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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Who Let The Katt OUT!!

Around Thanksgiving my almost 20 yr old cat was a lil ill. Pesky lil fleas managed to find their way into our home. Unfortunately, I couldn't be with my family like I wanted because of this. Never-the-less I, unlike so many others, had a meal that could have fed 4 or more thanks to a beautiful friend of mine who I call "Ma". (wink) It was my very first turkey all to myself and I ate it all up to about December 10th believe you me. Hey, I was grateful and was not being wasteful.

A lil before this holiday, I turned on Comedy Central and saw this guy performing his stand-up routine. It was already in progress but I continued because the joke I came in on made me choke on my juice. During the segment the commercials showed the word "encore" and I was like "yessssssssssssss". Anyhow, it aired the second time and I was soooooo glad I saw the routine in full. The comedian I'm talking about is none other than the diminutive but very hilarious Katt Williams. The artist is about 5'5" with a " I think pimp therefore I am" attitude and sports permed hair. Yes, I said "artist" because the audience is his canvas and the picture he paints has various visuals in it. You get his personal life punctuated with very real life situations. He brushes in subjects like Michael Jackson, white friends, weed (no comments on this), drinking, women with self esteem issues and how the gas station experience has been ruined. There's nothing in his skits that I can not relate to... well I don't smoke weed but everything else is 100% on cue. Even the weed joke I get because I know a few who've "been to a few sessions".

At the time I saw these presentations, I needed heaps of laughter in my life for many reasons that I'm not getting into now. People always say that a person comes into your life when the Almighty is ready for them to be there. I can safely say that Katt hit mine at the most needed time - the holiday and any other day as well. A lot of people are in "hateration" lane on him because of his "pimp" persona, his hair, his abuse of the n-word and loads more. You know what, everyone takes from things in life and lives it the way THEY need to/want. I'm not totally happy with his use of the n-word as I am his stance on the "have to hit" Michael Richards (Kramer) because of MR's use of it during a comedy set in late 2006. The n-word is will never, ever be removed from thought much less text/mouth/etc. And so I move on. I just hope Mr. Williams is teaching his 8 kids why he uses it and the true meaning of it - bad and ugly.

Now I know this may look like a fanatical message on KW but you view it however you like, it's not a factor for me. If you do see his set and you enjoy it, then I've educated you on something else that can possibly help you too. And if you are repulsed by his set, then that's too bad. We are all unique individuals who are entitled to OUR opinion. Just don't spam my blog because I do not eat beef nor pork.

There is where I "puffpuff pass" you my final thought for today... ok this post. Is what you have in your life making you smile? Or even laugh so hard it hurts? If not, please find it. As the saying goes "laughter can heal if only but one joke at a time".


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