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Monday, January 28, 2008

Are You Old Enough...

This probably it better understood by East Coast people (USA) but you will surely have your own memories no matter where you live. And here I go...

Are you old enough to remember...

When there were jeans with names like 'screwdrivers', 'painter's' jeans that also spawned pants (or vice versa), 'pockets', 'zippers' and ....?

When KFC aka Kentucky Fried Chicken was originally Gino's and they sold a Gino Giant wrapped in a paper around it to keep it from falling apart? Remember licking the "special sauce" of the paper?

When GOOD candy/gum was Dots (pink, yellow, green, blue dots on paper that when you ate them you ate paper as well), gum cigarettes (chewing gum inside cigarette looking paper wrapper and you put it on your mouth to puff out the confectioner sugar on the gum it looked like smoke - see, they influenced that early on to start smoking), Now Laters ("eat some now and save some for later" was the slogan), Bazooka Joe Bubble gum complete with cartoon wrapped around gum, Boston Baked Beans, Lemonheads, Jolly Joes, Jolly Ranchers, Mike & Ike's, Red Hots (not for me, I had a thumb in mouth problem so I hated anything cinnamon then) and Pixie Sticks (granulated colored sugar in a long straw that later morphed into a huge straw)?

When church's only instrument was the choir's and/or church member's voices complimented with at least one off key person and/or a kid's attempt to chime in?

When TV was black and white? (I do)

When the radio hosted shows that you wanted to see on TV?

When cowboy movies were on all the time it seemed like?

When you could sit on the porch in the city and enjoy the not so noisy neighborhood?

When you sat on the "stoop"? Remember cleaning that marble with brushes like everyday? ('stoops' are marble steps in the city that are usually kept immaculate)

When you heard of no one your age dying and if you did it was not due to violence?

When the loudest noise in the neighborhood would be a family dispute and maybe the door slam afterwards?

When you got in trouble in school and you caught about as much azz whipping from the neighbor's as you did your parent(s)?

When you were made to sit at the table for hours because of a certain food you did not like? Remember trying to feed it to the dog? Remember getting caught?

When your mom had the living room NO ONE not even Dad could go in (or so it seemed)? And how about that 3 inch thick plastic (on the couch and chairs) that had turned yellow plus cut you when you sat on it?

When they had odd and even day for the gas ration in the 70's? Remember actually being IN the line for it??

When 'slurpees' first came out? (frozen slushy drink in 7-11 and attempts to duplicate have been futile)

When 7-11 had all races owning, working in and running them? (I opened the one that sits on 301 down from my Dad's house still today. Opened as in stocked the shelves for the grand opening and was cashier there)

When the Cadillac was the gangsta/pimp car when you were a kid? Fur lined insides, steering wheel and seats??

When the Electra 227 was the cheap version of a Cadillac? And how "pimps" dressed it up as well like those who owned Caddys?

When $1 bought a Pepsi, a pack of Kool's (smokes) AND you had candy change leftover? (I had a HUGE lil brown bag of candy while I handed Mom her poison's)

When penny candy WAS a penny found in 7-11?

When you told your Mom you were going to tell your Dad that she beat you and her answer was "I'll beat his azzz too if he mess with me"?

When your Mom could just look at your Dad and make him leave the room because he did not want to argue?

When there were toys/games/fun times like the bat n' ball (Lil bat with a red rubbery ball on a long rubber band string attachment. I thew this away too after getting beat with it - ball still attached), jacks (red rubbery ball and silver metal criss crossed X's that you used to pick up one jack after tossing the ball up BUT prior to the ball hitting the ground. You did this for 1 - 10 jacks AT one time, again prior to the ball hitting the ground. I was GOOOOOOOOOD. I was all on 20 jacks.), jump rope/Double Dutch, hand games like Ms Mary Mack, Ms Lucy Had A Baby, Eenie Meenie (and more), hopscotch, red light/green light, Mother may I, and hide n' go seek?

When Timberlands were worn by dock worker's, painters, electricians and people in those fields?

When Eddie Bauer was ONLY for skiers and not a fashion statement nor vehicle addition??

I'm sure there are many more I'm leaving off but my brain hurts thinking of all the good times we had as a child. Might not seem like I had many of them and I didn't but when I got them, I lived them like they were my last. They came so far and so few between...

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