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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Temporary Lie Ends Up How You Die?

With all the news circulating surrounding Heath Ledger's loss of life at a mere 28 years of age, man... what aren't you doing right? Stories are reporting an overdose and I remembered how I felt when I found out Gerald Levert mixed 2 OTC's (over the counter meds) which led to his untimely leaving of this life for the next. And then there's the Ike Turner issue where his toxicity came back overdose. Ok, how does someone known that long for drugs O.D? Never mind, that. What I really want to know what lie are you being fed or telling yourself to need to escape into poisons of any kind? Yes, I reverted to alcohol at a young age but it was given to me. And yes, I had an option to stop when there was not option from the adults to say no but.. I did stop before it got really out of hand. All poisons are just that poisons. And I include "weed" as a drug to because to me anything entering your body that directly affects your mind & body in any altering manner is such. 'Weed' has known effects the brain that seems to put it's user in a numb-like state - they say "relaxed'. Whatever, getting the munchies needs to be a normal controlled thing for me, not some induced reaction to...

The poor girl from Family Matters checked herself into Celeb Rehab for over/mis usage of weed and people are ridiculing her. Their saying such things that she should not be in his rehab for a drug not as powerful on the system like alcohol, heroin, pcp and other similar temporary "highs" leading to lies. What most of the celebs falling apart from any poison of choice - always reverts back to the lies they've been told and/or they are telling themselves. I can't image how much the need to falsify and/or justify living life to the fullest somehow ended up at the end of a bong, bottle and far worse... any rehab. Personally, I'm so glad to be me, 90% happy and truly drug free. The 10% I'm more than likely sleeping and I have no clue what I am then. I just know I'm sleep. Oh well, Celebrity Death Beeper.com has 12,000+ on their mailing list, me included. It was around a couple thousand when I first signed up years ago. Morbid you say? No, I'm not interested ONLY in how one died but how they lived. This enables me to LIVE my life to the best I possibly can thanks to the Almighty Above!! I'm in no rush to get underground any faster than is planned for me. I am not inducing it with poisons of any type, not even OTC's.

PS - if you should get some OTC's and/or prescrips AND/OR you are a poison person, do this. Please read the labels on EVERYTHING that has one. Conference with a health care specialist on all meds, left overs as well. Just keep yourself abreast of your own health if nothing else.

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