life' at 10pm on one of the 3 letter named channels? And guess what? Those same people are the ones beating up camera people for "pressuring" them, filing lawsuits and slamming the stalkeration camera back down said stalkographers throat. Ok, where is the line people? WHERE IS IT FOR GOODNESS SAKE??

Oooooooooooouu, here's one for you. Remember when the TV Guide channel was just THAT? It was only a channel guide with NO NOISE. And those were the days of the quiet world. Ahhhhhh, I so miss them. So, slowly the ads started appearing, then mini lil interviews BUT... the channel guide was most of the screen. Not now, naaaaaaaaaah. Today, the channel guide has become a whole TV show and like 3 -4 lines are dedicated to the actual airings. Wait, if you don't read fast, sorry... you'll miss whatever it was you were looking for. One night, this poor thing had to wait for the channel guide to come back 4 times because she kept missing one line about whatever it was. I kept leaving the room or doing something else and by the time I came/looked back... gone again. We've just been forced into this "we need to see the celebrity's each and every move" life that it's either turn the TV off, move to another planet or be over saturated with it day after day, guide scroll up after guide scroll.

My money's on the move to another planet. :p So, let me go check my solar system HERstory and see who has the least heat but least cold too. :)

BTW - if you think my Blog is winded, noooo way. I saw one Blog that had 145 posts this month alone!! (WOOOOOOOOOOAH)

A Temporary Lie Ends Up How You Die?

With all the news circulating surrounding Heath Ledger's loss of life at a mere 28 years of age, man... what aren't you doing right? Stories are reporting an overdose and I remembered how I felt when I found out Gerald Levert mixed 2 OTC's (over the counter meds) which led to his untimely leaving of this life for the next. And then there's the Ike Turner issue where his toxicity came back overdose. Ok, how does someone known that long for drugs O.D? Never mind, that. What I really want to know what lie are you being fed or telling yourself to need to escape into poisons of any kind? Yes, I reverted to alcohol at a young age but it was given to me. And yes, I had an option to stop when there was not option from the adults to say no but.. I did stop before it got really out of hand. All poisons are just that poisons. And I include "weed" as a drug to because to me anything entering your body that directly affects your mind & body in any altering manner is such. 'Weed' has known effects the brain that seems to put it's user in a numb-like state - they say "relaxed'. Whatever, getting the munchies needs to be a normal controlled thing for me, not some induced reaction to...

The poor girl from Family Matters checked herself into Celeb Rehab for over/mis usage of weed and people are ridiculing her. Their saying such things that she should not be in his rehab for a drug not as powerful on the system like alcohol, heroin, pcp and other similar temporary "highs" leading to lies. What most of the celebs falling apart from any poison of choice - always reverts back to the lies they've been told and/or they are telling themselves. I can't image how much the need to falsify and/or justify living life to the fullest somehow ended up at the end of a bong, bottle and far worse... any rehab. Personally, I'm so glad to be me, 90% happy and truly drug free. The 10% I'm more than likely sleeping and I have no clue what I am then. I just know I'm sleep. Oh well, Celebrity Death Beeper.com has 12,000+ on their mailing list, me included. It was around a couple thousand when I first signed up years ago. Morbid you say? No, I'm not interested ONLY in how one died but how they lived. This enables me to LIVE my life to the best I possibly can thanks to the Almighty Above!! I'm in no rush to get underground any faster than is planned for me. I am not inducing it with poisons of any type, not even OTC's.

PS - if you should get some OTC's and/or prescrips AND/OR you are a poison person, do this. Please read the labels on EVERYTHING that has one. Conference with a health care specialist on all meds, left overs as well. Just keep yourself abreast of your own health if nothing else.

