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Friday, February 29, 2008

Song/Video of the... #23

Another stellar voice never fully appreciated - Ben E King.

Loved the movie of the same name. You?

Sometimes you have to really, really ignore the videos attached to these YouTube classics... like the one RIGHT above.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So Gutted...

Can you believe... April 17th one semi tall comedian will be making his way to Baltimore and pre-pre-ticket sales was yesterday morning. Yeah "pre-pre" because you can go to his site and order online prior to the February 29th pre-ticket online sale date seen on Ticketmaster.com. It's real confusing reading Ticketmaster's page but still, I sat staring at the 'Fan Community Page' hoping it would read $7 real soon. Nope, not the case. $80 - $40 (taxes, fees, etc) to see this guy for about an hour if that. I admit he is funny to hell and back and back to hell again but... last time I spent 80 bills, I saw Prince LIVE from 6th row for almost 2 1/2 hours. No comparison WHAT-SO-EVER, I'm just saying... performers today do not give up the goods like EW&F, Confunkshun, Midnight Star, Parliament Funkadelic and the whole 9 million who came along. Concerts now are an hour and then the performer is more tired than I am. I went to see DL Hughley a few years ago and lost 30lbs. Ok, maybe none but that dude was terrificly drunk and that made it that much more funny. He was sweating more than 1 pig eye balling a butcher I'm telling you.

Bad thing is, I'd been checking the lil clips left on YouTube from Katt's most recent tour stops. I found some humorous, I really did, even for a cameraphone complete with holder's laughter as well as audience eruptions. But, I was disappointed with 'American Hustle', a couple recent interviews and even some of those YT clips. Seems as though something is distracting him now-a-days and badly. He's not as hungry, not quick tongued and definitely not laughing/smiling like he did on DVD release #1. 'Pimp Chronicles Part 1' was the absolute best DVD material from Katt YET, and I don't think he'll ever top it. You could tell dude was starving because the speed of his delivery and just the delivery in full was like lightening in a bottle. He was ALL over the stage, he really laughed vs. chuckling while telling the joke - even in after thought plus he stayed totally focused. I know crowds talk, no holla back depending on where he's performing which I despise, but still. I'm looking at a total picture and not just ONE routine to be objectively open minded. He looked good as far as weight, his hair was fly and his face was bright as his bright green jacket. He seemed so happy, so vibrant.

Here recently, he is stressed looking. It's as if the age of the 8 kids as they get older are taking a toll, or being stretched in many directions is taxing, no personal time for SELF because of prior mentioned responsibilities, orrrrrrrrrrr the weed is finally kicking in the wrong direction. Still, his shows are selling out in record time, so he's still making funny money, no doubt. Now, if you've seen KW's Live from Ohio (Let A Playa Live), you know it is dated PRE PC1. If you didn't figure that out, then you're not up on his routines. Need help determining how I figured it out, let me know and it will be done. Anyhow, even though Ohio was good, it was still a far cry from PC1. During this routine he engaged in audience participation which can go in their own directions. I especially liked seeing his parents and their support of the honor his Hometown gave him, the lil tour thru Dayton/Cinncinati (forget which) and him being interviewed twice as part of the extras NOT in an extras section. Moving forward, as I researched the net I found actual photo/footage when 'American Hustle' was originally named 'Pimp Chronicles 2'. Why in the middle of the promotion and tour it was renamed is not known to me. I assessed it as with all the other 'American' titled works in 2007, he/they tried for that route to capture some audience. Well, if in the middle of your routine you ask people to bear with you (as in if you need time to find some jokes at the price of $75 mind you, then someone needs to rename the show 'we've just been pimped'.

And the ending of AH will always play in mind thanks to my male friends giving me the total blues about it. As I try to play down the "g" word being associated with Katt, I can only sit back and keep my mouth closed - TIGHTLY. "What's a grown man sitting on the couch crying with his cousin for?" is one question I can't begin to answer. Did anyone think this scenario out PRIOR to putting it out to the public? Luda was and still is ok with this?? What on earth was Mr. Williams crying for?? I am still clueless about this as I try for ANY answer. It's just a comedic MOVIE, not some epic like Terms of Endearment' or even 'Rain Man' that warranted some tear ups OK!! Only K will know what K was thinking... Only him. He's acting (TV/big screen), attempting to be a Richard Pryor knock-off in the comedic world, tapping into music (another cRAP artist gone amuck with his own released comedy album/CD/whatever) by being part owner of a recording studio that possibly involves a roster of artist annnnnnnnnnnnnd being a father of 8. Having a mind set for all of these hats he wears requires some of Williams hands on management we know. I'm sure I left stuff off the list of jobs he does and can never include the personal life because that is obvious - or not.

