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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obamas & Biddens in my area - Edgewood, MD

Edgewood Maryland is also part of the Aberdeen Proving Grounds military base. The 40+ miles base stretches into both townships and where Obama was is known as the "Edgewood Arsenal". I'm not military nor of the tongue to speak on it but... that train kept me up a many wee hours and early mornings while I worked the grave yard shift. Sadly, I'm 60 miles away now and am a little dismayed with myself for not braving the weather and only 1400 people. That's a small crowd compared to the many I've been in like the Million Woman March. The most I could do is link the video of them and a pic.

Next up was the place of my birth which well represented when the sad Mayor named Sharon A**HOLE Dixon could not... Obama made a HIStorical speech In Baltimore longer than the Delaware people received. Never in all my years had I witnessed, from anywhere, that many people crammed into War Memorial. I did it at home as I am a lil ill. As soon as I find footage from that trip, I'll put that up as well. I did find his speech in text and I'll be sure to add it too.

Will I regret not being in E-wood? HELLLL YEAH!!

Photo Courtesy of AP News.

Video courtesy of CNN.com

Sadly, I'm 60+ miles away nearer to DC. And no, I'm not going over there either.


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