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Monday, January 5, 2009

Steve lacefront high top fade gone bald is on RIGHT NOW - LIVE

And of course he read 2 of HIS fans letters stating they were disappointed in Katt, they'll never waste their money on him, blah, blah, blah. They also said that Steve was "professional" and the "KoC". (puts finger in throat as she listens on) Steve said they had to clean up the email bag because they received a lot of letters concerning the NYE show. I'm sure they are not going to allow any negative feedback about Steve in the male's bag and only post what they feel represents the male's bag.

So to sum it up, in no particular order, cause he seems to be gone off topic - for now - he will never do a show like that again. He made it seems as though the event was promoted and brought to him by Katt and that he had no problem early on as long as nothing went down. He went on to apologize to all the "his" fans, people who paid good money to see a show. He added that this was not Wild n' Out and did go on to describe the show and state that it was a good show. He also said that Katt spent 45 minutes of his show and most of it was spent talking about Steve. He said he was supposed to do an hour and some mins but he only did 58. Talk about people come to see/hear their comedians view on politics, love, etc... and not the stuff Katt did. Steve said it was unprofessional what Katt did. He pretty much did not say Katt's name during this time. He referred to Katt as "he", "him", "you", etc.


  1. Also, Steve went on some crap about the show being in the round and how he did not like people behind him. Said he was nervous cause no matter which way he turned people were behind him. So what's with the paranoia Mr Harvey??

  2. Steve needs to get over it! The people around me enjoyed the show! You should check out the rumor on bossip.com saying that Katt Williams was slapped in the face while in Detroit! I don't know if it's true!

  3. The people around you enjoyed who more?? And yeah, I saw that RUMOR Tluv. I am seriously trying to find out some info about it too.

  4. Lady Di,
    He may have had some fans stating they will not go to another Katt Williams show, but I wish I'd been there and as a matter of fact, I'm trying to see how much I can get Katt for, to do a show in my town. After this, he is sure to pack the house. Come on Steve, at least fight back.

  5. Good luck on getting KW. You know he said that December 31 was his last stand-up. Who knows, this might may him re-think retirement from stand-up. How many entertainers/sports people made comebacks and comebacks and...

    Keep me posted on the progress at least, will you FoC??


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