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Saturday, April 25, 2009

More HAHlarious Videos

Thanks Free for the top one.


He's accepting presents and on his behalf since HE's legal, I'd like Fuzzy Martinis.

I'm soooooo blessed to have in in my lie. He's been a BEAUTIFUL fur companion since my late 20's. He's licked tears from my face and has left war wounds on my ankles, legs, arms, face, neck, and back. Yes, he's a biter and fighter - truly no lover. But, faithful every day of his life, he awaits my arrival through the fronts doors we've had over his long life. Even when I worked overtime on grave, he was right there. I've yet to meet a human as diligently faithful as him.

From walking on my hair, to pulling the covers off to get me up to feed him or be attentive, to waiting outside the shower, to aggressively taking over my lap when any male he didn't know/like was around, to wrestling food from my hands... my lil fur kid has been a wonderful part of my life. He loves Italian food, specifically dishes with tomato sauce and he's even eaten bread pudding, greens WITH vinegar and mac n cheese.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Katt Williams Hosts Charity Basketball Event... Again

For the second year in a row, Mr. Katt Williams will bring celebrities from music, sports, TV & film together for a HUGE event that will benefit foster children in Los Angeles, California. The beneficiary, Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), aids LA foster children who are neglected, abused and/or misplaced within their system. Such attendees and participants from last year were Snoop, Omarion, Majic Earvin Johnson, Lady Rage & Lil Al B Sure. From the list I saw for this year including Lil Al B Sure, 'Lil Easy E' Wright Jr. & (retired NBA player) Gary Payton, it should be an awesome event once again. You too can be a part of the action by donating, participating and/or sponsoring. I'll leave you with a couple of links on the upcoming July game/event as there's a heap of information for you to check out.

Hip Hop Press' New Release

Official 'One Child At A Time' Celebrity Fundraising Website

'One Child At A Time' on MySpace

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Katt Williams '' Pimpin Pimpin'' Shopping Spree

The first original, unseen footage found on KattWilliamsTV YouTube Channel

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The New Yorker Profiles Katt Williams

I thought sure I'd posted this Katt Williams feature in The New Yorker but... I guess everywhere but here. Onwards, thanks to a New Yorker.com online registration, I was able to read the entire article and print it too. It's a semi-in-depth look into the comedian's life from both the article writer's (Kelefa Sanneh) and the comedian's eye. It details how Katt lost his 2 front teeth years ago, the B.E.T. TV disagreement and the night afterwords and much more. I found it to be about the best collected information, in text, in a long time. It feel as if Kelefa, seemingly, shadows the comedian for a few months last year up to December 2008. Katt's kinda of been low-key and this is the first positive written material since his step back from the bight light.

Trek on over to The New Yorker.com and register to read this entire article. Here's an audio of Kelefa breaking down some Katt for us in 'Pimp and Circumstance'. And if you're still hungry for more, Kelefa also has a video up where he analyzes Mr. Williams.

That should be enough Katt for ya for awhile, right?? *laughs*

Major thanks to The Comic's Comic for the info.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

'The Beginning Of A Pimp' on DVD

A few hours ago, the Atlanta Journal Constitutional posted new music and DVD releases. In there, one title caught my eyes... 'Katt Williams: The Pimp Legacy'. THANK YOU AJC!!!!!!!!!! At any rate, it's touted as "UNCENSORED" and I'm still trying to figure out... WHY?? Isn't everything this man does (EXCEPT WHEN AIRED ON COMEDY CENTRAL) considered "uncensored"?!?!? But I guess for the FCC, the DEA, the FBI, the ATF, the RIAA plus MADD, GLADD, SADD, and other known acronyms you might want to toss in there for good measure... well, all the bases have to be covered. In the history of this man's 18+ years of performing, "uncensored" is not and has not been in the same sentence as his name. I only have one time seeing him not cuss and that was the leopard suit appearance on a BET show. I think he still managed to say ONE lil eensy weensy cuss word. Now don't everybody beat me up, I'm just saying... he's known for his vulgarity - good, bad and and....

I know you are asking am I going to get it. @#!& yeah. (laughs)

PS - would there be a snippet out there of this... yet?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

HAHlarious Videos

Idea sparked errrrr.. stolen from Tluv's Blog, here are some videos that just give you a chuckle or few to say the very least.


And here's one from another source:

Huge Snake Slithers into Reporter's Pants on Live TV - The best home videos are here