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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stay On Track & Just Give Back

Ughhhh ohhhhhhh... the thoughts are rolling in now. (laughs) Not that we need to read every time someone is thoughtful, giving and/or just being themselves, sometimes it's a nice lil reminder as well. Case in point. I went to see First Sunday last week and it was free popcorn day. Me, I despise popcorn as the cooked but unpopped corn kernel's skin gets stuck in my REAL teefeses and hurt like I don't know what. Plus, the popped corn rubs against my teeth where I can hear it in my mouth and it does sound nor feel good at all. So, I looked over at the concession stand to see how many people where there. I went up to this guy and asked "are you buying popcorn?". He was like "yeah". I said "I have a coupon for a free medium size but I don't eat it" So I waited for him to move ahead to make sure he could use it as he was so happy about it. So we get up there and they deduct the price of the medium off of the larger size he purchased. I felt better and possibly that caused me to enjoy my movie even more.

Another time, I received some free stuff that I couldn't use. So I packed it up and put it on my neighbor's door. I really don't know her but she asked me how I was doing at the RIGHT time after a rainstorm soaked the inside of my car. Longer story but we'll let that go so you don't fall more asleep here. I know she has a family whereas I do not (in my home), so I hoped she could use it as I left a note on it as well. That was like November and today she was out and I asked if the stuff was ok. She hugged me because she did not know who it was. (dang I should have not opened my mouth - HAHAHA) She loved it and was just finishing off one of the products today she said. That lil "just give back" made 2 people feel good if only for that moment. We all know in this rough life, moments like those happen so rare IF people do not make an effort to do so. I know we can't go out and pick up hitchhikers and stuff but you just never know when something so small can be even larger to the recipient.

And yet one more for the road. I was agitated in line with 3 items while this lady had to take stuff off the already rang up merchandise because she over spent. Guess people do not do like I do. I ask the attendant to give me a total in the event I feel I might be close in my prior head calculating batteries going for dead shopping necessity. Yes, ALL shopping is a necessity, don't get it twisted ok? It's what a female is supposed to think so get over it - MEN!! :p Anyway, the lady made it all the way down to some change and started digging in her purse for it. I was really unnevered by now as we'd been there for like 15 minutes already. What do I do? I take a $1 and say "here, let's keep this moving". And she was so apologetic and promising she had it in the car, blah, blah, blah. It did not even matter to me, MOVE although I didn't say it her face, I thought it. (sorry - ok NOT) I'm in my car putting my stuff in it and I see her van pull up. She jumps out and is still digging for something. She walks over and says she doesn't have it. I'm like "look, I am not worried about it. It's Thanksgiving and I know you are thankful. Take care and have a good holiday". And that was that for me.

I know I did not need to share that with you as you SHOULD be doing stuff too that will possibly never see the light of day. It won't even get thanks, right? So this is not for you, it's for the person who happens on this message and needs to do some soul searching. It's for the person who likes to read good and simple deeds done good. It's also for the person who also may be compelled to share their happiness that came from someone "just giving back".

PS -"Ma M" if you're reading THANK YOUUUUUUU for just being YOU!! Love U!

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