Well as mini Prince makes his way across the country, I'll see what thought process I can gather ($$ too) to make some decision on it as it gets closer to the actual date. I wanted so bad for him to come here and even talked it up just a few days ago, all over the place. And why now is the helium in the balloon slowly sinking? Could it be I'm hearing/reading too much info? It is possible that the reads of the disappointed attendees is having an effect? Maybe the pedestal, I mean expectation has been raised too high?? As for the last line, he's doing all the bragging and maybe I expect him to live up to it... Ahhhh, (throws hands up) who knows, keep ya posted no doubt.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Sky IS The Limit...

It is????

Wait... back this up some. What is THE sky?? Where are the boundaries? Who said it has a "limit"? Or is this one of those nonsense phrases that you should already KNOW that there is no "real" limit and therefore think like it? Hold up... where did the phrase even gather it's origination?? What was the person thinking when s/he said "The sky is the limit!!"? I can't even begin to imagine the thought process that spurned that forever abused, misused and over used quote but it has never been one of my favorites. If I'm going to use a quote referencing a similar sentiment, it would have to be:

The sky is JUST (or ONLY) the beginning!!

But again, what IS the "sky"?


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ms Bre & Afrodite... Check IN!!

Yes, I AM calling you two out. ON BLAST. (laughs) How you ladies gonna go see Short Man LIVE and not come over here and talk to me bout it?? So not fair as I need to get the money throwin', lady hollerin', shyt poppin', show stoppin' nitty gritty low down Komedy Kossip??

I'm waiting...

PS - Bre, I'll accept a copy and paste of everything from 'Ok, Ok...' on down to the end. I'm sure you know what I'm referencing as I do have some comments as you know. Bring it!!

And We Laud The Greatest "Hoofers"

Thank you MDC (Mes Deux Cents) for your thought process that led to this posting.

Friday, February 22, 2008

HER-story - The Original Video Vixen

Black HIStory month is near over and I was sent this video by my good friend Stone. Thought I'd share it with you in the continuance of educating the masses.

I'd like to thank all 3 of my Mothers, my Sister in Heaven and my sister on Earth, all ladies of my families, and every lady who I've met in my lifetime. Kayoz, Ms. JJ, Mes Deux Cents and Bre - no words can ever be said about the knowledge you pass on - for ALL.

EDIT - Her correct name is 'Saarti Baartman'. Thank you MDC for making note of this.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just Some Shizznit

And I moved very, very, very, very far away because I share hugs, kisses and maybe food but I DO NOT share lightening bolts. The Almighty is going to take care of you Mr. Wanna Be A Pastor.

Murses (man purse) are this BIG now???

Ok this photo does not look right at all. (see white boxed area) But she never did anyhow, ya know. Someone emailed it to me, I'm just sayin'...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Song/Video of the... #21

Ya'll know I have to support mah site guys a lot harder than I do any one else on this greenish globe we live upon. Shaggy is MAH friend and here's his latest video release featuring Mr. Akon.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Celebrated And The Not So Celebrated

This is one article that hit it right on the head for MANY reasons. I'm not glorifying any abuse of substances be it cough sirrrup plus other liquid medications (all alcohol %'s based as well), pills, powders nor "weeds" OK? Abuse is abuse whether you accept it or not. As I said before, because no one may have directly died FROM marijuana, someone was very hurt as a result of some action done under the influence of it. Listen to many comedians who joke about it and some of it's "effects". If I recall right, "weed" lovers never do JUST "weed". Hmmmm...

Back to my verbal vengeance. You know, I'm not feeling the loud mouthy attacks like ReRe has with B-sie nor the Natalie Cole to Amy Winehouse issue. Let's deal with Ms Retha first. Why is Aretha so upset about a title?? I mean, why is it reported that B-sie's dad has even said a word about said situation? Are people's toes larger than their egos? I'm not sure I really understand the media play into it all since I did not witness any of it firsthand. Is it really THAT big of a deal?? BTW - I read that PETA went after Ms Franklin kinda hard for the fur she was sporting recently. Don't even get me started on PETA-FIED mess and their claims for animal rights. But if you talk about someone else, you better be living your life right because it come right back REAL fast ya see.

