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Friday, January 30, 2009

Recording Artist Izza Kizza's MySpace


Don't beleive me, see for yourself. Izza Kizza on MySpace. He has a Blog on here but since he has not updated it since the summer... (laughs) Also check him out @ IzzaKizza.com. He's on imeen and goodness knows what other social networking sources too. He hasn't given me my tune from American Hustle yet, so that's all the plugs ya'll get. (CUL)

Klutch Tha Game Shifta's BLOW

Signed on as a new artist to the KattPack label, Klutch certainly has a handle on 'Blow'. The song is mad with hard core straight in ya face lyrics featuring his female label mate XL - Xplicit Lyric. She is small in size, to me, but her voice is LARGE!! She put it down at the show for those who really get into the rap thing. Klutch raised up the DC crowd too as he had the guys bopping to the lyrical content the tight bodied guy put down. I really wasn't expecting musicians this time Katt came back to the area so I missed focus and part of their performance. In a recent interview seen here, Klutch gets down and personal touching many topics, even his son. Gives a whole new view of a person when they let a little of themselves out. It's not a need nor it is required but if they're comfortable talking, I'm all for reading and learning.

The photo linked is when Klutch was inking his deal with Katt & the KattPack Crew. Best wishes for a successful career sir. In these trying times, I hope we hear from you sooner. What I hope for more is that the love that you have for your son intensifies as he gets older by staying closer than the clothes on your backs. Stay with him man, you see how some turn out without the support. He could be our future Barack Obama, it's all up to BOTH of you. Thank you for letting me post this and the pic too. Get a really, really cheap lawyer if you plan to sue me. SMILES!!

Visit Klutch on his MySpace.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Katt's on CNET's Download.com

I'll be darned if my eyes were not deceiving me when I saw Katt Williams on Download.com aka CNET. Yep, he's there courtesy of Crossfade's FREE MP3 of the Day. Go on over and get your One of my favorite sources for all things legally downloadable PC wise, they have Katt's 'TinkTink' there now in 'FREE MP3 Of The Day'. Go get it as who knows how long this lasts. ENJOY!!

TinkTink .mp3 and really listen to what he's saying. I don't know how long the freebie lasts but get there SOON!!

PS - I just found out when I logged on that 'Star Player' is there too.

Thanks to DVD Newsroom for this valuable info.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mafiosa Me

I recently posted a note about a game that I'd become... uhmmmmm, let's just say a game I thoroughly enjoyed. Yes, that does read past tense - ENJOYED. What on earth changed this since many of you posted your total enjoyment of that game as well?? XZIBIT. Blame it all on Mr. Joiner. First there was the invite to play 'Mafia Wars' to which I paid not an ounce of attention, well for at least a month. Then.............. there was this "look what I just bought...." post recently and it was a van that he'd purchased. A delivery van??? WTH?? So, as I posted about it on his forum, I had to be nosy.... oooooops - that should read curious and find out what this online game application was all about. Believe you me when I say this, I usually try stuff for the supporters, worldwide, so that if they have problems questions I can assist them. And this is for videos, music, sites, etc. I like to say, "wait let me get that answer" (or something similar) vs. "I dunno" and that's that.

So, off I go to find out the mystery Mafia War happenings. What occurred next is not only *cough*trying*cough* it out on Facebook and MySpace but on Yahoo as well. For the record, the Yahoo version SUCKS big time. Onwards, MySpace which has the better of the 3 online version, is ADDICTIVE to say the very least. It's a Mafia style game where you can purchase all sorts of WOMD (weapons of massive destruction), vehicles, and property while committing crimes, I mean.... ascertaining GREAT wealth while losing your health. (laughs) Yes... you get robbed, snuffed of your skill points and you can even be sucker punched - while online and not. I went back in one time and I was so beat down, I had to rejuvenate by doing a bank heist... I meant to say walking a lil old man to cash his check. But I did have 200k to purchase my apt cplex. I have 3 *COUGH*5*COUGH* accounts in total between some *cough*friends*cough* and I. Loads of loot, loads of vehicles and massive property. Property earns you income but the vehicles and WOMD require ownership fees. Can't think of the term right now but you want the property to balance the loss you take for the WOMD, trust me. Now, as you go along doing "jobs", you also build skill levels. The first say 5, 6 are easy. After that, it gets more and more difficult. You have to build stamina, attacks, energy, defense, health and wealth all at the same time. If you fall sort in some categories, you lose the ability to "fight" and/or complete "jobs". You can still spend your money but after you buy one of everything, what's next??

