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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When You Forget Your Name, Just Look At Your Jewelery

ONLY because I have a unique spelling on my first and middle names would I even remotely consider having them on something. Something like magnets, hats, t-shirts... but jewelery.... oh no. I really do not have them on anything now other than in written form. If I ever thought something was so ghetto, this would be it. I see celebs do it chunky style and it's still gaudy, even if it is your stage name. Did you somehow forget it and decide to diamondize it so you can just look down/around/wherever? Do you think when you're say 70, 80 or so... when Alzheimer's might set in, you'll have the chunk jewel in your ear, on your finger and/or around your neck/waist as a glittery reminder?!?!

Sorry, never understood it's necessity. I'm sure someone will give me a few of their viewpoints on this. Just be easy because I can still REMEMBER MY NAME and it doesn't begin with the letter "B".

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