Now, as for the "reported" statement from Ms Cole about Amy's battle with... who is Natalie Cole ANYHOW?? So, nobody gave you anything but grief when you damn near killed yourself and career OVER DRUGS YOU CAN CONTROL?? Nobody held a gun to her head nor Amy's and said DO THIS OR ELSE. Natalie is out bad mouthing Amy because her TALENT was recognized at the Grammy's despite her unfortunate condition with abuse of whatever kind. The wording I saw, it reads as if somebody was jealous more than trying to be helpful. Sounds as if Na-Na needs to sit down and stfu instead of public bashing the young woman if you ask me. Riding on Daddy's coat tail long been done and she still want some friggin' attention that obviously the singing voice ain't getting. Pffftttt, do it on your OWN coat tails for once already and not someone else's Ms. Ice Cold... I mean Cole.

As for the Grammy nods to Amy, well how many other people have won awards, gone on stage and been a complete mess under the influence? How many people had not so publicized issues WHILE receiving said award? Is it the responsibility of say record companies to clean abuse out of someone's system prior to their signing a contract? Is it the responsibility of a motion picture company to clean up actors prior to signing them to a film? You get my point and my answer is NO. People need to start being accountable for their actions.


And if the awards Amy won plus "reported" footage of herself under influences being shown to her by her loved one(s) does not help her, then not even GOD can. It has to come from within or we'll read about her in the continued negative way we have. Or far worse, reports will read that she's dead. Nuff said.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Song/Video of the... #20

I don't see ya'll groovin' like I am, so get your tailbones up and MOVE IT!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Free Stuff & Surveys For $$

I'd stay on a work @ home plan forever if I could participate in surveys that pay - NICELY!! I really like participation in interactions of everyone's thoughts - to some degree. I've been invited and invited myself to survey seminars and solo response mechanisms for a few years now. Never stick with it because of timing. Most of them require lots of thought and time containing sometimes repetitive responses which end up boring me to tears. It's still fun to be apart of introducing a brand new product, test new software, test driving a possible new car and a heap of other surveys for $$'s let me tell you. I've even loosely participated in new medication testing. NO, NO, NO, NO... never done those give blood/plasma (or other blood related donations) nor overnight stints that have lines for years at the facility AND most times are homeless/low income people staggered. Those types of things give me the eebie jeebies. NOT!! I might be section 8 (very useful term, isn't it??) but I'm not that bad and will look for far better resources before I get to that level. Oh nooo, I'm still hanging on to the Lady in me, ok.

Free sh*t?? Oh dats my shyyyyyyyt. When I say FREE, I mean I do NOT have to PAY for it to be FREE. FREE MEANS REALLY FREE. Like if I go to the market and they have taste this, giveaway that... oh yeah, it's ON!! As long as I'm not allergic to it, helltotheyeah. I'm on Walmart.com's Freebie section almost daily. (bookmarked for faster access *coughs*) That's how fast those free items run out so you have to be ON IT. And even when they have the product listed, it still can give you a "all out of this item" message. See, I got my game face on because dats my shyyyt. I've even set up a PO Box to avoid direct contact AND/OR possible fraud/stalkers too. And what have I received for free thus far...

~All kinds of female personal protection & wipes - even Poise and Depends. :P
~Celestial Seasoning Teas
~South Beach Diet drink mix & cranberry granola ish (YUCK but it was free aiiight)
~Laundry stuff
~Dish washing and dishwasher stuff
~Make-up (me not uses nor needs but ya never know when that day comes)
~Perfume samples (Men's too)
~Lotion (lots)
~Diapers (yes, but I gave them away)
~Baby wipes (oh I loved them)
~Deodorant (Men's too)
~Toothpaste (YESSSSS) & those whitening strips (still unused)
~Antacids (for kids too)
~All kinds of allergy/asthma/cold/headache/sinus remedies in all forms
~Hair care & coloring products too (I have very natural twists & never dye my hair)
~Microwave bags

I can't recall what else right now but I feel real good handing off a couple bags of stuff I could not use to someone who I hope can find something thrifty in it. At the end of each request form they ask if you would like to complete a survey of the product afterwards. Most times I don't forgetting that could get me more free stuff/survey ops. But, I always fear it will lead to SPAM (since it requires an email address) and I despise that - BADLY!!

