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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

St. Valentine's Day - Is It Really Happy?

I've been a lil weirded out by this day each time it comes around for over 20 years now. I usually get at least one email reminding me of the massacre surrounding the event and then am left very confused as to WHY we really celebrate it. I have never seen so many men upset by any one supposedly celebratory day as this one. Things being said that "it's a woman's reason to get gifts", "men don't get anything compared to what they give", and a whole host of other stuff you would not believe. So, again why do we in the U.S. celebrate this day?!?!?

When and where did cupid stop shooting arrows at our hearts and start shooting inside stores instead?? If men are so uptight, why are you celebrating it JUST to satisfy HER?? Are you doing it FOR her or for the love/sex you'll get from her because she is lit up light a human Christmas Tree in February? Do you think it boosts our self esteem to be happy THAT day and then we go back to cussing you out on the very next day afterwards?? Don't we need our self esteem boosted every day like we should be doing for YOU??

And ladies... are we as women THAT hung up on Valentine's Day that we NEED red related gifts THAT day and that day only as opposed to the other days?? I mean, for me, I think we should applaud each other EVERY DAY and if a gift is really and truly necessary, then so be it. I'm not trying to put anyone else out just to satisfy my own ego nor yours. Do for me any day and not just this one has always been my motto EXCEPT for my and your birthday. Hey, we have to give more credence to our Earthday than others just because. But for me, I'm not seriously caught up on material gifts ALTHOUGH... they are nice when I'm the recipient and the giver as well. It's just too much fanfare over it if any one person is so put out/off by it just to ATTEMPT to satisfy another. It no longer feels genuine if you are forced to give rather than giving just because you really WANT to.

I'm real straight about it now that I've matured to this age of beautiful life. Cook me dinner (or give it a good try at least), hold me in your arms and whisper sweet somethings in my ear, walk on the beach and just enjoy the moment, take a bubble bath with me... you know simplistic stuff. Yeah, the stuff real men SHOULD do and end up getting called a b**** by his boys. Are you pleasing the boys or your significant other?? OK!! I just think Valentine's Day should be removed from the calendar because it's more like a monetary "holiday" and it's been very commercial for a long, long time. If someone has a solid reason that I should re-think my stance, bring it on. Until then... bah Valentine's Day.

PS - this is not dependant on whether or not I have a significant other or not. I'm just saying...


  1. halelujah and amen, lady di!

    i find it rather worrying that germany's retail industry tries to introduce valentines's day to us as something which has always been there but went unnoticed and should be celebrated now...
    well, for me it could stay unnoticed - forever...laughs

    i suspect that men often take this day as another contest to show the other men who is the MAN... chuckles

    i personally find it awkward to get something for valentine's day without having something for the other in reverse...so i usually ignore this convention, too...

    but i don't like those commercial holidays anyway, i don't even like to celebrate my birthdays...it's not my fault that i was born that day and not the next...
    perhaps we should keep it as Lewis Caroll suggested: let's celebrate our 'non-birthdays' and also 'non-valentine's days'...smiles

  2. Wow Kayoz, Germany is not as big on the celebration of it as I thought?? Ohhh...

    I don't believe U.S. men use it as bragging rights at all. I actually think when they do have to shop for the recipient that they use it to curse the mere existence of it - soon as they see another man in the isle with them. And oh have I been in the midst of a conversation, ok a isle over, but you get my point. It was not pretty let me tell you. It's regarded as a "female" thing and I guess some men just play into to make HER feel good as I said before.

    I know plenty of people who do not acknowledge the calendar "celebrations" nor birthday's too. Hey, can't say I blame them the older I get and the more wise I become.

  3. Hi Lady Di,

    I think all holidays are at a certain point taken over by the capitalist system and turned into a grotesque caricature of what they were intended to be.

    But it's still noce to get flowers. :)

  4. I HATE Valentine's Day! I blame the system!!! All my life I've been brainwashed into thinking that I NEED a man and a gift on V-day. Grrrrrrrr. And I played right into it! I always get a little sad on that day...I've only had a man on V-day ONCE in my life and he made it pretty damn special. Nothing over the top, just enough.

    I agree with your post though...it's the little things that matter. Oh, but as usual I have a funny story to balance out my pathetic-ness lol. One year I decided F it! Who needs a man, I'm sending MYSELF flowers! I took it a step further and had Shari's Berrie's (not sure if they have one of those out there but it's chocolate covered strawberies, very expensive but very nice!) delivered to my office and I made the card out to MYSELF, from......... my ex LMAO. And I played along alllllll day, showing them off to co-workers....lol. I have issues - this we know... but on the real, it made me smile that day, even if I was lying through my teeth. And really, being happy is all that matters, right?

  5. MDC - I know, right? I guess because as a child, I was not tricked into any of those "holidays". I was aware of them and some of the associated icons like EB, cupid, SC, etc but never was I allowed to think that was the IT. You could almost say I was raised JW and to some degree, I appreciate THAT part of their teachings.



    per usual you are a laugh a post. Now that really takes the cake. But if it made YOU smile and feel an ounce better, than do what you must. I personally think it is a false happiness and fast let down when the day is done. I just can't fake it any more and I think this comes with age. Who knows...

  6. I feel ya!! Things really change as experience adds on (notice I didn't say AGE lol)... But really, I'm such a different person than I used to be. Funny how things change...but I happen to like who I've become so it's definitely not a bad thing!

  7. Happy Valentine's Day to you as well Queen of Crazy!!


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