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Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's your slanguage??

Sling Slang, Lingo Lango... In others words... I say 'laytah' for later, then there's 'crib' which is/was was for 'house' now it's 'tilt'?? and sh*t has been replaced with 'shyt'. I have Google set to give me some Urban lingo but I forget to read it. :P

Next... (list can be endless - winks at Jervis for this post)

OMGoodness, there's a gadget for the UD - click here to see it. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!


  1. I have contributed to the urbandictionary.com! Check "ham" and check "c.m.f.m. shoes!" I balls with my slanguistics! LOL

  2. Hey lady, I saw the HAM face reference but could not find your c.m.f.m shoes credited to you. Someone named Beeno V? had a version which was funny as. Damn, I need to really read my gadget setup in Google.

  3. I am about to cut and past my from the comment section in my blog in a second.

    You can check it out over there in the mean time.

    I have to make a run, right now.

  4. Thank YOU Kofi as I want it HERE for my readers so that they may learn and/or add to it. And of course disect it as well. (laughs)

    Where you running to? The latrine after them nasty McDisaster fries? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAA!!

  5. This is the paste from earlier:

    Di: I got you. But my lingo is stuck in a time warp. I still use DC words with my own internal dialogue. Also, I will not force myself to pick up these Chicago terms:


    I am not fittin'a or fixin'-a use these bogus words.

    But what's really good?

    Why do you live in DC and try to jone on mugs from The City? Why do you front like that go go doesn't crank?

    You were prolly running with some bamas out there or a bunch of Gumps. Maybe a true DC beast put that pretty boy-thug Game on you and you thought he was the Truth - but he was sitting up there wellin' the whole time.

    Stop seisin,' Jo.

    You love the D.C. uhhhhrrreaaaa.

    Now, how u gonna carry it?

  6. I need the lingo breakdown you left me too. Ok, PLEASE!! (bats brown eyes towards Kofi)

  7. DC Talk:

    Jone - To make fun of
    Mugs - People
    The City - Washington, D.C.
    Go Go - Percussion, D.C. music
    Crank - Sounds good
    Bama - Nerd
    Gump - Simpleton (Forrest Gump)
    Beast - Cool male
    Wellin' - Lying
    Seisin' - Lying
    Jo - Everybody is named Jo
    How u gonna carry it? - What are u going to do?

    D.C. accent:
    Area = uuurrrhea
    Maryland = Merlin
    Baltimore = Bal'mer (white people) Bal'ta'mo (black people)
    Washington = War-shing-ton(white people) Black people RARELY say "Washington."

  8. I am always going back and forth.

    I am trying to get my car fixed - but it won't be fully ready until Monday. The thermostat is jacked up and that is making me miserable in this cold.

    I see you tryna carry me on the McDonald's tip, young.

  9. Yeah when Shaffer was Mayor did us Bawlmerians in with that term and HON - HUN too.

    Ouuuuuuuuu, not good on the car. That's not good right about now in your neck of the woods. Speaking of cars, I just went out and took the water and sodas out and they were part frozen already.

    Bodymore Murderland is the new term unfortunately. And yes, after seeing that pic you think I'm gonna let up off you for eating THAT?? Ok, it ends now. :p

  10. Speaking of Bodymore -

    I need to go ahead and cop the Wire Season 5. I have all seasons through Season 4.

    I have been trying to be good and cut back on the junk.

    But, I don't feel up to trudging around in this weather. I just go to the ground level of this building and hit up Micky Dees.

  11. McDisaster is that close to you, huh? It could be in my kitchen and I wouldn't eat it. Now, no lie... I did think the Egg McMuffin and the pancakes were good from about college on into oh my late 20's. I soon learned other wise when I stopped eating beef and pork. I never regretted it.

    I've never watched The Wire. I did see Snoop as she came to the BCC when Katt was there. Prior to seeing her there, never knew who she was as I was standing close enough to touch her. Seems Katt likes her (or he her) as she followed him around for a good while.

  12. And don't forget about Big G / Ghengis.

    The front man for Backyard Band plays Slim Charles in The Wire.

  13. Oh, see I don't know anything about that. I never watched The Wire nor Homicide. I made it thru a couple eps of The Corner and fell off. I guess because I lived THERE and I know some of that stuff for real, n need to go back for TV viewership. I'm not big on rap music of late either. I really wasn't back in my teens either. I knew the rappers and liked some songs as long as they were fun like Curtis Blow and Kool Moe Dee. I was more into dance music - anything that would get my tail wiggling. Bands like Confunkshun, EW&F, Trouble Funk, Slave, Dazz Band, Ohio Players, Zapp and on... that was me.

  14. Here is a link to my C.M.F.M shoes on urban dictionary.com



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