So, if you know of any LEGITIMATE survey opportunities and/or LEGITIMATE truly free sample sites, pass them on under this post. I'll thank you if it turns out to be of value to me. (laughs) Woe on you if not!!!!

4 PM EDIT - ya'll are not going to believe this. I logged into my personal email account and what do I see? A Microsoft survey op. WHAT?? No $$'s but a random op for an Amazon.com gift cert. WOAH!! Told you I got my game face on didn't I? :D

Song/Video of the... #17

Back to the music we go people. I feel a train coming through, a D Train at that. (get it "D" - ok, ok... move along if not)

Strange Things... Part 3

Birthmarks... "a blemish on the skin that is formed before birth" is how WordWeb defines it. And as I sat long and hard on how I would discuss being adopted with the WORLD, during a nice hot shower, I thought this was just the way to do so speaking on yet another skin blemish. Off topic a wee bit, if I could envy DMC for his adoption story to the world, the reward(s) AND the Emmy he received from it, man, I would. But I can't because I have never envied someone for something I THINK I want.

So...the story goes that I was adopted from my birth mother around 9 months old. The woman who adopted me did not want children I later learned and I still feel. Why she adopted me was never shared with me IF it was known and I don't even care. I know that being adopted has it benefits as well as it's pitfalls like every thing else in life. One of many of my pitfalls is... I never ever have known which "blemish" is my birthmark and Vital Records doesn't list it on my original "live certificate of birth". Shhhhhhhh... do not tell them I have the original as you're supposed to get rid of it if changes are made to it - like being adopted. :p I have several marks on me that I THINK could be it but I don't know for sure. One mark I believe came from a terrible fall from a over 9 foot wall because the babysitter's railing on the porch was loose. While trying to avoid the summer of the locust/cicadas (- HUGE SCARY BUGS that come out from hiding every 13 years), I leaned on broken rail and landed on the ground below where I fainted because I landed ON the living bugs. As you can see I am not the biggest fan of GOD's lil crawling, flying, breathing insects.

So I am sure that just told some of my age if you know Maryland and those things unearthing themselves time frame. Onwards, for the longest time I carried the fingernail marks of being yanked from this place and that for just being a child - an only child ok. I bruise very, very easy and time has not been on my side for hiding such things as the dreaded childhood switch marks I once had on up to adulthood gosh awful looking PUBLICLY noticeable "hickies". They are bite marks inflicted by a significant other in MANY ways not going to be mentioned here you can believe that. 'Marking of territory' is what I call them when they are visible to the eye. Anyhow, my light caramel like color skin is also home to moles, another quirky lil dark to black blemish/almost pull-offable bump which my birth mom had oodles of, even on her mouth. And I too have a soft flat one on my lip and a very visible one on my nose that is often mistaken for an earring or far worse - dirt. (rolls eyes at that one). 'Moles' are said to be signs of sexiness and ohhhhhhhhh I have an abundance if this be the case. I'm just ooozing it because they are EVERY WHERE, even on my the bottom of my feet. (laughs)

Ok, ok... back to the birthmark already. I hope if anyone reading has adopted kids that not only do you LOVE THEM with every ounce of breath that you have but... will you do one more thing? Please look at them and help them KNOW their selves in anyway possible. It may not be that important to them about some silly lil blemish but at least you/they KNOW. As said, I can only guess which one of these mark is the actual 'mark of birth' and that be that. I do know where my inoculation mark is still today but that's not that important to me. I WANT TO KNOW WHERE MY BIRTH MARK IS DAMMIT!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm In Prince-dom Right NOW!!

Mercy, mercy me... over 1 (one) GIG of the best GIGs on earth. Yeppers, I've come into some AWE-SOME concerts, audio and visual too, from across the GLOBE of THE ARTIST ALWAYS KNOWN AS PRINCE - OK???? Don't ever get that ish twisted no matter what you thought you heard/read/saw. He just didn't use the name he was born with due to the very ugly fight with Warner Brothers over musical creativity and more. His birth certificate never changed due the struggles to be who is IS and always will be - PRINCE.

Ahhhh yes, Mr. Katt Williams is said to be dancing on stage in one of these rare pieces. Soooooooooooooo... since the big P is on a anger unmanaged fit with anyone in his wrathful path, I'm not able to upload anything because, well... his cease n' desist order(s) removed everything on the net - literally. I was here the first time the Princestorm commenced and it was very ugly then as it is now. I'm not sure just where it all will end but all I know is this. I hope P does not alienate supporters, once again, to the point that he has no supporters left. Although I understand people abusing you in every manner possible when in the pubic eye, controlling it to the fullest will never, ever be done. The fee to pay to scour the net may far outweigh the supporters love for the work.

