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Friday, February 15, 2008

Free Stuff & Surveys For $$

I'd stay on a work @ home plan forever if I could participate in surveys that pay - NICELY!! I really like participation in interactions of everyone's thoughts - to some degree. I've been invited and invited myself to survey seminars and solo response mechanisms for a few years now. Never stick with it because of timing. Most of them require lots of thought and time containing sometimes repetitive responses which end up boring me to tears. It's still fun to be apart of introducing a brand new product, test new software, test driving a possible new car and a heap of other surveys for $$'s let me tell you. I've even loosely participated in new medication testing. NO, NO, NO, NO... never done those give blood/plasma (or other blood related donations) nor overnight stints that have lines for years at the facility AND most times are homeless/low income people staggered. Those types of things give me the eebie jeebies. NOT!! I might be section 8 (very useful term, isn't it??) but I'm not that bad and will look for far better resources before I get to that level. Oh nooo, I'm still hanging on to the Lady in me, ok.

Free sh*t?? Oh dats my shyyyyyyyt. When I say FREE, I mean I do NOT have to PAY for it to be FREE. FREE MEANS REALLY FREE. Like if I go to the market and they have taste this, giveaway that... oh yeah, it's ON!! As long as I'm not allergic to it, helltotheyeah. I'm on Walmart.com's Freebie section almost daily. (bookmarked for faster access *coughs*) That's how fast those free items run out so you have to be ON IT. And even when they have the product listed, it still can give you a "all out of this item" message. See, I got my game face on because dats my shyyyt. I've even set up a PO Box to avoid direct contact AND/OR possible fraud/stalkers too. And what have I received for free thus far...

~All kinds of female personal protection & wipes - even Poise and Depends. :P
~Celestial Seasoning Teas
~South Beach Diet drink mix & cranberry granola ish (YUCK but it was free aiiight)
~Laundry stuff
~Dish washing and dishwasher stuff
~Make-up (me not uses nor needs but ya never know when that day comes)
~Perfume samples (Men's too)
~Lotion (lots)
~Diapers (yes, but I gave them away)
~Baby wipes (oh I loved them)
~Deodorant (Men's too)
~Toothpaste (YESSSSS) & those whitening strips (still unused)
~Antacids (for kids too)
~All kinds of allergy/asthma/cold/headache/sinus remedies in all forms
~Hair care & coloring products too (I have very natural twists & never dye my hair)
~Microwave bags

I can't recall what else right now but I feel real good handing off a couple bags of stuff I could not use to someone who I hope can find something thrifty in it. At the end of each request form they ask if you would like to complete a survey of the product afterwards. Most times I don't forgetting that could get me more free stuff/survey ops. But, I always fear it will lead to SPAM (since it requires an email address) and I despise that - BADLY!!

So, if you know of any LEGITIMATE survey opportunities and/or LEGITIMATE truly free sample sites, pass them on under this post. I'll thank you if it turns out to be of value to me. (laughs) Woe on you if not!!!!

4 PM EDIT - ya'll are not going to believe this. I logged into my personal email account and what do I see? A Microsoft survey op. WHAT?? No $$'s but a random op for an Amazon.com gift cert. WOAH!! Told you I got my game face on didn't I? :D

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