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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ms Vocal Is STILL Vocal

I bet you thought (or are probably glad) that I could not type text for the last few posts, huh? Well, I was just in a dance mood but today that's changed. I'm not feeling great as the old allergies/asthma is kicking in. I had a chance to ride the bus a couple times today and I am sure this stress (laughs) plus MD's fickle weather helps a whooooole lot. So, I managed to make the most of "mini-bus" and just enjoy the scenery. I saw a house that had burnt up that I smelled a couple days ago - AS IT WAS BURNING. I managed to see a sub shop RIGHT IN BACK OF ME, almost, that I'd heard about 2 years ago. Sad, I know. I also saw some back road short cuts that I would have not seen in any other manner. Conversations carried on about a kid who shot his entire family to death - siblings and parents as well as a missing girl from my area who attempted to make a call and was cut off. I had the opportunity to learn bus #'s and some routes as well as how personable the people can be who use this means of transportation daily - it seems.

The bus drivers varied from Black to Asian and even a female. Two of them were informing to friendly. The Asian guy was quiet as a bug but helpful when needed no doubt. He was in complete driver mode complete with dark shades ok. HAHAHAAAA! Yes, it's been a gooood while since I've been on anyone's public transportation or whatever. The bus is a whole heap cheaper I can say this. For under a mile the cab wanted $8 - ONE WAY. I was like NOT. I truly would not have gotten as much info nor scenery in Death Cab. One of the times I was in DC (death cab), I had to TIE the seat belt around me as it was broken and I was holding on for dear life as I felt as if we were in the Indy Races or something. Then she proceeded to pick up another fare (WTH???) and because they had a baby and/or more passengers than allowed, we left them. (wiped forehead). The trip today was enlightening, fun and interesting all in one. I think I'll just see what the other stops are and where so I can go bus hopping again... soon!

(off to find some info on that sub shop...)

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