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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

'The Beginning Of A Pimp' on DVD

A few hours ago, the Atlanta Journal Constitutional posted new music and DVD releases. In there, one title caught my eyes... 'Katt Williams: The Pimp Legacy'. THANK YOU AJC!!!!!!!!!! At any rate, it's touted as "UNCENSORED" and I'm still trying to figure out... WHY?? Isn't everything this man does (EXCEPT WHEN AIRED ON COMEDY CENTRAL) considered "uncensored"?!?!? But I guess for the FCC, the DEA, the FBI, the ATF, the RIAA plus MADD, GLADD, SADD, and other known acronyms you might want to toss in there for good measure... well, all the bases have to be covered. In the history of this man's 18+ years of performing, "uncensored" is not and has not been in the same sentence as his name. I only have one time seeing him not cuss and that was the leopard suit appearance on a BET show. I think he still managed to say ONE lil eensy weensy cuss word. Now don't everybody beat me up, I'm just saying... he's known for his vulgarity - good, bad and and....

I know you are asking am I going to get it. @#!& yeah. (laughs)

PS - would there be a snippet out there of this... yet?


  1. My wife and I had dinner and spent hours with Katt. He was charming, funny,and gracious not once did he utter a profranity.Well maybe once when I metionted TMZ celebrirty gossip show.

  2. My husaband and I had dinner with Katt and spent several hours with him. He was charming, funny and gracious and did not cuss once. Well, maybe once when my husband mentioned TMZ the celeb gossip show.

  3. Oh yeah Bronzebuttafly, I can imagine him not being profane when not performing. I've seen some TV appearances where he did not curse as it was not necessary. When with friends and/or people who know him, I'm sure the sailor mouth is off and running.

    So, when was this you had dinner with him, if can share? Thanks for dropping by!!!!!!! I have some more Katt info in here if you're interested. Just type his name in the search in the upper left hand corner up there.

  4. As long as this DVD is better than the "Internet Dating" B.S. he put out recently. I love Katt but I want my money back for that DVD. LOL!

  5. Universalwriter - you wrong. (laughs) Actually 'Internet Dating' is Master P's production. Katt just acted in it.I actually had fun with ID. I mean I got my 7 chuckles out of it.

    Anyhow, I need some more talk/text about this DVD. BRB

  6. I own The Pimp Legacy and it's not bad at all for a home made video. Nothing new on the jokes but the behind the scenes ish makes it a serious fan/supporter collectible!!


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