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Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm In Prince-dom Right NOW!!

Mercy, mercy me... over 1 (one) GIG of the best GIGs on earth. Yeppers, I've come into some AWE-SOME concerts, audio and visual too, from across the GLOBE of THE ARTIST ALWAYS KNOWN AS PRINCE - OK???? Don't ever get that ish twisted no matter what you thought you heard/read/saw. He just didn't use the name he was born with due to the very ugly fight with Warner Brothers over musical creativity and more. His birth certificate never changed due the struggles to be who is IS and always will be - PRINCE.

Ahhhh yes, Mr. Katt Williams is said to be dancing on stage in one of these rare pieces. Soooooooooooooo... since the big P is on a anger unmanaged fit with anyone in his wrathful path, I'm not able to upload anything because, well... his cease n' desist order(s) removed everything on the net - literally. I was here the first time the Princestorm commenced and it was very ugly then as it is now. I'm not sure just where it all will end but all I know is this. I hope P does not alienate supporters, once again, to the point that he has no supporters left. Although I understand people abusing you in every manner possible when in the pubic eye, controlling it to the fullest will never, ever be done. The fee to pay to scour the net may far outweigh the supporters love for the work.

With that said, hope you all have some Prince in your collection that you treasure if you love his work like I have since 78/79 - The Fro Days.

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