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Friday, January 30, 2009

Klutch Tha Game Shifta's BLOW

Signed on as a new artist to the KattPack label, Klutch certainly has a handle on 'Blow'. The song is mad with hard core straight in ya face lyrics featuring his female label mate XL - Xplicit Lyric. She is small in size, to me, but her voice is LARGE!! She put it down at the show for those who really get into the rap thing. Klutch raised up the DC crowd too as he had the guys bopping to the lyrical content the tight bodied guy put down. I really wasn't expecting musicians this time Katt came back to the area so I missed focus and part of their performance. In a recent interview seen here, Klutch gets down and personal touching many topics, even his son. Gives a whole new view of a person when they let a little of themselves out. It's not a need nor it is required but if they're comfortable talking, I'm all for reading and learning.

The photo linked is when Klutch was inking his deal with Katt & the KattPack Crew. Best wishes for a successful career sir. In these trying times, I hope we hear from you sooner. What I hope for more is that the love that you have for your son intensifies as he gets older by staying closer than the clothes on your backs. Stay with him man, you see how some turn out without the support. He could be our future Barack Obama, it's all up to BOTH of you. Thank you for letting me post this and the pic too. Get a really, really cheap lawyer if you plan to sue me. SMILES!!

Visit Klutch on his MySpace.

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