With that said, hope you all have some Prince in your collection that you treasure if you love his work like I have since 78/79 - The Fro Days.

Strange Things... Part 2

Cars... every time I see a Chrysler 300 (<-photo), I just crack up laughing. I get to do this often because there are 2 right in my line of visual fire everyday. And what would be so friggin' funny about that car you ask? Look at this photo and then listen to this joke:

Now that you've hopefully laughed a little, maybe your new Chrysler 300 viewing experience will be ruined thanks to Mr Williams as well. (heeeheeeeheeeeee) And then he, in the same routine, tells us to be grateful for our raggedy cars too. We should be out putting Armour All on them just as well. Which brings me to my poor lil red bird.

Man, I've been experiencing some crazed stuff with the flightless wonder here lately. Lastly, the driver's side window is busted and is right NOW, stuck down about 2 - 3 inches. I just told ya'll a few posts ago it was not only near 0 temps but rainy as well. VERY!! So I had this tarp that has metallic pieces that cling to any metal near it. I am like yessssssss, "what a resolution"!! Too much KW on the brain, sorry. Thinking that a strong gust would come along and make the tarp airborne, I used something heavy from the house to weigh it down... so I thought. You don't have to wait for it because here it comes, sadly. I look out the window a few hours ago to see how it is and the heavy object MINUS tarp is on the ground. YIKKKKKKKKKKKKES!

I'm sure you know what happened next and I will just say this. I am no swimmer but it sure isn't nice to have an indoor winter pool... IN YOUR VEHICLE no damn doubt. Arrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh... Any of you PEOPLE laughing, I hate you so much right now. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!

Yeah Katt, whaddah you have to say for that shi*t???? :p

PS - My new t-shirt - Got Plastic??

PS 2 - Phantoms, Bentleys and 300's are for Black people. I ain't Black, I'm Honey Cocoa Brown!!

Strange Things... Part 1

Let me start this off by saying the 'Geek Girl' term I've been plastered with wasn't earned for nothing. People find me a *cough* worthy and trusty *cough* source of information and someone to fear when asking to fix your PC problems. Give me time, I'm working on my MAC knowledge as we... uhmmmm... For the record, yeeeeeeeeeears ago... I was on Bill Gates/WakkoSoft's team of testers and still have registration just not active just so you know. I've also been called a "hack" and not the kind that is the scrupulous but simulated taxi peeps either. So, whenever I link some net info., the last place I will ever use is wICK-a-pedia. Ok, for the foreigners who may not know that it's Open Source and anyone can edit it, even brainless haters who feel the need to just mess with sh*t... you might get linked there - MIGHT. Onwards we go...

Keloids (keey-loyds)... and why am I mentioning them? I have two and whenever I see them, it just makes me think WTF? Now if you are not aware of them, here's a site that describes them in detail. Online photos of them are not pretty but mine are not bad at all. In fact they are almost gone - ok one is. For the longest time, I thought they were on the ears ONLY and from wearing bad earrings - (rusty, fake, wrong metal type). I am a sufferer of adult acne still today at this age and this is when I got my first keloids ever. Our family has a history of adult acne and I get them on the uppermost part of my body, back too - still today. So, of course being the online guru that I am, I did research and learned lots about them. Sadly, they don't go away as fast as I would like but hey, it could be worse right? I am glad the one that has taken over 3 - 4 years to subside is now almost as flat as my skin. They used to itch so bad and I know me scratching them did not help at all. I had chicken poxs/pocks/pops at 14/15, so you know I scratched real bad as the older you are the worse they get. I still have pox scar marks and one right under my eye as a never ending reminder of those days. Wait... why are "chicken pops/pox/pocks" called "chicken pops/pocks/poxs"?? Are they trying to kill a... never mind with the Katt jokes again.

So that was my strange thing for now... coming up next ST #2...

PS - want a good downloadable dictionary with pronunciation options? Go here and get the one I've been using since version 1 (up at 5 now). There are free and purchasable versions in many languages. A Thesaurus is integrated if I recall right.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All The Wrong Words...

