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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Health & Fitness Expo 2009 in DC

I had a nice sunny drive into DC for their 15th Annual Health And Fitness Expo. It was cold and rainy as the drive by Ben's was seen thru foggy windows. And yes, O man was @ Ben's today and here's proof courtesy of NBC 4, sponsor of the Expo.

Back to the Expo... if I were someone who did not health insurance, this would be just the place to be. Free admission to many, many services that come with a price tag and possibly multi-location visits when using a health insurance thru the job. I did a cholesterol and glucose screening, a body density mass summation, height and weight, eye exam and a blood pressure check too. I'm in excellent health except... yeah here we go... the weight and body mass. Moving right along rather quickly. I also did a waistline measurement which was off by 5. Skipping along there too. I was kinda disappointed with the lines and then the gift they gave you once completing all of this. In prior years, the lil goodie bag was really nice. Now, it's reduced to magnets, pens, and light-up FM radios. I understand that in order to provide these free services they have to do them as cost effectively as possible but... after waiting an hour or so to get thru several of those offerings, I received a bandage/q-tip holder and a pencil plus literature now in the recycling bin. A few vendors, like CVS and Destination ??, had gift cards that they raffled off as well.

Long gone are the water bottle and t-shirt days. We used to get bags of all sizes and they were so filled it would take us days to go thru them all. Now, it took me all of 5 minutes. And after so many of those easy to rip apart canvas want-to-be bags, it's just about the information which is probably better. (sighs) Well, the doctor just gives me and bill and a new appointment at the end of her sessions. Oh well. At any rate... since I did all the screenings today, if I do go back tomorrow, I'll do all the food workshops to gain more waistline inches. (laughs) Oh, they tell me Dr. Cosby was in the house. Yes, Bill himself but he must have missed me as I was linked up to monitors and things.

Summation - if you ever have one of these events in your locale, GO. Just go early to avoid long lines. I wanted whatever CVS had and a Avon pink bag and a SingHealth pink bag too. I didn't get the purple hanging thingy for Lupus?? But I think I will tomorrow.


  1. U got hooked up.

    Everybody is cutting back - so the goodie bag is no biggie.

    R u gonna post some pics up?

    What were your measurements looking like?

    Don't stress B.M.I.

    I am obese according to B.M.I. at 6'0 - 210-220.

    Obese - I definitely ain't!

  2. Well Kofi, the goodie bag/free gift is highly touted at events like this. Sadly, they just don't match up to the level of our expectation. I heard this a lot thru out the event. I decided to forgo today's trip because the parking restrictions in the area are lifted today. It's going to be worse because the weather is good, right now that is.

    As for pictures of me... oh no. I've been fearful of putting my pic online since I landed in '95. As for the measurements... well I will say I'm 5' 4" and a half and where that half inch came from I do not know. I weighed in still way under 200 which is good. (laughs) But the waste was not far over the 35 mark and I expected that because I just did. Plus I had on my 'Skins thick hooded sweatshirt which added a few inches, of course.

    Since my blood sugar was 73, and my BP was 113/70 and my C level was 148, I do not worry about anything else. I feel and to me look good and that's what's most important. My HDL was a wee high last time I checked but not of real concern that some Quaker Oats won't help clear up.

  3. i know i missed the point...but still :)

  4. No Ms JJ, I kinda meshed 2 things in one post. The reason is Ben's is not far from the convention where the Expo was held and he was there the same day/time I was around the corner. Arrrgghhhhhhhhhhhh...........


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