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Saturday, January 3, 2009

PC Games

I'm not hugely into PC games but I did find one (or 3) that I have been immersed in. When I bought my first PC in '95, it came with Hearts, Solitaire, Freecell and Minesweeper. I can't recall if there were any other games a I tried each one, did bad and then removed them. I had friends who were junkies on at least 3 of them. Fast forward to Pop Games and stuff on Comcast's games section in the beginning of 2000. Bejeweled, Bookworm, Q-bees??, and one more game had me so hooked I was late running out of the door for work. I ended up purchasing Bejeweled and it's part 2 successor. I think I purchased Bookworm but I can't remember where it is.

Now, Bejeweled has a third version out where you Twist the jewels. It's such a pretty game and the trial version is making me sick. I can't wait to buy the full version. Yes, I am the same one with tendinitis in both wrists and have come offline in sheer agony from hours of playing. I'm addicted, what can I say. I just downloaded a trial of a new pretty looking game called Jungo??

So... are you a gamer? If so, what do you like to play and why? How long have you been online gaming thru the PC. Game systems like X-Box 360, Nintendo and others are not included in this conversation.


  1. Loves Loves Loves Bejeweled! I also play the puzzle games on Yahoo! try them you'll like them!

  2. Jungo got removed as soon as it was installed. Too kiddyfied. And no Tluv, I need stay off Yahoo and any other games for now as I've been there and done that. (laughs) It's too addicting. But thanks for the reminder.

  3. PS - me and a friend of mine used to be on MSN games like crazy. I got her overly addicted to Zuma. I got bored after awhile but she got really good.

  4. Bejeweled is addicting, BUT, I have to confess.. on my crackberry I'm STUCK on brick breaker! Whenever I'm at a stoplight... brickbreaker, waiting in line at the supermarket... Brickbreaker.. on the toilet brickbreaker!! lol..

  5. Crackberry - ahahahahahahaha!! That was hella funny CH. Anyhow, I was so immersed in mah game I couldn't get back. I've amassed over a million 3 on Zen. In the trial, you get stuck on 15... so I just keep playing that level over and over again. :p Sad I know. I'm locked out of the others until some $$'s come from !?!?! I just "ranked up" and am a 12. I forgot what that title was now.

    Brickbreaker sounds like Tetris?? No... I have a brick hand held game not in color. AHAHAHAAAA!! I really like it but not as much. I still have some hand helds like Wheel of Fortune, UNO, and one of those all in ones that has a dictionary, thesarus, etc. plus some more stuff that's got loads of dust on it.

  6. u dont understand how much i love bejeweled

  7. I am glad, and surprised, to know that guys are hooked on Bejeweled too. First time I saw it, I thought it was so pretty and so sparkly. Chris, what else do you like in games?

  8. My new guilty pleasure is Cash Cab! I will give you the link! If you are good at trivia and you can type fast, you'll love it!

  9. Uhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh. Sounds like you trying to keep me on the lappy/net a lot linger than I already am Tluv. I'll check it later tonight as I need some free Ben & Jerry's right now. I saw a new flavor and I'm off to the website to see what other flavors are out there for my $3.00 off coupon.

  10. Girl, I got a whole 16. I am NOT going there again. (no laugh but chuckles as she leaves)


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