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Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby Daddy, Daddy NOT!!

(In her best Maury impersonation) ALFIE PATTEN... YOU............. ARE......................... NOT... NOT... the youngest baby daddy. NOT!!

Thanks to my good friend and knowledge source Blake, an online news source is reporting that DNA tests prove that the UK's youngest Baby Daddy, Alfie Patten, is not the youngest baby daddy after all. Forget youngest, he is NOT the sperm donor of Maisie. Seems the now 15 year old Mother of an adorable little girl has been playing with more than just 1 child it seems. Who knows, the child's father could be a 40 year old man. Sadly, the once Baby Daddy Alfie could fall in some sort of mental depression as he was all prepared to accept his responsibility - to the public this is. Can he be taken from his mother? Will said 15 year old new Mom be taken away from her mother? And the newborn??? WOW is all I have to offer.


  1. This is the first that I am hearing of this.

    Strange, nonetheless...

  2. Had to watch this on TV a few times before I believed what I was seeing ......heck he looks younger than the contents of my make up bag !
    ......and sounds younger still.
    I knew they were doing DNA tests because there were other "contenders" but did'nt know the results.

  3. Kofi - it's been hot news for a hot minute. I've not been really following this too toughly but the Maury P thing just has been worn out now.

    Geenie - I saw him, I saw her and then I was like are they going to jail her for child molestation. She is HUGE compared to him in size. And yeah, I did see a report on another forum I frequent where they found articles about "other" possible fathers. Poor Maisie. She deserves so much better than this. How's the press on this over on your side of the globe... now??

  4. Not heared anything about it for a while, all seems to have gone quiet since the "Jade Goody" story......that's another one I personally did'nt feel comfortable with being "played out" for all the world to see. Having lived through the pain and heartbreak for myself, I believe it to be a very personal and private time.

    Poor Maisie indeed, she DOES deserve so much better, though I doubt she will get it. Children having children scares the h*** out of me, especially when there does'nt seem to be a responsible adult in charge ( what parent in their right mind would let their child and grandchild be shown on television news reports in such a light) Sadder still is the fact that this is probably not the only case like it !

  5. I just read about the Goody woman just now Geenie. Thanks for that one as I don't follow "celebs" too toughly but don't know who she was. Said for her life and her family but she is resting better at age 27 is it?? WOW!!


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