Bad Mood Cometh

Awwww yeah, gurlygurl is in a tizzy, a pissyfit as well as a pure FUNK and I don't mean the George Clinton kind either. The day started beautiful as I said my Hello's to the Almighty like always. I was still in bed at that point you see. When I finally placed my feet in my purple clogs (thanks Sis), I realized I had not slept well and it was all because of some lil creatures I can't see. No, not fleas nor bedbugs but who gives a rats tail when they didn't bring food, $$ for their stay nor music OK? So of course I'm not sure what's biting me but it's not pretty at all. See, I do not like The Spirit Above's lil pesky creatures at all. I will hurt anyone and myself trying to get away from them - FAST. Plus being allergic to bee stings doesn't help either, ya know. Sooo.... I get in the "let's get the day started" mode when I realized something else... I was graciously (inserts lots of sarcasm here) given 2 warning tickets last week and one of them has a 10 day deadline. Guess what? That deadline is either today or tomorrow. Arrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhh...

So I put my Xzibit hoodie on and my Xzibit scarf because it just fits the mood and begin what I can begin. I get Katt's CD for inspiration of some kind and I'm off and running, ok... almost. Ms Jackie-of-all-Trades goes to get her trusty tool boxes (yes you read right BOXES) that most men envy and tries to replace the 2 light bulbs that are gonna cost me a revoking of the DL. EEEEEK!! I tear down the section I need to to get the lower brake light and finally after a hour it's all done. Then I look up at the third light and say "this looks real easy" while reading the manual as well. So off I go to hunt down some Allen (sp?) wrenches - you know those box or 5 sided wrenches - YOU KNOW!! I must have over 50 of every size imaginable and wouldn't you know - not that one. Grrrrrrrr..... I have a keychain of all small sizes that I can not find ANY WHERE. Grrrrr....... Ok, so I decide to get on down to the local car parts and flash my lashes to see if I can "borrow" said tool. So somewhere in between me jamming to Money Mike and putting up all the tools... the car battery decides to take a nap. WTF??????????????????

And so, this is my very first anger unmanaged post and hopefully my last. I'll just sit this off and PRAY that the battery is just taking a lil nap vs. being ready for the battery cemetery. I know the day is going to get better because I'm going to eat. It just makes me feel better even if I am stuffing it in my mouth without breathing...

And how is your day going? :D

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Controlling The Uncontrollable Internet

I'm going to stop posting Katt's name up in here as he might want some royalties and whatnot. (laughs) Anyhow, did you know that I originally wanted to put a site up for Prince, yes, Mr. Prince Rogers Nelson? I started this "how do I get a site online too" back in '95. Well around this time or thereof, Mr. Nelson was suing Warner Bros. for any and everything relating to his career and catalog with them. It was a long and torrid battle that even led to "prince" abandoning his birth name. Yep, he wore a symbol on his face until the lawsuit(s) were finally settled. The battle not only stayed within the confines of WB but it raged across the net as well. He literally had his people seek and destroy each fan site using everything with his image, his music and any other likeness related to him. Oh it was a royal online war that led offline as well. People who collected posted photos of them burning their collections costing goodness knows how much money. Tattoos were removed and the support was never the same again.

Of course the die hards, like myself, kept all their measly collections and moved onwards. So instead of Prince, Michael DeLorenzo was the chosen one. Now where is this leading you ask? Well for those of you whether you are a professional with very expensive lawyers or not, know this... once it's on the net... you can't take it back. In the US, they show a commercial of a girl posting her photo on a possible school bulletin board. Time goes by and all these people view it, take it down for??, it gets put back up again, removed again and so on. She even tries several attempts to take it down. And then... they show this janitor looking at the pic and then looking around quite strangely. A possible pedophile?? Who knows but isn't it a bit creepy no matter? I know it is for me and I am very careful about a lot of stuff on this HUGE online world with NO END that we know of, OK? So, my point is that I do try to tell every person I meet online and off as well to be very careful of everything you do and say on here. I'm not trying to scare you but you need to take care of you ONLINE just as well if not better as you do OFFLINE. If you have a fabulous lawyer, yes, you can sue. But guess what doll, again, once it's online it's not that easy to take it back.

