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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Strange Things... Part 1

Let me start this off by saying the 'Geek Girl' term I've been plastered with wasn't earned for nothing. People find me a *cough* worthy and trusty *cough* source of information and someone to fear when asking to fix your PC problems. Give me time, I'm working on my MAC knowledge as we... uhmmmm... For the record, yeeeeeeeeeears ago... I was on Bill Gates/WakkoSoft's team of testers and still have registration just not active just so you know. I've also been called a "hack" and not the kind that is the scrupulous but simulated taxi peeps either. So, whenever I link some net info., the last place I will ever use is wICK-a-pedia. Ok, for the foreigners who may not know that it's Open Source and anyone can edit it, even brainless haters who feel the need to just mess with sh*t... you might get linked there - MIGHT. Onwards we go...

Keloids (keey-loyds)... and why am I mentioning them? I have two and whenever I see them, it just makes me think WTF? Now if you are not aware of them, here's a site that describes them in detail. Online photos of them are not pretty but mine are not bad at all. In fact they are almost gone - ok one is. For the longest time, I thought they were on the ears ONLY and from wearing bad earrings - (rusty, fake, wrong metal type). I am a sufferer of adult acne still today at this age and this is when I got my first keloids ever. Our family has a history of adult acne and I get them on the uppermost part of my body, back too - still today. So, of course being the online guru that I am, I did research and learned lots about them. Sadly, they don't go away as fast as I would like but hey, it could be worse right? I am glad the one that has taken over 3 - 4 years to subside is now almost as flat as my skin. They used to itch so bad and I know me scratching them did not help at all. I had chicken poxs/pocks/pops at 14/15, so you know I scratched real bad as the older you are the worse they get. I still have pox scar marks and one right under my eye as a never ending reminder of those days. Wait... why are "chicken pops/pox/pocks" called "chicken pops/pocks/poxs"?? Are they trying to kill a... never mind with the Katt jokes again.

So that was my strange thing for now... coming up next ST #2...

PS - want a good downloadable dictionary with pronunciation options? Go here and get the one I've been using since version 1 (up at 5 now). There are free and purchasable versions in many languages. A Thesaurus is integrated if I recall right.

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