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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Celebrated Ones - Just 'Shine Down'

I want to address an issue about the sadness of life when you see 1 hour dedicated to a "celebrity" ruining their life or far worse - tossing up their poison of choice while drying out in rehab. Spear Britney, poor child, has had several hours devoted to her making a public spectacle of herself. I have a question. If all the cameras just stopped following her, would she get her life back together?? She is a parent for goodness sake. What about the kids???? So with that said, why do we constantly shine huge bright lights on this crap when what really needs to be done is a total "shine down". "Shine down"???? Yes, I was on Chuck D's site (music icon of 'Public Enemy') and he has a Blog message dealing with this.

When did we start thinking that 'celebrated ones' are more important than we are that they deserve all the massive attention every time they fart?? Hello... they eat, sleep and crap just like you and I do... AND??? Think about it people. They can't see their family/kids/significant other when they want, they can't shop without being recognized and their choice of poison has no different affect on them/their loved ones as it does us. So why are we putting them on pedestals so high that they can't breathe? What makes her/him more special than YOU or I? People say, "when they took on the position they gave up their right for privacy" and/or "they are 'my' artist, actor, ??". WHAT???? And where in their contract does it say that?? That's why some "celebrities" have ended up LIKE Spear Britney, etc. The media places more emphasis on them than is really needed and we have subscribed heavily into it vs. our own well being. When they muff up, you getting all upset. WHY?? Again, ain't nobody mo' special than me' is my life motto. Remember, ya heard it right here!!

So, if we just "shine down" some of this unnecessary worship of "celebrities" and re-emphasis US, I believe we can move further off the materialistic and get back into the realistic!!

Next time you see a "celebrity" do this, hold your head up and remember who YOU are - first and foremost. You're not the #1, only, biggest, best, etc. You are a mature human being who supports the work not the s/hEgo and that's how it should be - ALWAYS!

De-emphasize them and re-emphasize YOU!!

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