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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So Gutted...

Can you believe... April 17th one semi tall comedian will be making his way to Baltimore and pre-pre-ticket sales was yesterday morning. Yeah "pre-pre" because you can go to his site and order online prior to the February 29th pre-ticket online sale date seen on Ticketmaster.com. It's real confusing reading Ticketmaster's page but still, I sat staring at the 'Fan Community Page' hoping it would read $7 real soon. Nope, not the case. $80 - $40 (taxes, fees, etc) to see this guy for about an hour if that. I admit he is funny to hell and back and back to hell again but... last time I spent 80 bills, I saw Prince LIVE from 6th row for almost 2 1/2 hours. No comparison WHAT-SO-EVER, I'm just saying... performers today do not give up the goods like EW&F, Confunkshun, Midnight Star, Parliament Funkadelic and the whole 9 million who came along. Concerts now are an hour and then the performer is more tired than I am. I went to see DL Hughley a few years ago and lost 30lbs. Ok, maybe none but that dude was terrificly drunk and that made it that much more funny. He was sweating more than 1 pig eye balling a butcher I'm telling you.

Bad thing is, I'd been checking the lil clips left on YouTube from Katt's most recent tour stops. I found some humorous, I really did, even for a cameraphone complete with holder's laughter as well as audience eruptions. But, I was disappointed with 'American Hustle', a couple recent interviews and even some of those YT clips. Seems as though something is distracting him now-a-days and badly. He's not as hungry, not quick tongued and definitely not laughing/smiling like he did on DVD release #1. 'Pimp Chronicles Part 1' was the absolute best DVD material from Katt YET, and I don't think he'll ever top it. You could tell dude was starving because the speed of his delivery and just the delivery in full was like lightening in a bottle. He was ALL over the stage, he really laughed vs. chuckling while telling the joke - even in after thought plus he stayed totally focused. I know crowds talk, no holla back depending on where he's performing which I despise, but still. I'm looking at a total picture and not just ONE routine to be objectively open minded. He looked good as far as weight, his hair was fly and his face was bright as his bright green jacket. He seemed so happy, so vibrant.

Here recently, he is stressed looking. It's as if the age of the 8 kids as they get older are taking a toll, or being stretched in many directions is taxing, no personal time for SELF because of prior mentioned responsibilities, orrrrrrrrrrr the weed is finally kicking in the wrong direction. Still, his shows are selling out in record time, so he's still making funny money, no doubt. Now, if you've seen KW's Live from Ohio (Let A Playa Live), you know it is dated PRE PC1. If you didn't figure that out, then you're not up on his routines. Need help determining how I figured it out, let me know and it will be done. Anyhow, even though Ohio was good, it was still a far cry from PC1. During this routine he engaged in audience participation which can go in their own directions. I especially liked seeing his parents and their support of the honor his Hometown gave him, the lil tour thru Dayton/Cinncinati (forget which) and him being interviewed twice as part of the extras NOT in an extras section. Moving forward, as I researched the net I found actual photo/footage when 'American Hustle' was originally named 'Pimp Chronicles 2'. Why in the middle of the promotion and tour it was renamed is not known to me. I assessed it as with all the other 'American' titled works in 2007, he/they tried for that route to capture some audience. Well, if in the middle of your routine you ask people to bear with you (as in if you need time to find some jokes at the price of $75 mind you, then someone needs to rename the show 'we've just been pimped'.

And the ending of AH will always play in mind thanks to my male friends giving me the total blues about it. As I try to play down the "g" word being associated with Katt, I can only sit back and keep my mouth closed - TIGHTLY. "What's a grown man sitting on the couch crying with his cousin for?" is one question I can't begin to answer. Did anyone think this scenario out PRIOR to putting it out to the public? Luda was and still is ok with this?? What on earth was Mr. Williams crying for?? I am still clueless about this as I try for ANY answer. It's just a comedic MOVIE, not some epic like Terms of Endearment' or even 'Rain Man' that warranted some tear ups OK!! Only K will know what K was thinking... Only him. He's acting (TV/big screen), attempting to be a Richard Pryor knock-off in the comedic world, tapping into music (another cRAP artist gone amuck with his own released comedy album/CD/whatever) by being part owner of a recording studio that possibly involves a roster of artist annnnnnnnnnnnnd being a father of 8. Having a mind set for all of these hats he wears requires some of Williams hands on management we know. I'm sure I left stuff off the list of jobs he does and can never include the personal life because that is obvious - or not.

Well as mini Prince makes his way across the country, I'll see what thought process I can gather ($$ too) to make some decision on it as it gets closer to the actual date. I wanted so bad for him to come here and even talked it up just a few days ago, all over the place. And why now is the helium in the balloon slowly sinking? Could it be I'm hearing/reading too much info? It is possible that the reads of the disappointed attendees is having an effect? Maybe the pedestal, I mean expectation has been raised too high?? As for the last line, he's doing all the bragging and maybe I expect him to live up to it... Ahhhh, (throws hands up) who knows, keep ya posted no doubt.


  1. you should still go if you can.... just so you know first hand if he's any good =) Every show is different of course...

  2. I had to edit a lil bit of the post because of many typos and added flow of thoughts. I couldn't afford the ticket price right now, even the cheap seats. Maybe in the next state things will look up on all accounts... maybe.


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