Before I go on any other sources I would just like the following words to be acknowledged as just that, WORDS:

Nigga/Nigger - (Nas recently wore a t-shirt promoting his album using the word)
Pimp - (And not as in 'Pimp My Ride' nor train of thought for the betterment of one's life/lifestyle)
Nappy Headed Hoes - (a person who has nappy hair and is a unsavory female)
Cap - (a bullet in ghetto terms)
Crunk - (something that is good, getting a situation started, etc.)
Noose - (Katt wore one to the Hip Hop Awards this past year)

And future words/wordings that will be the cause to either be suspended from a job (temporarily or permanently), dismissed and/or legal action brought against the user in any form or fashion - EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!!

Now, for all the self professed "Pimps" in the world, you are know now as Scrimps. Love, like or hate it... there ya go. (sighs and moves on)

James Brown Moves Meets Freezin' Di

I knew this dance craze I was on was a little much but James Brown moves now?? Oh helltothenaw. Yes, I managed to almost to a JB down on one knee a week or so ago while walking to the shopping market. See, I was avidly watching 2 dogs (one being a HUGE Rottweiler) behind a tall wire fence. I was so entranced I slipped on a patch of ice entering the market's parking lot. The left knee was almost on the ground as the right leg was all over doing it's own thing. As I looked back at the dogs, they seemed to be saying "and you're worried about us over here when we should be worrying about you over there" while doggy snickering as they continued to play. Yeah, yeah mutts... WUT-EVER!!

Of course I looked around while agonizing at the new pain in my groin from the near parking lot thank you very much (in advance) split. I think it's like the normal reaction when enbarassed, I dunno. There was one guy who was near the LICK HER sto' who was playing it off by looking in another direction. So with the new pain and ego dampened, I gathered myself and proceeded to shop. Hey, no pain, no gain... shopper's stuff, OK? Well Miss how ya like me now want to pull a JB yet again, almost, while trying to get to the car in this feels like 0 degree freezing rainstorm we are going through right now. I pulled a JB on ice move as the sidewalk which I term 'black cement' as opposed to 'black ice' (when water/ice is so invisibly sheer on the tar roads it can cause a vehicle to hydroplane - speed playing a MAJOR factor) was horrifically layered and very drenched.

It was not a pretty picture you can beleive that. I thank The Almighty for all the career choices/jobs that I did not take that require any outdoor work. I'd have been fired a few times over to say the least. I just don't do ice no matter how bad it wants to do ME!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

St. Valentine's Day - Is It Really Happy?

I've been a lil weirded out by this day each time it comes around for over 20 years now. I usually get at least one email reminding me of the massacre surrounding the event and then am left very confused as to WHY we really celebrate it. I have never seen so many men upset by any one supposedly celebratory day as this one. Things being said that "it's a woman's reason to get gifts", "men don't get anything compared to what they give", and a whole host of other stuff you would not believe. So, again why do we in the U.S. celebrate this day?!?!?

When and where did cupid stop shooting arrows at our hearts and start shooting inside stores instead?? If men are so uptight, why are you celebrating it JUST to satisfy HER?? Are you doing it FOR her or for the love/sex you'll get from her because she is lit up light a human Christmas Tree in February? Do you think it boosts our self esteem to be happy THAT day and then we go back to cussing you out on the very next day afterwards?? Don't we need our self esteem boosted every day like we should be doing for YOU??

And ladies... are we as women THAT hung up on Valentine's Day that we NEED red related gifts THAT day and that day only as opposed to the other days?? I mean, for me, I think we should applaud each other EVERY DAY and if a gift is really and truly necessary, then so be it. I'm not trying to put anyone else out just to satisfy my own ego nor yours. Do for me any day and not just this one has always been my motto EXCEPT for my and your birthday. Hey, we have to give more credence to our Earthday than others just because. But for me, I'm not seriously caught up on material gifts ALTHOUGH... they are nice when I'm the recipient and the giver as well. It's just too much fanfare over it if any one person is so put out/off by it just to ATTEMPT to satisfy another. It no longer feels genuine if you are forced to give rather than giving just because you really WANT to.

I'm real straight about it now that I've matured to this age of beautiful life. Cook me dinner (or give it a good try at least), hold me in your arms and whisper sweet somethings in my ear, walk on the beach and just enjoy the moment, take a bubble bath with me... you know simplistic stuff. Yeah, the stuff real men SHOULD do and end up getting called a b**** by his boys. Are you pleasing the boys or your significant other?? OK!! I just think Valentine's Day should be removed from the calendar because it's more like a monetary "holiday" and it's been very commercial for a long, long time. If someone has a solid reason that I should re-think my stance, bring it on. Until then... bah Valentine's Day.