I had the pleasure of being told on several forums that people knew I was logged on and when I edited a post for whatever reason, they had the unedited post in their head if not in their copy and paste field. I was like WTH? Yes, they saw me as I was typing and as I was editing. I was totally put off by that because I am not that deep with this online crap. Am I paranoid? Wrong choice of word. I take great concern for the very right to post in this net just like every other individual has that right. I just try to keep everyone aware that these things DO happen on the net every mili-second of each hour much less day. So for all you MySpace, Facebook, instant message users and blogs/boards/forums/group/etc. - please take responsibility in the information you post in any of these sources when it pertains to you and especially copy-protected material. Just because you build an online tribute to your favorite whatever does not mean you own it. This does not include material YOU own and can provide copyrights for. Websites are riped down daily and claimed owners never understand the whole copyright issue at all.

i.e. - you drew some art and oh say Eric Clapton's face is featured in it. If the face is something YOU drew and you can prove it, you have a leg to stand on. If you use ANY material from ANY source other your own hands creating it, be careful in how you are using it.

i.e. - music/tv/film/printed matter not owned and created by YOU.

I'm sure you get my point. And as for your own photos and/or videos that YOU and/or loved ones are in, beware... you never know who's lurking. Protect you because you might save your own life. Don't be scared, just be aware!!

BTW - Mr. Nelson is on a warpath again with online fan sites and it doesn't read too pretty.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I Goofed...

Oooooops... I drafted a thought (message) on the 16th and today I finished it but... it's saved where I started it and not where it wanted it. Bear with a sistah, I'm learning. See if you can read it here is the best I can offer. I actually just finished it a couple minutes ago so enjoy.

Have a fantabUlous day!!

BTW - if this text is too big, I have a cataract in one eye. It's helping me while possibly hurting you but I do apologize, seriously. :|

Sunday, January 20, 2008

No One Can Get In The Way Of What I Feel For You... GOD

oh... oh oh oh oh ohoh
oh oh oh oh...
oh oh oh ohoh oh oh oh oh....

I just want you close
Where you can stay forever
You can be sure
That it will only get better
You and me together
Through the days and nights
I don't worry 'cause
Everything's going to be alright
People keep talking they can say what they like
But all i know is everything's going to be alright

No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I'm feeling
No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you, you, you
Can get in the way of what I feel for you

When the rain is pouring down
And my heart is hurting
You will always be around
This I know for certain
You and me together
Through the days and nights
I don't worry 'cause
Everything's going to be alright
People keep talking they can say what they like
But all i know is everything's going to be alright

No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I'm feeling
No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you, you, you
Can get in the way of what I feel

I know some people search the world
To find something like what we have
I know people will try try to divide something so real
So till the end of time
I'm telling you there is no one

No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I'm feeling
No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh ohoh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

oh oh oh

Lyrics by Alicia Keys

Saturday, January 19, 2008

In Pain Too Long When Pain Becomes A Song

Back in the day when the music was really good but still fun, we had tunes like Smokey Robinson's 'Tears of a Clown', then we had Teddy Pendergrass' 'Love TKO', and even further Gladys Knight & The Pips 'Neither One of Us' and other songs similar to this. Wait, how about Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On?' Now wasn't that tune politically/socially correct BUT fun?? Ok, ok...I'm sure you can think of more as you read but follow along with me here while I explain the title of this message. Those songs could have been that artist's own experience laid out in melodic form but we really never knew, did we?? Actually, I don't think we really cared nor took the time to think about it because we could relate or we just loved the tune for what we thought it was... a simple feel good song. We could dance and have fun while said artist could have been home bawlin' their eyes out. Years later, we still love the song no matter the pain it came from. Classic songs like this never die, but today... they sure not multiply.

Which brings me to another point... where has all the feel good music gone?? Why are the songs today created which such pain for personal gain? The painful songs of yesteryears have left some of those artist damn near broke. Today's songs of pain and even on into war words are seeing these so called artist set for life. But... will they be truly remembered?? Will the word "classic' ever be attached to such claimed "music" from 2007 even?? What made me come to all this deep thought about it is Xzibit has a tune on his last album entitled 'Scandalous B*****s and then the recent song by Katt entitled 'The Baby'. These songs were derived from a place where pain lead to financial gain - most apparent. So when I questioned Xzibit's need for a song like this on an album he claims is of "personal growth", I was told "artist need to release their stress too" and "this is how they do it". Uhmmmmmmm, isn't what you did with said individual you are hatin' on in song between you and said individual?? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out you're in pain if you've said ANY THING about the song laced victim in past interviews, routines, etc. But is that something we need to pay for?? Again, whatever happened to the fun music of yesterday? It's so far and few in-between the stuff they try to sell me called "music" that I revert to vocal LESS songs now.

