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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Strange Things... Part 2

Cars... every time I see a Chrysler 300 (<-photo), I just crack up laughing. I get to do this often because there are 2 right in my line of visual fire everyday. And what would be so friggin' funny about that car you ask? Look at this photo and then listen to this joke:

Now that you've hopefully laughed a little, maybe your new Chrysler 300 viewing experience will be ruined thanks to Mr Williams as well. (heeeheeeeheeeeee) And then he, in the same routine, tells us to be grateful for our raggedy cars too. We should be out putting Armour All on them just as well. Which brings me to my poor lil red bird.

Man, I've been experiencing some crazed stuff with the flightless wonder here lately. Lastly, the driver's side window is busted and is right NOW, stuck down about 2 - 3 inches. I just told ya'll a few posts ago it was not only near 0 temps but rainy as well. VERY!! So I had this tarp that has metallic pieces that cling to any metal near it. I am like yessssssss, "what a resolution"!! Too much KW on the brain, sorry. Thinking that a strong gust would come along and make the tarp airborne, I used something heavy from the house to weigh it down... so I thought. You don't have to wait for it because here it comes, sadly. I look out the window a few hours ago to see how it is and the heavy object MINUS tarp is on the ground. YIKKKKKKKKKKKKES!

I'm sure you know what happened next and I will just say this. I am no swimmer but it sure isn't nice to have an indoor winter pool... IN YOUR VEHICLE no damn doubt. Arrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh... Any of you PEOPLE laughing, I hate you so much right now. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!

Yeah Katt, whaddah you have to say for that shi*t???? :p

PS - My new t-shirt - Got Plastic??

PS 2 - Phantoms, Bentleys and 300's are for Black people. I ain't Black, I'm Honey Cocoa Brown!!

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