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Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby Daddy, Daddy NOT!!

(In her best Maury impersonation) ALFIE PATTEN... YOU............. ARE......................... NOT... NOT... the youngest baby daddy. NOT!!

Thanks to my good friend and knowledge source Blake, an online news source is reporting that DNA tests prove that the UK's youngest Baby Daddy, Alfie Patten, is not the youngest baby daddy after all. Forget youngest, he is NOT the sperm donor of Maisie. Seems the now 15 year old Mother of an adorable little girl has been playing with more than just 1 child it seems. Who knows, the child's father could be a 40 year old man. Sadly, the once Baby Daddy Alfie could fall in some sort of mental depression as he was all prepared to accept his responsibility - to the public this is. Can he be taken from his mother? Will said 15 year old new Mom be taken away from her mother? And the newborn??? WOW is all I have to offer.

Liana Mendoza - Personable Actress

I'm not a promoter of women too toughly as you all may can tell from prior posts here. Chalk it up to very rough beginnings in my childhood that I hope can change over time. More time...

Anyhow, I went over to Liana Mendoza's Blog because I wanted to read how a female "celebrity" posts to their supporters. I also took the liberty of commenting on one of the posts... "UHHHHH OHHH" right? No, it was not that bad actually. She commented back in sincere appreciation - via EMAIL. WHAT?? Unheard of. At any rate, not only did she personally write back but she's also taken some of my helpful advice. Ok, I know you're like "Come on Di" but no, she really is a warm person. Now this may be in part due to the fact that she's not an Oscar winning actress who will never see the light of day after said Oscar win but... she's direct right NOW and that's all that matters... NOW.

I suppose when she does get some acclaimed nominations, she'll try to run us, ok ME... over with her car while I'm on the sidewalk minding my own business... but until then... I'm linking her sites for the gentlemen that read. Wait, did I just type "gentlemen" as if no women are going to like her?!?!? Noooooooo... (whispers, wait til you see her guys. My one friend drools at the mere mention of her name) And for you ladies out there, check her out as well. No harm meant and hopefully none done.

Liana Mendoza's Official site - http://www.lianamendoza.net/. You'll have to forgive her for having a Blogger logo linking to her Wordpress Blog. We won't tell either company, now will we?? ;)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When You Forget Your Name, Just Look At Your Jewelery

ONLY because I have a unique spelling on my first and middle names would I even remotely consider having them on something. Something like magnets, hats, t-shirts... but jewelery.... oh no. I really do not have them on anything now other than in written form. If I ever thought something was so ghetto, this would be it. I see celebs do it chunky style and it's still gaudy, even if it is your stage name. Did you somehow forget it and decide to diamondize it so you can just look down/around/wherever? Do you think when you're say 70, 80 or so... when Alzheimer's might set in, you'll have the chunk jewel in your ear, on your finger and/or around your neck/waist as a glittery reminder?!?!

Sorry, never understood it's necessity. I'm sure someone will give me a few of their viewpoints on this. Just be easy because I can still REMEMBER MY NAME and it doesn't begin with the letter "B".

The Black Female International Jewel Thief

Until I read a Humor Mill Magazine's article about Halle Berry playing the infamous "International Jewel Thief", I never knew SHE existed. I MAY have heard about her but I seriously do not recall it. At any rate, there is a film version in the works of the now 75 year old woman who is apparently back behind bars for... you guessed it, stealing a ring from Neiman Marcus, per THM. I'm still researching info on her as this is intriguing. Anyone else heard/ knew of her?? Let me know.

So far, here's an older article MSNBC has on her. It spans 4 pages and I'm only on #3. Have fun!!

Ok, here's "Too elegant to be a jewelry thief" as well.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Xzibit Wants 500K Followers on Twitter

Over the last few hours, Alvin Joiner AKA Xzibit had a revelation that he wanted 500K "Followers" on Twitter - the 140 character all the net rave social networking site. He's made a Blog that he'll included a tweet prize package. Read more here - http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=5 3393361&blogId=475080299.

To "follow him", go here - https://twitter. com/mrxtothaz.

Need more details, ask & I'll give the answer my best shot.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heavenly Birthday Wishes To My Birth Mother & My Older Sister

I'm sending Birthday Wishes, March 2, upwards to My Mom who's in heaven, hopefully watching over me. I also hope that my oldest sister who left this earth on her earthday is with her and doing better than she was down here. Born (and heaven sent) today, I sadly never had the opportunity to see her alive as Sickle Cell Anemia took her life the same day she was born. Hardening of the arteries took my mom years later. (sniffsniff)

I saw my Mom seemingly all my life as I was adopted at 6-9 months old by her close friend. Circumstances of this adoption left my birth mother a very down struck woman who saw her newborn go one direction and her, older, other 3 children go another. She, at 27 or so years young, sank and never really rose again to 60% much less 100. The support was zero to say the least. I only wish I would have been strong and old enough to understand that which I know now. Once you're adopted, the birth parent(s) are not supposed to have contact with you ever again. EVER. My birth mom could not let go and her being in the near vicinity did not make matters any easier. She gave everyone shear hell, I hear. Maybe the adoption was for the best but the pain sure isn't. Years later when someone told me "that's your Mom, not your Aunt"... my heart sank on many levels. Why is she now the Mom and not the Aunt I'd been seeing all these years? Why are kids teasing me about my Mother (parents, father) not wanting me? Why do I have a dying/dead sister? WHAT THE F??????????????????? Yeah, I found all of that out in ONE breathe. A long one but it was a hellavah long day afterwords.

Eleven years old, my world crashed even more than I knew it could. I attended a funeral of a sister I never saw alive. She looked eerily like me in her casket but yet... she didn't. She was dead and I was alive. WOAH!! And then there were brothers, older at that. HUH?? And then there was another Mother? And another sister, younger? HUH?? I felt faint and I don't know if all these years later I've ever recovered from the fall on the never ending floor. Councilors, no PSYCHIATRIST are not surgeons. They cannot relieve the pain forever but instead give you "alternatives" for "dealing" with life forward. Let me just say that pills are NOT an option in my world.

My growth from a child, a victim of multiple circumstances to a woman who's seen all she ever wants to see in the negative world is much stronger because of it. I can see a lot clearer as each year since, new information comes to light. Some good, some bad, some should never be put to light. Here nor there... I am so blessed to have had AN experience in life to have lived for and through. My Mother asked me to be strong and steadfast in my path through life until I left this earth. I don't know how strong nor steadfast I've been but I'm still on some sort of path you can believe that. Where the heck it's headed or leading me... only GOD knows. I know the One Above will not lead me astray!!