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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Celebrated And The Not So Celebrated

This is one article that hit it right on the head for MANY reasons. I'm not glorifying any abuse of substances be it cough sirrrup plus other liquid medications (all alcohol %'s based as well), pills, powders nor "weeds" OK? Abuse is abuse whether you accept it or not. As I said before, because no one may have directly died FROM marijuana, someone was very hurt as a result of some action done under the influence of it. Listen to many comedians who joke about it and some of it's "effects". If I recall right, "weed" lovers never do JUST "weed". Hmmmm...

Back to my verbal vengeance. You know, I'm not feeling the loud mouthy attacks like ReRe has with B-sie nor the Natalie Cole to Amy Winehouse issue. Let's deal with Ms Retha first. Why is Aretha so upset about a title?? I mean, why is it reported that B-sie's dad has even said a word about said situation? Are people's toes larger than their egos? I'm not sure I really understand the media play into it all since I did not witness any of it firsthand. Is it really THAT big of a deal?? BTW - I read that PETA went after Ms Franklin kinda hard for the fur she was sporting recently. Don't even get me started on PETA-FIED mess and their claims for animal rights. But if you talk about someone else, you better be living your life right because it come right back REAL fast ya see.

Now, as for the "reported" statement from Ms Cole about Amy's battle with... who is Natalie Cole ANYHOW?? So, nobody gave you anything but grief when you damn near killed yourself and career OVER DRUGS YOU CAN CONTROL?? Nobody held a gun to her head nor Amy's and said DO THIS OR ELSE. Natalie is out bad mouthing Amy because her TALENT was recognized at the Grammy's despite her unfortunate condition with abuse of whatever kind. The wording I saw, it reads as if somebody was jealous more than trying to be helpful. Sounds as if Na-Na needs to sit down and stfu instead of public bashing the young woman if you ask me. Riding on Daddy's coat tail long been done and she still want some friggin' attention that obviously the singing voice ain't getting. Pffftttt, do it on your OWN coat tails for once already and not someone else's Ms. Ice Cold... I mean Cole.

As for the Grammy nods to Amy, well how many other people have won awards, gone on stage and been a complete mess under the influence? How many people had not so publicized issues WHILE receiving said award? Is it the responsibility of say record companies to clean abuse out of someone's system prior to their signing a contract? Is it the responsibility of a motion picture company to clean up actors prior to signing them to a film? You get my point and my answer is NO. People need to start being accountable for their actions.


And if the awards Amy won plus "reported" footage of herself under influences being shown to her by her loved one(s) does not help her, then not even GOD can. It has to come from within or we'll read about her in the continued negative way we have. Or far worse, reports will read that she's dead. Nuff said.


  1. Hi Lady Di,

    I think Natalie should go have a talk with Amy and share her experience with her.

    That might actually make a difference in Amy's life. But calling her out because she won a few Grammy's is not productive for Amy.

    What do you think?

  2. I have to get my snacks but I'll be back to finish the post MDC. Oh you wait...

  3. aaahahaha, lady di, you know how i think about this award show crap... they are events only created for kissing big egos/toes/a§§es... so no wonder if some of these don't feel credited enough and others too much...and blame it on the others instead of wondering of their own (mis)achievements...

    i sabotage the award shows by not watching them, but i have to admit, that i still wanna know afterwards which ego made the show...laughs

  4. I stopped dealing with "the celebrated ones" stuff as much UNLESS... as in this case, I am on 2 more more different sites that are talking about it in near same terms. Then I peek and see what's what. Sometimes, like these 2 incidents, it provokes something. Another case might be like Spear Britney where every channel you turn on she is there. And again, something gets provoked depending on who it is, ya know. I really never follow-up afterwards. Sad, because eve though I am a Prince music lover, the whole drilling process of the awards has left me not being able to watch him nor The Time's recent and/or past year appearances. I'm just so turned off.

    I wondered if I my real show kicked off how I would deal with these types of shows???? There are some celebs who seem to never show up at them which might be a good ting. :p

  5. MDC, in response not that I've unleashed my thoughts... I wouldn't advise Na-Na to go near Amy now. If sh would have just went to offer advice PRIOR to mouthing off, then maybe. I read someone in Amy's family compiled a lot of "embarrassing public moments (maybe some not so public too) and showed them to her. I think it was on JJ's Dirt. Anyhow, I hope that coupled with the Visa stuff and the awards we will see a healthier Amy. She has an amazing voice and for this woman to say that, oh that's a lot.

  6. Lady Di,

    That's what I meant. I think Natalie should have talked to her rather than call her (Amy) out in public.

    And I totally agree with you about PETA, they are a bunch of crazy nuts!

  7. I despise PETA's action like those of Pro-Life members. You can't go around "touching" people physically because of YOUR belief and then coming back - "GOD told me..." and "the bible says...". Last time I checked NO ONE has a recorded voice of GOD saying anything nor did the bible grow it's own lips.


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