LOTS. As you are doing all of this... you have to progress through Experience levels. Now, you can do this solo or you can recruit some friends. And this is where it gets difficult. Poor me, I don't have much "friends" and therefore I'm stuck on a certain LEVEL because in order to move up, I have to have +6 friends. In other words, one crime, errrrr... "job" requires 16 friends. Ok, now what!?!?! Create mystery accounts?? Oh hell naw. That involves you logging in each account and playing the game with each profile. TO WHICH I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT - OK???????????? So, I've added a couple pics but let me say this right now. It's addictive, I think it's great to play if you can get loads of friends AND you like that sort of game. Not only do you earn money but when you fight, so does your crew. The more crew, the more money all of you make as it pays extra for that. Also, you can tackle some Crime bosses for extra skill points, $$ and some other nifty surprises. Another lil surprise is some of the jobs you do give you some much needed to the inventory items to fight crime bosses with and just for the count. Things like health pack, shiv, guns, and more are some of what I've seen so far. I earned a Blackmail letter and some sort of badge from 2 different CBs. Extra, extra goodies like verifying my email gave me a Stolen Mail Truck. Now, if ya'll only knew the irony of THAT. (widens eyes) I also get some more WOMD if one of my crew finds it, mysteriously no doubt. Annnnnnnnnnnnnd... there's daily things like hitting a link to send your crew & yourself energy packs plus the opportunity arose to pick up a violin case machine gun within a certain amount of time... PROVIDED you had the rewards points. Yep, you get those too but you can purchase more (NOT THAT I HAVE) via PayPal and other payment sources and/or picking up one of their SPAM sponsors.

So, can someone join on MySpace or Facebook so I can get that beach front property and move on to the next experience levels? Not just anybody, you need to be good with your skills. (CUL like she is)

PS - the real reason I like the game is because I get to spend MAD $$. Hey, I'm a shop-a-lic. A broke one but when it's someone else's wallet... WOAH!!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

The World According to Kofi

I am ever so glad that I found Kofi Bofah's Blog entitled Onyx Investments. Recently he requested from his visitors topics that we wanted him to dialogue on. I was fortunate enough to get one and half of my requests thus far. I say half because someone else requested a topic that I also wanted him to provide thoughts on. His Blog started a whole new education of sort and seriously continues to do so. Smart people really are SMART. His eloquent wording of topic of his/our choice has defined who the MAN is behind what would be mystery. All of us who start Blogs are relatively unknowns to some around us much less this vast net. And then we Blog as we become more aware of who we are... we find who others are too. We also have found ourselves IN others and others IN us. Every post created may not be a totally shared sentiment but what you take from it can be considered educating while sharing, yes? Jervis, as young as he is and all over the place as he's been is far different than the quiet, shy (laughs hard) me. But, he captivates me because he is eclectic and unique in approach to life.

Kofi, brings that down to earth educationally hip style to his research. Not only does he thoroughly present his material but he adds extra personalized touches to it. His topics are never short in length which lets you know the amount of work he's put into the creation at hand. We've discussed sports (ok, not me), politics, life, John Forte (now up) and a plethora of other issues. As a light brown woman who's in dire need of continuing her education by any means necessary, Kofi is doing a fabulous job of assisting me in that department to say the least. Now, if he could only help a sistah see the onyx is not always black when investing.... (did that come out right!?!?)

Check him out. You'll be learned as well.

Kofi - I need some imagery here.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

'Seasons of Love' - from the play 'Rent'

I am just all over other people's Blog STEALING... I mean... borrowing.

There's several version but I think Jervis linked the best one of all as Jesse is singing. WOAH does he have a voice.

Re-post from Tluv's Blog

Ok, ok... I watched it the first time when I was extremely tired. And then the next time... I near fell off the bed.

