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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Starbuck's Tea Time Event was not on Time...

Introducing some new flavors in Tea department was SUPPOSED to be the height of today's 2 pm event at Starbuck's retail locations today across the US. As I am reading, the hot tea invitation by email event was met ice cold. I had the hindsight to telephone 2 local stops and they were clueless to say the least. I went as far as a total of 3 prior and 1 after event phone calls to Corporate. 2 were concerned, 1 retrieved info about call #2 and the third typed as I explained what happened at my local store. She never took down any personal info which made me wonder how far this would REALLY go. She explained that they turn this over to QA's for review in the future. As for now, nothing else was done. How I wished I would have saved my $5 and never purchased a card until AFTER the event. Anyhow, here's what went down.

I go in and explain I'm there for the tea and food samples and was met with an abrupt "we can give you teas to sample but we do not have food." So as she's preparing my Vanilla Rooibos, which was DEELICIOUS, I'm explaining what the event is supposed to entail. She brings out a manual telling me they've known since December but never received more info about it since the 3 ring binder info was given to them. As a employee for over 3 years now, she seemed a lil disturbed that her location could not serve the possible guests coming in for the festivities. She did not offer any food because as she said, "I don't know what food they are talking about." Sadly, I left my printed copy of the above invite at home, so I had no proof while there. She even told me that she called all local locations and they were befuddled as well. Even the DM (district manager) was clueless. So, as I try my sample, I pulled out a freebie coupon for a large whatever Tea I liked. I think she was so upset, she forgot to take it and put it in the register but handed it back to me instead. I let it go as a one on me for all my time, gas and effort. Ok, Mom got the freebie not me.

So, as I am taking notes for my 4th call to Corporate, another customer comes in who seems to be a frequent tea'er as she had a card to refill. She hesitated once the lady told her that there was no food to sample. Ms customer telephoned a FEW people to read the email and then proceeded to invite me in conversation as well. She's dedicated because she went to the one I phoned first and even after the corporate call to them... they did not allow her to get free samples of the tea muchless anything else. She said it right in the black employees (females) faces... "if this had been in the white neighborhood, this would not be happening. Look at where we are". I was doubtful and have been checking back with MSM and TTM, the coupon ladies site's, for feedback. All the way down to Florida, it was the same. Befuddled and cluelessness.

I love Tazo tea and the 3 new flavors are.... uhggg ohhhh... I don't know of the Apple or Berry Chai are new are not. I did try those named plus London Fog, Vanilla Rooibos and one I love IMMENSELY - Green Latte Tea. So if I decide to go back again, I do have a freebie for use anytime and a after 2 $2 large tea coupon to use by 3/01/09. I signed up for their whatever and even purchased a card. So far, not that impressed.

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