PS - this is not dependant on whether or not I have a significant other or not. I'm just saying...

Song/Video of the... #16

I'm testing here but this is my favorite tune from Daft Punk. I love electric, go-go, house, synco, techno, world rhythmic, trance, and the like. I also like that dance troop that beats on trash cans, uses tin cans for shoes and stuff too.

3 AM Eternal... I cannot tell you how much this song means to me. The things I did AT 3 am would be $$'s to any news sources. Give ya a hint... at Morgan State, I was a "sweetheart" and not the Valentine's Day kind either. I loved Sororities and Fraternities immensely. Since my GPA as not up to par, I opted for being a flunky for the Ques, Kappas, Sigmas, the band frat, the football team frat (Bozacks - here kitty kitty my azzz)... Oh never mind because too much info just should not be discovered about me. But if you "pledged", I'm sure you know what I am referring to - especially in the 80's.

I see I left off my Iota's, Alpha's and Pershing Rifles too. Sorry fellas, had lotta love for ya'll too.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Song/Video of the... #15

If you haven't noticed, I LOVE OLD MUSIC... TREMENDOUSLY!! So here's the old and the new unique spin on a favorite from either artist. Enjoy it!!

Cheating, Drugs, Drinking, Guns & Careers

I just want to know something real simple... is it like the norm to have a police record? Is it the norm to have a cheating situation in our lives? Is it the norm for guns to be that much of a problem in LIFE? Are drugs and/or alcohol worth the end result losing careers, jeopardizing families and personal as well as mental health? Am I like the only person who sees this as a real problem from my section 8 chair vs. those in the real estate lifestyle living said problem??

Friday, February 8, 2008

Song/Video of the... #14

We need some F.U.N.K. in here!!!!

And FUNKY it issssssssssssss...

Song/Video of the... #13

This is a real tear jerker as she performed this live in Baltimore kicking off her shoes, eye lashes and something else. I do know I cried during her performance of this medley. If you've never experienced a Patti LIVE, you have not LIVED. She is the most awesome vocalist on the globe RIGHT NOW!! Her first live video:

Sylvester's 80's version which btw is the ORIGINAL!!

Song/Video of the... #12

I have to make up for some Blog time missed. And here's a song that MIGHT have been the first song I ever learned to slow dance off of. The guy was GORGEOUS back then and he was new in town. Man, talk about the most hated girl because that dance THAT night made HS news before we went back to school.

Simply Red doing the cover version of 'If You Don't Know Me By Now' was as close to the original as ANY ONE has ever done. In case you're too old/young to remember, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes did the original version. I saw ex member Teddy Pendergrass perform this live back in the day - with the group OK?

Song/Video of the... #11

Slowing it down abit here, I will admit... I either got hurt or hurt some guy to these songs. :p

Same group brought it again...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Soci-Sexually Speaking

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Di where ya goin with this"? Yeah Mes Duex Cents is where I'm vibin' from I'll say that. I'm ALL woman and I LOVE MEN despite my not being very close to them in my childhood formanyreasonsnotforthisblog. "That's mah shyyyyt" I say about men in laughter of Katt saying it about women. I have a line that I tell people face to face when they ask me about ANY THING relating to woman to woman relationships. I can't type it here and you'll only hear if you know/meet me face to face. It ain't pretty but it's not a disrespect either to those who have made THAT choice. Your lifestyle happiness is just that YOURS. And we move on. Recently, I viewed an old Katt video linked in a male bi-sexual blog a couple days ago and was like HUH? I think the purpose was to show that Katt was saying he has no problem with gay men/people and what they do is none of his business PLUS he added the more gay men there are, the more women there are for men like him. It was something pretty close but here's where I get tp where I'm HEADed. And of course, scandoulous recent break-ups in the news helped this along as well.