Dumb ass cop

Thanks Tluv for the posting and not laughing at me for not getting it... :p

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Poem For C. Jervis

I wrote this while responding to a post on his Blog:

I pray today forward is a better day
I pray that everyone will lead the way
I knelt for peace and freedom at last
I knelt for those who suffered in my past
I cried a long hard happy n joyous cry
I cried hello to Mr. Obama, Bush damn goodbye
I ask GOD to keep our new First Family in safe arms
I ask GOD to place them in no type of harm
I talk a new talk until the very day I die
I walk a new walk with my head oh so high

Written for YOU Chris just NOW!!

EDITED - I accidentally transposed, LIVE, the last 2 lines.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My cup of Starbucks tea also provided thought...

I'm new to Starbucks as for going in retail and/or stores inside of stores so bear with me here. From last Tuesday til tomorrow, I've been in free Tazo tea mode. Hey, the cue word is FREE. As a newbie to the coffee chain serving my favorite brand of tea, the cups have become as much as of an interest as the flavors I'm trying. Did I mention - FREE?? They have a 'The Way I See It' series on each and every cup, I presume. Today's cup really brought forth some deep concentration on what it really means... and it reads:


"If you got a dollar and you spend twenty-nine cents on a loaf of bread, you've got seventy-one cents left. But if you've got seventeen grand and you spend twenty-nine cents on a loaf of bread, you've still got seventeen grand. There's a math lesson for you."

-Steve Martin-
Comedian and writer.

Any thoughts??

PS - the tea was supposed to be a Tall tea which is the freebie. This was a grand and it came with a "grand" thought. Thanks to the lady in Dunkirk, MD Safeway for this!!

America's Song


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Black Comedians... @ the 2009 Sundance Festival

I know I have so many things I research for you all but this one is one I'm really anxious to see come to light. Since I am a owner of the book in which has yet to be finished (sorry Darryl), I love to share newer news on it. The 2009 Sundance Film Festival took place in Utah and I've found bits a pieces of 'Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy' and what it's been doing there thanks to Director Robert Townsend. Here's a interview with him and following will be photos and/or links to even more info.

Director Robert Townsend's interview @ the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Click the white text as in here they are links to quality info... ok, 86.6% of the time.

Next I leave some photos of Robert while there:

And in closing, here's the festivals page on the 95 minute documentary soon coming to a theater and/or DVD soon, we hope.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obamas & Biddens in my birth place - Baltimore, MD

Photo Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun.com

Here's some photos so far. I plan to add as much as I can find, so be sure to check back in. The speech in text courtesy of the same sources and the images.

Obamas & Biddens in my area - Edgewood, MD

Edgewood Maryland is also part of the Aberdeen Proving Grounds military base. The 40+ miles base stretches into both townships and where Obama was is known as the "Edgewood Arsenal". I'm not military nor of the tongue to speak on it but... that train kept me up a many wee hours and early mornings while I worked the grave yard shift. Sadly, I'm 60 miles away now and am a little dismayed with myself for not braving the weather and only 1400 people. That's a small crowd compared to the many I've been in like the Million Woman March. The most I could do is link the video of them and a pic.

Next up was the place of my birth which well represented when the sad Mayor named Sharon A**HOLE Dixon could not... Obama made a HIStorical speech In Baltimore longer than the Delaware people received. Never in all my years had I witnessed, from anywhere, that many people crammed into War Memorial. I did it at home as I am a lil ill. As soon as I find footage from that trip, I'll put that up as well. I did find his speech in text and I'll be sure to add it too.

Will I regret not being in E-wood? HELLLL YEAH!!

Photo Courtesy of AP News.

Video courtesy of CNN.com

Sadly, I'm 60+ miles away nearer to DC. And no, I'm not going over there either.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Going Down Purplishously

Say whatEVAH you like, I support the Purple til I die!! Wait... what's the coach's name?? :P

What's your slanguage??

Sling Slang, Lingo Lango... In others words... I say 'laytah' for later, then there's 'crib' which is/was was for 'house' now it's 'tilt'?? and sh*t has been replaced with 'shyt'. I have Google set to give me some Urban lingo but I forget to read it. :P

Next... (list can be endless - winks at Jervis for this post)

OMGoodness, there's a gadget for the UD - click here to see it. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!

