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Friday, January 9, 2009

Rest Peacefully Shadow

I am so sad tonight as I try hard to get early today's unfortunate event out of my head and try to reat. As we, a car of 2 adults and a 12 yr old, where on our way to the Pearls and Ivy Educational Foundation's "Martin Luther King, Jr. 80th Birthday Celebration at the Music Center at Strathmore", we lost a fur life tonight. As we pulled out of the driveway, there was a gasping thud and the evening never looked up really. As we mingled with dignitaries, took photos, listened to award recipients and even snacked while enjoying a live jazz musician, my heart and mind was on the child owner of the the cat who is now in kitty heaven. His spirits were so down as he recalled that the "Mom" gave birth to her children on a Thursday as today was. The Former NAACP President Honorable Kwasi Enfume gave a wonderful oral narration as my hometown's Symphony Orchestra complete with the Soulful Symphony and backed with a youth choir/ All of whom gave a stellar performance that commanded several standing ovations. There was also a winner of the best Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. story on hand to give her recall of meeting him as a mere shy child.

All of this could not take away the thump sound I had in my head not the sight of looking back out of the rear window to see the mother cat's 3 fur children surrounding her on the cold ground. I was too stunned to move much less gather it up and put it on the grass or even wrap it in a towel. I'd been there before years ago and wished never to return. While driving to work with a then boyfriend, a cat rain in front of my car. All I remember is crying my eyes out and him taking the wheel really fast to avoid damage to us. I had Prentis back then and I recall getting off that morning and rushing home to hug him. Another time I was driving late and a dog got caught under my Mitsu Eclipse. I have not a clue how I got home but I do recall that dogs squealing and it lasted for what seemed forever. I did try to get out and see if he was ok. He growled at me and I got back in the car and watching him ship off. I don't do well, as you can tell, with hit animals as I'm waaaaay to sensitive. I'll probably be up all night long now with this playing in my head for !?!?!

If you don't hear from me, try not to worry. I just need some rest and if I'm getting no sleep... I'm sure that won't help.

Rest Peacefully Shadow!! SniffSniff She was a fun, energetic and very warm little fur soul. At least I'll have her lil fur kids to look at in memory of her.


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