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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Katt responds to the SLAP Rumor(s)

Cutters was the Club.

Courtesy of WJLB FM 98


  1. I just finished listening to the interview, and bless the good people that called in to show Katt the support he deserves.
    Like I said, in the message I sent you earlier, I don't understand why this guy decided to go up there and slap him. It should be common sense that a comic will be a comic...period. I'm sure Katt didn't mean any harm when he "clowned" him. So there was no need for violence.

    I'm glad Katt came out and told his side of the story...he is a class act!

  2. I' not seeing this as big man style of thing to do no where you live. Irregardless of the fact that it was a comedy show and Katt was doing his show, that's what comedians do. See, Katt done gone straight street now and I know he could have done major damage if he wanted to. He held back for many reasons you and know firsthand. So, I applaud him for being the bigger man but he just need to at least go with ONE person from his security.

    I understand the need to just get away from the hoopla and do you but... this is 2009 and nothing seems to have changed about people want to do you IN!! I guess he just not going to lay low for nobody. And how bout dude gonna put himself on blast and threaten Katt on AIR?? What kinda shyt is that???


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