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Saturday, April 25, 2009


He's accepting presents and on his behalf since HE's legal, I'd like Fuzzy Martinis.

I'm soooooo blessed to have in in my lie. He's been a BEAUTIFUL fur companion since my late 20's. He's licked tears from my face and has left war wounds on my ankles, legs, arms, face, neck, and back. Yes, he's a biter and fighter - truly no lover. But, faithful every day of his life, he awaits my arrival through the fronts doors we've had over his long life. Even when I worked overtime on grave, he was right there. I've yet to meet a human as diligently faithful as him.

From walking on my hair, to pulling the covers off to get me up to feed him or be attentive, to waiting outside the shower, to aggressively taking over my lap when any male he didn't know/like was around, to wrestling food from my hands... my lil fur kid has been a wonderful part of my life. He loves Italian food, specifically dishes with tomato sauce and he's even eaten bread pudding, greens WITH vinegar and mac n cheese.


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