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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ms Bre & Afrodite... Check IN!!

Yes, I AM calling you two out. ON BLAST. (laughs) How you ladies gonna go see Short Man LIVE and not come over here and talk to me bout it?? So not fair as I need to get the money throwin', lady hollerin', shyt poppin', show stoppin' nitty gritty low down Komedy Kossip??

I'm waiting...

PS - Bre, I'll accept a copy and paste of everything from 'Ok, Ok...' on down to the end. I'm sure you know what I'm referencing as I do have some comments as you know. Bring it!!


  1. Oh wow! I just realized I got called out.

    I should've done a blog post about it but they were trippin' on bringing a camera in and I didn't have any pockets.

    I am sooooo in love with Katt and he looked so darn cute. That is my man for real and I am not ashamed to let anyone know. If you ever get a chance to see him live, please do.

    He was a very hospitable (sp?) guy. After the show, he hung around and talked to some of the audience members. He gave me a hug (swoon!) and he touched my hair! Damn I wish I would've brought my camera!

  2. I know what he looks like I wanted a play by play, before, during, after, all up in it book since you didn't blog on it. I take it your show had no dramatic entrances nor exits like Bre's did huh? Did you see the stuff on YouTube? Did you see the Bowling bit and the interview with Big Boy??

    I know if I do get the chance to see him, he's going to PULL my hair, choke me and send me home crying as vocal as I've been on the IMDb and his MySpace pagessssss.


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