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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Soci-Sexually Speaking

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Di where ya goin with this"? Yeah Mes Duex Cents is where I'm vibin' from I'll say that. I'm ALL woman and I LOVE MEN despite my not being very close to them in my childhood formanyreasonsnotforthisblog. "That's mah shyyyyt" I say about men in laughter of Katt saying it about women. I have a line that I tell people face to face when they ask me about ANY THING relating to woman to woman relationships. I can't type it here and you'll only hear if you know/meet me face to face. It ain't pretty but it's not a disrespect either to those who have made THAT choice. Your lifestyle happiness is just that YOURS. And we move on. Recently, I viewed an old Katt video linked in a male bi-sexual blog a couple days ago and was like HUH? I think the purpose was to show that Katt was saying he has no problem with gay men/people and what they do is none of his business PLUS he added the more gay men there are, the more women there are for men like him. It was something pretty close but here's where I get tp where I'm HEADed. And of course, scandoulous recent break-ups in the news helped this along as well.

Can men stay celebate as long as women? I know we can go for looooooog periods of time and never think twice as we continue on in our daily lives. But men, they wake up instinctively uhhhmmmmmm............ prepared!??! (good word). It's none of my concern on how the need is met as it is how many CHICKS they become involved with and who said CHICK has been with BEFORE YOU. Hmmmmmmmm... Yes, I'm dialoguing on the "groupies" by choice or not, still a groupie. You know the type that go to say concerts/hotels of... just to get to Mr. Man at the top. A man who has "been there, done them" is reading right now and saying "oh yeah". Some "groupies" have and/or will "puruse" the entire band/road crew/etc. to get to?? I can only speak on the male stuff because I hear and read looooads of stories about it from both parties. I've read the stuff Xzibit, Shaggy and Gary have said about females just "allowing" themselves to this man because... One male account is it is difficult when all these females are "available", the trials of being on the road lonely, and it's even being placed in published works such as songs and videos. Listen real close to the music of men, they tell on themselves and the "groupies". And yes, I have seen videos where CHICKS allowed themselves to be filmed doing something I cringed on much less the family members of said girl. We won't even get into to those 'Girl's Gone Wild' videos at all - no way. Downright nastily disgusting.

So what's a guy to do you ask? I know if you're asking, then you haven't a clue. All I know is that commercial of the couple who are just two and then multiplies behind each of them to the people they were with... oh it's pretty ugly. And recalling the conversation I have had with the not so Joe publics as well... ya'll off limits over here. I know you go to extra pre-cautions to "wrap it up" but the condem only covers AN area, NOT ALL AREAS!! We know we are not wearing 6 inch thick plastic between each other in our quest for satisfaction no matter the persons nor length of time. I'm just saying... next guy I date, full throttle exam. I want spit, blood, poop, urine, ear wax and nose juice tests done before I go to the UP-HER level. Ya hear me? Hope so!!


  1. AaaaHahahaha, Lady Di, although this is a very serious topic your last comments just made me crack up. but i totally agree: next man asking for a date must be reeeaaally serious about it to make it through aaall the tests...and i probably would still recommend that 6 inch thick plastic foil - you'll never know...

    and it's actually a good way of getting rid off all those 'busy hoppers'...laughs

  2. Girl, I might be a bit dramatic but I know what I'm working with and I have no problem telling that next man about if it should come to that. Problem is we don't TALK about it and/or we can't because we lack the know how. Not me... I am very open with mine because I want someone to love ALL OF ME. (points to brain, heart and yeah there as she says that line). Feel me? So next dude, break out the dust buster is all I can offer.

    February 5, 2008 10:04:00 PM EST


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