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Friday, February 15, 2008

Strange Things... Part 3

Birthmarks... "a blemish on the skin that is formed before birth" is how WordWeb defines it. And as I sat long and hard on how I would discuss being adopted with the WORLD, during a nice hot shower, I thought this was just the way to do so speaking on yet another skin blemish. Off topic a wee bit, if I could envy DMC for his adoption story to the world, the reward(s) AND the Emmy he received from it, man, I would. But I can't because I have never envied someone for something I THINK I want.

So...the story goes that I was adopted from my birth mother around 9 months old. The woman who adopted me did not want children I later learned and I still feel. Why she adopted me was never shared with me IF it was known and I don't even care. I know that being adopted has it benefits as well as it's pitfalls like every thing else in life. One of many of my pitfalls is... I never ever have known which "blemish" is my birthmark and Vital Records doesn't list it on my original "live certificate of birth". Shhhhhhhh... do not tell them I have the original as you're supposed to get rid of it if changes are made to it - like being adopted. :p I have several marks on me that I THINK could be it but I don't know for sure. One mark I believe came from a terrible fall from a over 9 foot wall because the babysitter's railing on the porch was loose. While trying to avoid the summer of the locust/cicadas (- HUGE SCARY BUGS that come out from hiding every 13 years), I leaned on broken rail and landed on the ground below where I fainted because I landed ON the living bugs. As you can see I am not the biggest fan of GOD's lil crawling, flying, breathing insects.

So I am sure that just told some of my age if you know Maryland and those things unearthing themselves time frame. Onwards, for the longest time I carried the fingernail marks of being yanked from this place and that for just being a child - an only child ok. I bruise very, very easy and time has not been on my side for hiding such things as the dreaded childhood switch marks I once had on up to adulthood gosh awful looking PUBLICLY noticeable "hickies". They are bite marks inflicted by a significant other in MANY ways not going to be mentioned here you can believe that. 'Marking of territory' is what I call them when they are visible to the eye. Anyhow, my light caramel like color skin is also home to moles, another quirky lil dark to black blemish/almost pull-offable bump which my birth mom had oodles of, even on her mouth. And I too have a soft flat one on my lip and a very visible one on my nose that is often mistaken for an earring or far worse - dirt. (rolls eyes at that one). 'Moles' are said to be signs of sexiness and ohhhhhhhhh I have an abundance if this be the case. I'm just ooozing it because they are EVERY WHERE, even on my the bottom of my feet. (laughs)

Ok, ok... back to the birthmark already. I hope if anyone reading has adopted kids that not only do you LOVE THEM with every ounce of breath that you have but... will you do one more thing? Please look at them and help them KNOW their selves in anyway possible. It may not be that important to them about some silly lil blemish but at least you/they KNOW. As said, I can only guess which one of these mark is the actual 'mark of birth' and that be that. I do know where my inoculation mark is still today but that's not that important to me. I WANT TO KNOW WHERE MY BIRTH MARK IS DAMMIT!!


  1. Lady Diiiiiiiii...... I was scared just reading about the locust incident, I couldn't imagine actually FALLING ON TOP OF THEM - EEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!! lol

    Well if moles are the mark of SEXINESS, I'm right there with you. Sexy as a mutha... but I don't like them... well, most of them. Some of them I do. I don't really know which mark is my birthmark either, and I wasn't adopted. Although my brother and his friend liked to tell me I was when I was little.

    But...do all people even have birthmarks? Aren't some babies born without?

    Well I'm sorry to hear of your adoption story, especially with your adoptive mother not wanting children. =(

  2. Well it depends on how your moles are Bre. My (birth) Mom had moles hanging off that you wanted to pluck it to the wind so bad but I didn't dare. Like walk up and PLUCK and weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, there it goes, ya know. All of mine that I can see are fleshed in. She had one that was on her mouth that I thought many a days she would eat as a part of her food. Rest her loving soul.

    And see, there you go trying to make me sad now that I might not ACTUALLY HAVE a birthmark after all. I still want to believe I do as I see a couple places that have been with me for as long as I can remember AND might be said blemish. I have no clue if it's something not everyone is born with. I do recall all us kids around each other pointing ours out and our inoc spots too. And then I remember been teased badly because I wasn't smart enough to lie and fake a birthmark at least. (sighs) I am just too honest and was even moreso as a child...

    And on being adopted, don't read the 'Fur Children' post. (sniffsniff)

  3. i guess i'm number three in the group of "sexiest alive"...ahahaha

    now as far as i know, although the probability of having many moles is genetically embedded, they are no birthmarks, they develop later on...i'm still getting a new one from time to time... hmmh - does that mean i'm growing sexier and sexier?....aaaahahaha

    birthmarks are more the "coffee" or "milk" marks, which are usually bigger and often look the shape of something... i have a "coffee" mark (laughs - that says it all about my addiction to coffee, huh?!) in the hollow of my right knee and it has the shape of...hmmh, a gingerbread woman, perhaps?...

    anyway, you could take your inherited trait for moles as a birthmark, if that makes you happy...

  4. Well, I understand the difference in 'moles' and 'birthmarks' as well as how to distinguish the two. I have asked many people over the years where there birthmark is, some more noticeable than other people.

    Problem is, I have a few distinct weird places that it could be but one I THOUGHT I got when I fell off the porch. But I am so liking the idea of the moles being "what I've been looking for" (here's U2 tune in her head and sticks tongue out @ Bre)

  5. I'm sorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy =)

    I'll have to check that post out later...Gotta go get my eyebrows waxed so I can be SUPER cute on Sunday!!!

  6. In honor of Bre going to see Katt live:

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