Newer Katt Gadget

The Toilet Drinkers

Gotcha on that title didn't I? Well any cat or dog owners reading may already know what I'm referencing. The topic came from a Post Points - Tip of the Week I received this AM. This Washington Post's section are sometimes really, really informational and I have a folder stored with heaps of them for future use. Here's the one about Toilet Troubles as it relates to our furry companions. In the event that the link provided stales out on us, read below:

Does your cat or dog drink out of the toilet?

This is not a good thing. According to pet-care expert Gina Spadafori, a toilet is never going to be clean enough to drink out of. "Dogs are attracted to the water in a toilet because they think it's a wonderfully cool fountain that we have put in the middle of the house for them," she told us. Cats have a harder time getting down to water in a toilet but some manage to do so, even if you have provided a full water bowl somewhere else in the house.

So what can you do to break this pet habit?

Of course, keeping the lid down on your toilet and possibly the door closed to the bathroom are two logical solutions.

Spadafori has a few other ideas. Wash and refill your pet's water bowls twice a day, so there is always a nice supply of fresh, cold water. Consider buying a pet fountain at a pet store, which has recirculating water in it and is intriguing to cats and dogs. Also see if your cat or dog likes to play with running water from a faucet for a treat.

"There is a natural reason animals want fresh running water," says Spadafori who has authored eight pet books with vet Marty Becker and whose website is www.petconnection.com. "A stagnant pond is more likely to kill you than a fresh mountain stream that is running. Animals are intuitively attracted to fresh water sources."

--Jura Koncius, Home section

Bejeweled Twist - Part 2

I am up in the 7 millions on level 15 for the hunnid time. Yeah, the trial version only allows you to repeat and not move on. Since my REAL version is in route... oh well... as I wait. I also knocked off them generic points in Classic and have my name in lights all but 2 times. I hold the numero uno place down like a MUTHA!! YEAH ME!!

So, what's your score? What level are you on?? Bejewel Twist me!!

PS - MY SCREEN CAPS. Where's yours?????????????

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Starbuck's Tea Time Event was not on Time...

Introducing some new flavors in Tea department was SUPPOSED to be the height of today's 2 pm event at Starbuck's retail locations today across the US. As I am reading, the hot tea invitation by email event was met ice cold. I had the hindsight to telephone 2 local stops and they were clueless to say the least. I went as far as a total of 3 prior and 1 after event phone calls to Corporate. 2 were concerned, 1 retrieved info about call #2 and the third typed as I explained what happened at my local store. She never took down any personal info which made me wonder how far this would REALLY go. She explained that they turn this over to QA's for review in the future. As for now, nothing else was done. How I wished I would have saved my $5 and never purchased a card until AFTER the event. Anyhow, here's what went down.

I go in and explain I'm there for the tea and food samples and was met with an abrupt "we can give you teas to sample but we do not have food." So as she's preparing my Vanilla Rooibos, which was DEELICIOUS, I'm explaining what the event is supposed to entail. She brings out a manual telling me they've known since December but never received more info about it since the 3 ring binder info was given to them. As a employee for over 3 years now, she seemed a lil disturbed that her location could not serve the possible guests coming in for the festivities. She did not offer any food because as she said, "I don't know what food they are talking about." Sadly, I left my printed copy of the above invite at home, so I had no proof while there. She even told me that she called all local locations and they were befuddled as well. Even the DM (district manager) was clueless. So, as I try my sample, I pulled out a freebie coupon for a large whatever Tea I liked. I think she was so upset, she forgot to take it and put it in the register but handed it back to me instead. I let it go as a one on me for all my time, gas and effort. Ok, Mom got the freebie not me.

So, as I am taking notes for my 4th call to Corporate, another customer comes in who seems to be a frequent tea'er as she had a card to refill. She hesitated once the lady told her that there was no food to sample. Ms customer telephoned a FEW people to read the email and then proceeded to invite me in conversation as well. She's dedicated because she went to the one I phoned first and even after the corporate call to them... they did not allow her to get free samples of the tea muchless anything else. She said it right in the black employees (females) faces... "if this had been in the white neighborhood, this would not be happening. Look at where we are". I was doubtful and have been checking back with MSM and TTM, the coupon ladies site's, for feedback. All the way down to Florida, it was the same. Befuddled and cluelessness.