I hate to say it, but I am all for these download sources like torrents and free post Blogs. Unfortunately for the artist and/or production companies, they're losing a rapid fast upload battle with people who take the one album and splash across the net in mere miliseconds. This hurts in many ways as we all know because not only are the fun songs gone but the days of album cover collecting are slim to none. The music scene today could careless about all the hard work the artist puts into creating fancy cover art, thanks you's to over 100 people nor the people who assisted in the making the album possible while earning a paycheck for it. When the pirated music scene began to hear the voices of people who actually did collect cover art, oh the digital printer boom was on. I made the sad mistake of purchasing a CD by BeBe Winans and thinking how happy I was to have it only to learn it was a copy. The cover art AND the CD art was so good, it took a real, real good look to even detect the flaw. Actually, the high tech CD player in my then car detected it but you see my point. For the record, I did buy his CD straight because I still want my real cover art... yes, even today. But thanks to free-Blog posts, I can forgo the waste of $$ put out on stuff people call "music". I'm not sorry as I know the artist/production people have bills to pay, kids to raise, Bentley's and oodles of clunky jewelry to buy. Put some real music out... but until then I'm still saving for my BMW on a half a BMW price and less salary.

So anyhow, back to the sadly personal music. So I'm listening to Katt's song 'The Baby' and I no longer feel good. I start to feel so sorry for the kid in the song that he's talking about. Whether this song is from personal experience or not is not known to me but I am just sad for no apparent reason. You can call me super sensitive if you like and you'd be right but I am entitled to chat about what ever I like. Now peep this, child grows up and hears this song of Daddy's just hatin' on Mommy. How does it affect the child and her/his views of each parent? I'm not a parent, so I can't image how hard it is to contain hurt and/or anger with the person whom you've had a child with when whatever you two had goes wrong. And you know what, it's one of several reasons I never had children but this ain't about me, so onwards. So I ask, when does your pain go away personally and PUBLICLY? When do you just look at what you have and be grateful like your preach to us?? When do you stop using the child to cover for the pain or love you still feel for said person in song?? Hmmm...

Wrapping this up, I know I chose men to talk about with this subject but I am sure there are women songs too so don't spam me with that correction. I listen to about 6 female songs a year so I can only dialogue on what I have in my collection. On track again, isn't whatever happened between you two is just that - between you two? Whatever happened to 'Let Go and Let GOD'? What if the female in the song could retaliate - in song? Do we get her version of this continual pain? Oh I hope not because this might never end, you know. I know what it does for me, it makes me stay away from people who have any kind of voice talent as for a real relationship. We break up and dude making $$'s off what we did or didn't do. Oh hecks no - I'm staying far, far away from recording artist. Seriously though, I'll stick to my favorite MUSIC from Boney James, Mindi Abair and other instrumentalists for now. The saxophone has yet to kiss and tell. ;)

BTW - I'm not hatin' on Xzibit nor Katt whom I've used as examples. I actually respect their ability to have put themselves out like this while dealing with the very real of it - ever single day of their private and public lives.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Who Let The Katt OUT!!

Around Thanksgiving my almost 20 yr old cat was a lil ill. Pesky lil fleas managed to find their way into our home. Unfortunately, I couldn't be with my family like I wanted because of this. Never-the-less I, unlike so many others, had a meal that could have fed 4 or more thanks to a beautiful friend of mine who I call "Ma". (wink) It was my very first turkey all to myself and I ate it all up to about December 10th believe you me. Hey, I was grateful and was not being wasteful.

