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Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Going Down Purplishously

Say whatEVAH you like, I support the Purple til I die!! Wait... what's the coach's name?? :P


  1. Jim Harbaugh is the coach.

    And what you mean by slang?

    That could mean anything...

  2. Ok, thanks for the coach's name but it was to show how unimportant that is to me over the color of the team's uniform, stadium seats, tents outsie, etc... I know it's sad so don't beat me up for it. I'm honest and would feel the same way if I lived near any other team who's colors were purple. So there ya go.

    I want some Urban lingo... help!!

  3. Does seeing Purple Rain the concert more than 10 times count as a "like"?? Did you see my recent Blog post about his new website?? I know them FF @ McDisaster were more important and closer. :P

  4. I didn't see that post.

    What is the purple one up to these days?

    I hear that he holds impromptu jam sessions in the Minneapolis area.

    I think he lives out in Minnetonka or Wayzata, MN.

  5. I know he has a home in Cali and the studio was still in MN. Don't know if he still resides there or not. Really don't know heaps about him over the last few years as his music changed and so did I unfortunately. I still love the Artist that he is but he's done some very supporter abandoning things and I refuse to get caught up.


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