I love Tazo tea and the 3 new flavors are.... uhggg ohhhh... I don't know of the Apple or Berry Chai are new are not. I did try those named plus London Fog, Vanilla Rooibos and one I love IMMENSELY - Green Latte Tea. So if I decide to go back again, I do have a freebie for use anytime and a after 2 $2 large tea coupon to use by 3/01/09. I signed up for their whatever and even purchased a card. So far, not that impressed.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Po' Lil TinkTink

An EXCLUSIVE to World Star HipHop.com. The animation is just ok but the comedy was on point.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Now here's a GOODIE bag & more photos

This is from the Pearls & Ivy MLK, Jr. Celebration that I also posted about in here.

My goodies (or not) from the Health & Fitness Expo

This one goes out to Kofi so he can see what I'm referencing. That's what I received from every health table I visited. The red stuff is what you get when you complete the Fitness Passport. 4 different Passport To Health vendors and that's it... These were in seperate bags as I just combined them all and tossed their respective literature.

Xzibit's Twittering Too!!

Mr. X to tha Z's direct link is here - https://twitter.com/mrxtothaz. It is his REAL profile over there. If you see XZIBIT at the end of the twitter.com URL, it is NOT him. He made this very clear in a MySpace Blog and a "tweet". At any rate, add him in and let him know who sent you.

PS - he just sent me this message about adding him on over there - "BRING IT ON DONKEY KONG!!!!"

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Health & Fitness Expo 2009 in DC

I had a nice sunny drive into DC for their 15th Annual Health And Fitness Expo. It was cold and rainy as the drive by Ben's was seen thru foggy windows. And yes, O man was @ Ben's today and here's proof courtesy of NBC 4, sponsor of the Expo.

Back to the Expo... if I were someone who did not health insurance, this would be just the place to be. Free admission to many, many services that come with a price tag and possibly multi-location visits when using a health insurance thru the job. I did a cholesterol and glucose screening, a body density mass summation, height and weight, eye exam and a blood pressure check too. I'm in excellent health except... yeah here we go... the weight and body mass. Moving right along rather quickly. I also did a waistline measurement which was off by 5. Skipping along there too. I was kinda disappointed with the lines and then the gift they gave you once completing all of this. In prior years, the lil goodie bag was really nice. Now, it's reduced to magnets, pens, and light-up FM radios. I understand that in order to provide these free services they have to do them as cost effectively as possible but... after waiting an hour or so to get thru several of those offerings, I received a bandage/q-tip holder and a pencil plus literature now in the recycling bin. A few vendors, like CVS and Destination ??, had gift cards that they raffled off as well.

Long gone are the water bottle and t-shirt days. We used to get bags of all sizes and they were so filled it would take us days to go thru them all. Now, it took me all of 5 minutes. And after so many of those easy to rip apart canvas want-to-be bags, it's just about the information which is probably better. (sighs) Well, the doctor just gives me and bill and a new appointment at the end of her sessions. Oh well. At any rate... since I did all the screenings today, if I do go back tomorrow, I'll do all the food workshops to gain more waistline inches. (laughs) Oh, they tell me Dr. Cosby was in the house. Yes, Bill himself but he must have missed me as I was linked up to monitors and things.

Summation - if you ever have one of these events in your locale, GO. Just go early to avoid long lines. I wanted whatever CVS had and a Avon pink bag and a SingHealth pink bag too. I didn't get the purple hanging thingy for Lupus?? But I think I will tomorrow.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Rest Peacefully Shadow

I am so sad tonight as I try hard to get early today's unfortunate event out of my head and try to reat. As we, a car of 2 adults and a 12 yr old, where on our way to the Pearls and Ivy Educational Foundation's "Martin Luther King, Jr. 80th Birthday Celebration at the Music Center at Strathmore", we lost a fur life tonight. As we pulled out of the driveway, there was a gasping thud and the evening never looked up really. As we mingled with dignitaries, took photos, listened to award recipients and even snacked while enjoying a live jazz musician, my heart and mind was on the child owner of the the cat who is now in kitty heaven. His spirits were so down as he recalled that the "Mom" gave birth to her children on a Thursday as today was. The Former NAACP President Honorable Kwasi Enfume gave a wonderful oral narration as my hometown's Symphony Orchestra complete with the Soulful Symphony and backed with a youth choir/ All of whom gave a stellar performance that commanded several standing ovations. There was also a winner of the best Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. story on hand to give her recall of meeting him as a mere shy child.