A lil before this holiday, I turned on Comedy Central and saw this guy performing his stand-up routine. It was already in progress but I continued because the joke I came in on made me choke on my juice. During the segment the commercials showed the word "encore" and I was like "yessssssssssssss". Anyhow, it aired the second time and I was soooooo glad I saw the routine in full. The comedian I'm talking about is none other than the diminutive but very hilarious Katt Williams. The artist is about 5'5" with a " I think pimp therefore I am" attitude and sports permed hair. Yes, I said "artist" because the audience is his canvas and the picture he paints has various visuals in it. You get his personal life punctuated with very real life situations. He brushes in subjects like Michael Jackson, white friends, weed (no comments on this), drinking, women with self esteem issues and how the gas station experience has been ruined. There's nothing in his skits that I can not relate to... well I don't smoke weed but everything else is 100% on cue. Even the weed joke I get because I know a few who've "been to a few sessions".

At the time I saw these presentations, I needed heaps of laughter in my life for many reasons that I'm not getting into now. People always say that a person comes into your life when the Almighty is ready for them to be there. I can safely say that Katt hit mine at the most needed time - the holiday and any other day as well. A lot of people are in "hateration" lane on him because of his "pimp" persona, his hair, his abuse of the n-word and loads more. You know what, everyone takes from things in life and lives it the way THEY need to/want. I'm not totally happy with his use of the n-word as I am his stance on the "have to hit" Michael Richards (Kramer) because of MR's use of it during a comedy set in late 2006. The n-word is will never, ever be removed from thought much less text/mouth/etc. And so I move on. I just hope Mr. Williams is teaching his 8 kids why he uses it and the true meaning of it - bad and ugly.

Now I know this may look like a fanatical message on KW but you view it however you like, it's not a factor for me. If you do see his set and you enjoy it, then I've educated you on something else that can possibly help you too. And if you are repulsed by his set, then that's too bad. We are all unique individuals who are entitled to OUR opinion. Just don't spam my blog because I do not eat beef nor pork.

There is where I "puffpuff pass" you my final thought for today... ok this post. Is what you have in your life making you smile? Or even laugh so hard it hurts? If not, please find it. As the saying goes "laughter can heal if only but one joke at a time".


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

shEgo & hEgo

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening to you Angel,

Took me a minute to get this one together so I drafted it until I could really put my thoughts in place. And if you know me, you know how long it take for my thoughts to be put anywhere. AHAHAHAAHAAA!! See, that's why men don't deal with me, they say I think too much. Of course my gurly reply is "if the Underground Railroad wasn't formed by THINKERS it might still be dream, ya think??". Now, if you think I think a lot, my inspiration comes from Chuck D of Public Enemy fame. His blog is hella long OK?

Alrighty then, let's get this message started. shEgo & hEgo... what does that mean? Well, what fueled that the day I created it has more fire behind it today. There's a guy on MySpace who's created an show about Interracial Love and the Single Dad. He's gone ahead to create several Bulletins that ask everyone to fight VH1 for the mere existence of such shows as I mentioned in my opening Blog message on the 14th. He, like many others, are beyond tired of how women are being depicted on reality TV. I'm hoping this is in reference to ALL channels and not just VH1 but the message is no doubt grand. As for me, it does not come without me being the pesky lil nitpicker that I am. Why start with VH1 which is just the "highway" that these "vehicles" drive upon?? These network owners do not care if WE as women or men want to disgrace ourselves in the name of.... It is up to the "vehicle" owner to make sure their "car" is in check. shEgo & hEgo.

"Reality" TV is just what the conceptual driver wants it to be and more r rless depending on how well it it is viewer received. IF the ratings are low, someone is going to do some fast thinking on how to make that show work and who knows what will commence since everything is based on $$ first in today's unreality TV. So, how much of you should you sell OUT to be what??? Where does the future take you after such horrific claimed fame, love and/or $$? What will you look back on and be remembered for and it is how you want to be remembered each and every time you appear in public for the rest of your natural born life? This goes for life's daily routine that is not in front of a camera as well. Again, shEgo & hEgo - in the end ask yourself the following questions:

1) where and what is my car?? (what drives YOU)

2) when my car is parked is it in check?

3) what highway will I drive to get where I need to go in life??

4) and most importantly, does my car represent me??

