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Friday, February 22, 2008

HER-story - The Original Video Vixen

Black HIStory month is near over and I was sent this video by my good friend Stone. Thought I'd share it with you in the continuance of educating the masses.

I'd like to thank all 3 of my Mothers, my Sister in Heaven and my sister on Earth, all ladies of my families, and every lady who I've met in my lifetime. Kayoz, Ms. JJ, Mes Deux Cents and Bre - no words can ever be said about the knowledge you pass on - for ALL.

EDIT - Her correct name is 'Saarti Baartman'. Thank you MDC for making note of this.


  1. i am deeply moved by this clip. again a lesson learned about (in)humanity and the pervert diversion social behavior takes...

    i am also deeply moved by you thanking me and there is no way i can express my gratitude to you, as you were the one encouraging me sharing my thoughts with the rest of the world... bows

  2. Yeah, that video is kinda sad reminder of how women have been abused and still continue to abuse themselves as well.

    But... OUR encouragement continues my Lady!!

  3. Hi Lady Di,

    Everyone should know Saarti Baartman's story. As you say, it is being repeated again and again.

    And thanks for your kind words. :)


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