All of this could not take away the thump sound I had in my head not the sight of looking back out of the rear window to see the mother cat's 3 fur children surrounding her on the cold ground. I was too stunned to move much less gather it up and put it on the grass or even wrap it in a towel. I'd been there before years ago and wished never to return. While driving to work with a then boyfriend, a cat rain in front of my car. All I remember is crying my eyes out and him taking the wheel really fast to avoid damage to us. I had Prentis back then and I recall getting off that morning and rushing home to hug him. Another time I was driving late and a dog got caught under my Mitsu Eclipse. I have not a clue how I got home but I do recall that dogs squealing and it lasted for what seemed forever. I did try to get out and see if he was ok. He growled at me and I got back in the car and watching him ship off. I don't do well, as you can tell, with hit animals as I'm waaaaay to sensitive. I'll probably be up all night long now with this playing in my head for !?!?!

If you don't hear from me, try not to worry. I just need some rest and if I'm getting no sleep... I'm sure that won't help.

Rest Peacefully Shadow!! SniffSniff She was a fun, energetic and very warm little fur soul. At least I'll have her lil fur kids to look at in memory of her.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WHAT A TV!!!!!!!!

And if Robotto come in here and say this is fake, I'll faint.

The SLAPper Confesses to Vibe

Thanks to MMHighlights Blog post for this. As seen on Vibe.com, here's the story from the guy in question and I quote...:

Comedian and actor Katt Williams has been buzzing all over the internet lately following his highly-publicized comedic massacre of elder jokester Steve Harvey at a New Years Eve show in Detroit.

But later that night, Williams hit up Cutters, an East Side club in the Motor City, and wound up taking the microphone. Already on a high after a stellar performance, Williams begin to freestyle for the crowd…he then turned his attention to an unsuspecting guy on the dance floor and begin cracking jokes about his outfit. Before the routine was up, the angry man in the crowd gave the partygoers something to laugh at for real: he walked over and smacked Katt Williams in the face.

VIBE.com found the slapper, who asked to remain anonymous due to worries of a lawsuit, to get his side of the story.

According to him, he came to the club following a high school cabaret.

“I was probably with like 16, 17 dudes, we were scattered out throughout the club,” the anonymous man, who lives in Detroit’s Jeffrey Projects, said. “Basically we were just up in there having a good time.”

Williams passed the man, who was wearing a cowboy outfit consisting of a pair of “$5,000 gator boots,” as he headed to the stage. When Williams took the microphone and begin to freestyle, things turned ugly.

“I wasn’t even paying attention,” the man says. “I was talking to someone else while he was doing it. And then he pointed at me. I walked over to a couple of friends of mine, and they told me, ‘He’s clowning you.’ So I walked over there and asked [Katt], ‘So what you say? I don’t play that joke shit.’ So he was like, ‘And what?’ He didn’t even admit what he said when I asked him.”

The man said he proceeded to pimp slap the pint-sized star of “The Pimp Chronicles,” who was recently hospitalized in South Carolina for a mental evaluation.

“He was still on some comedy stuff after I slapped him, I swear,” the man says baffled. “After I slapped him, he jumped back and he was still talking and it was some girls holding him back. It was actually some girls in the club grabbing bottles like they wanted to do something to me too, like trying to protect him. He stopped and actually grabbed a square and was trying to light his cigarette. It was on some comedy stuff to me. He was trying to get his square lit, he took like two puffs, and he tried to charge back at me. But at this time, the security was heading me towards the door.”

The next day on Detroit’s radio station WJLB, Williams told radio host Dr. Darrius the man slapped him in an attempt to steal his jewelry.