Bombard the networks with emails for the fight of women to be shown in a brighter light is just one way of getting things started but it's not the only way. Bombard them with trillions of ideas not based on sHego & hEgo is the ultimate solution. If you're going to debunk what they have, back you car up in their driveway as a failsafe so they can see you really mean business. They already have 1000's of cars right now, what makes your car that much more special than the next? Better yet, do you have a car? Hmmmm...

Celebrated Ones - Just 'Shine Down'

I want to address an issue about the sadness of life when you see 1 hour dedicated to a "celebrity" ruining their life or far worse - tossing up their poison of choice while drying out in rehab. Spear Britney, poor child, has had several hours devoted to her making a public spectacle of herself. I have a question. If all the cameras just stopped following her, would she get her life back together?? She is a parent for goodness sake. What about the kids???? So with that said, why do we constantly shine huge bright lights on this crap when what really needs to be done is a total "shine down". "Shine down"???? Yes, I was on Chuck D's site (music icon of 'Public Enemy') and he has a Blog message dealing with this.

When did we start thinking that 'celebrated ones' are more important than we are that they deserve all the massive attention every time they fart?? Hello... they eat, sleep and crap just like you and I do... AND??? Think about it people. They can't see their family/kids/significant other when they want, they can't shop without being recognized and their choice of poison has no different affect on them/their loved ones as it does us. So why are we putting them on pedestals so high that they can't breathe? What makes her/him more special than YOU or I? People say, "when they took on the position they gave up their right for privacy" and/or "they are 'my' artist, actor, ??". WHAT???? And where in their contract does it say that?? That's why some "celebrities" have ended up LIKE Spear Britney, etc. The media places more emphasis on them than is really needed and we have subscribed heavily into it vs. our own well being. When they muff up, you getting all upset. WHY?? Again, ain't nobody mo' special than me' is my life motto. Remember, ya heard it right here!!

So, if we just "shine down" some of this unnecessary worship of "celebrities" and re-emphasis US, I believe we can move further off the materialistic and get back into the realistic!!

Next time you see a "celebrity" do this, hold your head up and remember who YOU are - first and foremost. You're not the #1, only, biggest, best, etc. You are a mature human being who supports the work not the s/hEgo and that's how it should be - ALWAYS!

De-emphasize them and re-emphasize YOU!!

Uplifted & What's On Your Bucket List!!

Went to see 'First Sunday' yesterday and it was powerful. I thank the Almighty for providing a way to see a film I enjoyed and needed to continue to confirm I am living my life the way the Spirit Above has laid out. It touched me in a way I did not expect it to and for that I am forever grateful to Mr. Talbert & the very talented cast. If you want to see a movie that deals with a few deeper issues than the robbing of a church, please go check it out. Drop your preconceived notions about EVERYTHING!! Go with an open heart and mind. Remember these 3 words - Desperation, Redemption & Salvation!! And by all means, pay no attention to the short guy playing the choir director. He's not that funny. (Heeeeheeeeheeee)

Next, thought for today. What's on your 'bucket list'? 'Bucket list' you ask? Yes, it's from a newly movie featuring the two most stellar actors of my time - Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. I haven't seen the film but from what I skimmed in various reviews, the two make a list of things to do before dying. Now, some would ask "well why on earth would I make of list of things to do prior to my death when I should have had them done by now"? Well what if you definitely knew when your life clock would stop and take it's final tick?? Hmmm...

So again I ask, what's on your 'bucket list'? If you haven't created one, have faith and make one to do now while you don't know when your clock's last tick will come.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blog This n' That

So, what's a "blog" anyhow you ask? Well, I'll link the very same info I used to get my knowledge of them and how they work. Go here - http://www.blogger.com/home and be learned. That'll be $39.99 if you start one payable to me in cash, money order, cashier's check and/or Western Union. (SMILES) No, they are free and if you don't know me, the one thing I will tell you is I LOVE FREE STUFF.