Can men stay celebate as long as women? I know we can go for looooooog periods of time and never think twice as we continue on in our daily lives. But men, they wake up instinctively uhhhmmmmmm............ prepared!??! (good word). It's none of my concern on how the need is met as it is how many CHICKS they become involved with and who said CHICK has been with BEFORE YOU. Hmmmmmmmm... Yes, I'm dialoguing on the "groupies" by choice or not, still a groupie. You know the type that go to say concerts/hotels of... just to get to Mr. Man at the top. A man who has "been there, done them" is reading right now and saying "oh yeah". Some "groupies" have and/or will "puruse" the entire band/road crew/etc. to get to?? I can only speak on the male stuff because I hear and read looooads of stories about it from both parties. I've read the stuff Xzibit, Shaggy and Gary have said about females just "allowing" themselves to this man because... One male account is it is difficult when all these females are "available", the trials of being on the road lonely, and it's even being placed in published works such as songs and videos. Listen real close to the music of men, they tell on themselves and the "groupies". And yes, I have seen videos where CHICKS allowed themselves to be filmed doing something I cringed on much less the family members of said girl. We won't even get into to those 'Girl's Gone Wild' videos at all - no way. Downright nastily disgusting.

So what's a guy to do you ask? I know if you're asking, then you haven't a clue. All I know is that commercial of the couple who are just two and then multiplies behind each of them to the people they were with... oh it's pretty ugly. And recalling the conversation I have had with the not so Joe publics as well... ya'll off limits over here. I know you go to extra pre-cautions to "wrap it up" but the condem only covers AN area, NOT ALL AREAS!! We know we are not wearing 6 inch thick plastic between each other in our quest for satisfaction no matter the persons nor length of time. I'm just saying... next guy I date, full throttle exam. I want spit, blood, poop, urine, ear wax and nose juice tests done before I go to the UP-HER level. Ya hear me? Hope so!!

Ms Vocal Is STILL Vocal

I bet you thought (or are probably glad) that I could not type text for the last few posts, huh? Well, I was just in a dance mood but today that's changed. I'm not feeling great as the old allergies/asthma is kicking in. I had a chance to ride the bus a couple times today and I am sure this stress (laughs) plus MD's fickle weather helps a whooooole lot. So, I managed to make the most of "mini-bus" and just enjoy the scenery. I saw a house that had burnt up that I smelled a couple days ago - AS IT WAS BURNING. I managed to see a sub shop RIGHT IN BACK OF ME, almost, that I'd heard about 2 years ago. Sad, I know. I also saw some back road short cuts that I would have not seen in any other manner. Conversations carried on about a kid who shot his entire family to death - siblings and parents as well as a missing girl from my area who attempted to make a call and was cut off. I had the opportunity to learn bus #'s and some routes as well as how personable the people can be who use this means of transportation daily - it seems.

The bus drivers varied from Black to Asian and even a female. Two of them were informing to friendly. The Asian guy was quiet as a bug but helpful when needed no doubt. He was in complete driver mode complete with dark shades ok. HAHAHAAAA! Yes, it's been a gooood while since I've been on anyone's public transportation or whatever. The bus is a whole heap cheaper I can say this. For under a mile the cab wanted $8 - ONE WAY. I was like NOT. I truly would not have gotten as much info nor scenery in Death Cab. One of the times I was in DC (death cab), I had to TIE the seat belt around me as it was broken and I was holding on for dear life as I felt as if we were in the Indy Races or something. Then she proceeded to pick up another fare (WTH???) and because they had a baby and/or more passengers than allowed, we left them. (wiped forehead). The trip today was enlightening, fun and interesting all in one. I think I'll just see what the other stops are and where so I can go bus hopping again... soon!

(off to find some info on that sub shop...)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Song/Video of the... #10

Back in the day, I never paid attention to the message nor did I care about a video because I just wanted to get my JAM on. And here's two more tunes that had very deep messages - subliminal or otherwise. :p

It's too bad cRAP artist of today will never be immortalized like Grandmaster Flash has been.

In the event the video is not clear enough for you, Laurence Fishburne (yes Morpheus from 'The Matrix' movies) is the tall dancing guy seen here. ' Cornbread, Earl & Me' was the first time I ever saw him and have followed his career since. He was known as 'Larry' back then. Spike Lee had a hand in this too.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Song/Video of the... #8

I just can't seem to stop. Orbit's 'And The Beat Goes On' never had a video but this is as close as I could get. I like the Daft Punk vid added anyhow.

Just do what you want to with this one.

Song/Video of the... #7


And who can forget this tune?

Song/Video of the... #6

I'm inspiring me this time (laughs) and two tunes seems to be my staple now. It's wee Saturday into early Sunday morn here in Maryland as the memories of Saturday night jams are deeeeeeeeeeeep and kickin' my tailbones as I try to.... :P

Remember this one?