“We weren’t trying to get his jewelry,” the man says. “I wasn’t that drunk to not know what was going on. [Katt] told like 20 percent of the truth [on the radio]. I could understand if we were at a comedy club, or some shit like that, but we weren’t there for that. It was after-hours, niggas was drunk, feeling it, we wasn’t there for that. It wasn’t no comedy show we were at. He’s mad because my guy was looking more pimpish than him.”

After the altercation, a club patron asked Williams if he was okay. “Hell naw I ain't alright, didn’t you just see that nigga slap me?!” he reportedly quipped.

The “pimp slapper,” in hindsight, says that even though Williams is “a funny dude” who he doesn’t have any personal problems with, he wouldn’t hesitate to show him the hand of god again if he stepped out of line.

“I’d do it again if he say something like that,” he says nonchalant. “And if I meet him, and he don’t do nothing like that, he on some old friendly buddy-buddy shit, I’m buddy-buddy too. I don’t have no problem. But if he got a problem next time we see each other…”

Well, you get the picture.


200th Blog Post

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!! Who knew that last year this time, ok... in 7 more days, that I would be sitting here a year later chatting away to the Blogsphere? I didn't know where to begin but I knew I had to do something. I've since learned a lot from all the sources starting with Kayoz who also started her Blog after me. And then I landed in Just Judith and Mes' blogs who brought their woman but very human views on various subjects, some of interest, some not. Next thing I know, I'm getting into words with Jervis and some others and then we end up being Blog mates!?!? And then... some banned me, I'm sure... many more ignored me, I'm sure and then others like The Comics Comic, Focused on Comedy, HipHop RX, Mandy Stadtmiller gave me props in their work... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!! Who knew??

So I want to personally thank, in no particular order... Tluv for the BLAST that brought us together (laughs), Mes and Ms JJ for their words of sheer wisdom via their Blogs, Kayoz for her support from afar via we know who, C Jervis for his growth and patience with me ;), Sean - The Comics Comic for putting up with me, Kofi for stopping thru when he can, Corporate Hustler 32 for starting his blog and hopefully continuing it, Katt Williams and Co. for allowing me to constantly keep him on full BLAST and not sue, Gabby for her love of Katt Williams (laughs), all posters that I did not mention but showed this Blog any kind of support, and many other people who've come here to read but may not post.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Apple's New 'Wheel' Keyboard


Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

My Artist Fo' Life Has A NEW Website

PRINCE's New Website. My screen reso is set for the largest so the pic over there does it NO justice. Go see for yourself!!

Thanks to Pigeons and Planes for the info.!!

Katt responds to the SLAP Rumor(s)

Cutters was the Club.

Courtesy of WJLB FM 98

The Morning Shyt... I mean Show

Steve admits to "chasing dollars". He did blame it on not doing QUALITY research but bottom line... HE KNEW!! Notice how Steve's comments keep changing depending on which CAMERA/MICROPHONE he cheezin' for?!?!?

Steve not only lost his hair but he lost some of his thought process as well. You mean to tell me a 20 something year veteran don't know how to research and re-research this WHOLE event that is a HUGE part HIS and the other HIS career? You did not look at the total package - where the event was, how it was billed, it being in the round, it's name, it's financial AND personal gain for the LONG HAUL??? Then you take paying customer's who live in that city to fuss at them about where the event was? And then you go on your show and whine about it more. Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn... you're staple of your career is going from city to city and fussing about the city, the venue and/or the paying supporters. And from the stuff I read on the net, YOU REALLY AIN'T GO THAT MUCH LOVE when it comes to that. Hello, if your JLA set was so good, why NONE of YOUR faithful 6 supporters have ANY QUALITY footage of YOU doing what done "buttered your bread" with for all these years - "KING"!?!?!?! "HE" has 3 videos up that have been re-upped by several users and all of them are making way for half million views - COLLECTIVELY!! YOU, Steve have one video that barely is taping 2,000 views. HELLO???????? Must mean you're set was not worthy of even being bootlegged to YouTube. HAH!!

My last few word on this...