Now, you ask why the need to start one? That's a grand question and here's the answer. It all depends on YOU. Blogs are used for business, pleasure and etc. Some people use them to communicate with relatives afar. Some use it to give details of their daily life on the road as whomever they are (be it business and/or personal) and yet others use it like me as well. I created mine to unleash some caged creativity in hopes that I would not only help me, but help someone else. Guess what? Someone else found my new Blog useful and has created one of her own. She's linked in the section to the right on this page. Isn't that just beautiful after mine being up for only a few hours? "Each One, Reach One". (<-saw this in the movie First Sunday)

With all that said and done, how's your Blog going to look? Better yet how do YOU look? I look marvelous!!

BTW - I'm allowing comments under each message. So I look forward to reading what you have to add to my continuing creative process.

Thanks for reading!!

Paths In Life

You ever get this urge in your sleep to just get up and do SOME THING but not sure exactly what it is?? Just pop right up and get the day... oh wait, hold that thought. Prentis was pulling my hair to get up and feed him.

Ok, about paths in life... where does your head? If you could place the next step you take on that road to wherever and you could predict the very next footprint... where would it be? Are you in a position in your job/career where your most satisfying thing is lunch time? Going home?? Are you in a relationship where your satisfaction is when you're alone? Are you sitting there thinking, this chick needs a life? Do you have one of your own? (I don't mean the box of cereal or the board game ok) Are you reaching YOUR goals? Did you set any? Or are you like me, butterflying your way thru life just enjoying whatever may come? Finally did you really TOUCH someone today or yesterday - not just physically? Do you care if you do or not? Hmmm...

I mentor a lot of people on every level on and off the net and the one thing I always say to them is this. Be happy in your life and with WHATEVER you have. Take a look at that tangible item, your relative/significant other/child, you job/career, etc and the list goes on... then remind yourself, you are BLESSED more than you probably realize. There's always someone so less fortunate than yourself. Stop worrying about what someone else has or thinks about you. Take care of what YOU have. Drill it in your head and your heart that what YOU think about YOU is what should be of utmost importance. Things may not be going the way you want them to for whatever reason but ask yourself this...

Where is your path in life leading you... today, tomorrow and in the future? Remember, you are the chauffeur of your own destiny. :) Thank YOU for being my backseat front seat driver!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Educate, Empower & Uplift One Woman At A Time

I'm new to this personal blog stuff even though I've read loads over the years. This is the start of me taking the necessary steps to eradicate myself from the creative bird in a less than small cage mentality. No longer shall I sit and allow people to steal my ideas for their ego nor allow my self worth be determined by preset conditions that I have no chance of making an impact upon. I've supported many people, companies, ideas and.... I still feel creatively disconnected. So here's where I reconnect ME!!

I've been putting an idea out to some close friends in pieces and to some I've never met as well. Each person is rooting me on, if you will and says it is an excellent idea. So, I want to share some of it with you and get your take as well.

Anyhow, it's about reality shows and their presentation/representation of women. Or really, the women who are allowing themselves to be seen in the disgusting light they have been over the last few years. Kimora's horrific mogul mess, Flavor Flav's crap and the shows it's spawned and Tila Tequila. Now, not just that but... why do we have to wait for a competition show to see how to make it in America? There are some careers that do not require direct competitive anything to acquire success. Why are we and kids today not shown n for the entire picture of the very real life of the struggling whomever... artist, corporate business owner, actor... whatever. I want to create and show that focuses on that PLUS a campaign towards educating, uplifting and empowering WE -Women Everywhere and/or the minority women as well.

I've written several people but I don't know how to sell something positive that shows no drama. But we all have drama it's just how scripted you really need/want it to be for it to sell, you know. Anyhow, like the shows mentioned, I am sure you know what I mean. It's like if it does not have sex, boobs and more drama than you can not achieve 4 million views as I Love NY has done. I have no need to wear a size 6 when I am a size 10. Nor do I need to fake finding a man, I mean the claim of love when I don't love me... first. I want us to be seen more like Justine Simmon's of Run's House (for me, without the kids at my age - laughs) and leave a legacy behind that can carry our name.

Make me a (role) model... not just working on the outside beauty but perfecting the beauty on the inside that people seem to forget when attempting to succeed.