Monday, January 5, 2009

Interviews - Katt & Steve

Vance & Vince's Army Reserve Advertisement

Their website is Vince and Vance Moss.com

Steve lacefront high top fade gone bald is on RIGHT NOW - LIVE

And of course he read 2 of HIS fans letters stating they were disappointed in Katt, they'll never waste their money on him, blah, blah, blah. They also said that Steve was "professional" and the "KoC". (puts finger in throat as she listens on) Steve said they had to clean up the email bag because they received a lot of letters concerning the NYE show. I'm sure they are not going to allow any negative feedback about Steve in the male's bag and only post what they feel represents the male's bag.

So to sum it up, in no particular order, cause he seems to be gone off topic - for now - he will never do a show like that again. He made it seems as though the event was promoted and brought to him by Katt and that he had no problem early on as long as nothing went down. He went on to apologize to all the "his" fans, people who paid good money to see a show. He added that this was not Wild n' Out and did go on to describe the show and state that it was a good show. He also said that Katt spent 45 minutes of his show and most of it was spent talking about Steve. He said he was supposed to do an hour and some mins but he only did 58. Talk about people come to see/hear their comedians view on politics, love, etc... and not the stuff Katt did. Steve said it was unprofessional what Katt did. He pretty much did not say Katt's name during this time. He referred to Katt as "he", "him", "you", etc.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Prior to NYE night's events... Steve Harvey runs ALL his mouth

Sounds like someone needs some E-Lax to get rid of the shyt they're carrying and the ego that over-inflated with it. Come one Steve, how you looking right about now dude? As LARGE as you trying to play YOU up, you're telling us that when the promoter came to you with a BS project you didn't want to do that you could NOT refuse?? Mr "I been on stage in the Kings of Comedy" and "I been at this for 23 years" now all of of sudden done lost his ability to speak up for himself until it's oh so CONVENIENT??????????? You're pockets that smallish or is it your brain? If you so LARGE and so ORIGINAL, then why didn't you sit down with Katt and/or said "promoter" and talk about it in October? The promoter came straight to you, so it sounds... no backdoors nor side alley entrances and this is how you bring it... "...I didn't know this was how it was going to go down..."?!?!?!?!?!

HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!!!! Not buying into the hype son. No can do. Mr. Harvey, come correct or don't come at all. Me is done with you after Monday morning when I cringe to hear how you're going tell your side of the azz whippin' you took NYE. You've been on vacation so you've had enough time to conjure up a hella BS story. Katt tore you a new azz so I guess you'll have a lot of fluff under that bone when attempt to stand down. (smdh)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

PC Games

I'm not hugely into PC games but I did find one (or 3) that I have been immersed in. When I bought my first PC in '95, it came with Hearts, Solitaire, Freecell and Minesweeper. I can't recall if there were any other games a I tried each one, did bad and then removed them. I had friends who were junkies on at least 3 of them. Fast forward to Pop Games and stuff on Comcast's games section in the beginning of 2000. Bejeweled, Bookworm, Q-bees??, and one more game had me so hooked I was late running out of the door for work. I ended up purchasing Bejeweled and it's part 2 successor. I think I purchased Bookworm but I can't remember where it is.

Now, Bejeweled has a third version out where you Twist the jewels. It's such a pretty game and the trial version is making me sick. I can't wait to buy the full version. Yes, I am the same one with tendinitis in both wrists and have come offline in sheer agony from hours of playing. I'm addicted, what can I say. I just downloaded a trial of a new pretty looking game called Jungo??

So... are you a gamer? If so, what do you like to play and why? How long have you been online gaming thru the PC. Game systems like X-Box 360, Nintendo and others are not included in this conversation.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

He's so friggin' cool

Thanks to FilmGordon's Blog that contains another view of O man is his much criticized backwards cap.

Save A Life - Shaggy & Friends

Mad wicked tune from Shaggy & Friends.

Who was IN Joe Louis Arena last night??

Check in and don't be sting with them words... fighting... biting... or otherwise. Let'em rip n' roll.

Give it UP to the people who uploaded these to YouTube.com - ONE TIME!!

How was your New Years??

Let's just put it this way... where's the champagne... again. :p No, really. I am so blessed to have been able to take another breath. That's all I can continue to pray for is more breathes because asking for more seems... I dunno... I really dunno...

How about you? What did you do or not?? All sexual content will be stricken from public records. (laughs... maybe)