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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The World According to Kofi

I am ever so glad that I found Kofi Bofah's Blog entitled Onyx Investments. Recently he requested from his visitors topics that we wanted him to dialogue on. I was fortunate enough to get one and half of my requests thus far. I say half because someone else requested a topic that I also wanted him to provide thoughts on. His Blog started a whole new education of sort and seriously continues to do so. Smart people really are SMART. His eloquent wording of topic of his/our choice has defined who the MAN is behind what would be mystery. All of us who start Blogs are relatively unknowns to some around us much less this vast net. And then we Blog as we become more aware of who we are... we find who others are too. We also have found ourselves IN others and others IN us. Every post created may not be a totally shared sentiment but what you take from it can be considered educating while sharing, yes? Jervis, as young as he is and all over the place as he's been is far different than the quiet, shy (laughs hard) me. But, he captivates me because he is eclectic and unique in approach to life.

Kofi, brings that down to earth educationally hip style to his research. Not only does he thoroughly present his material but he adds extra personalized touches to it. His topics are never short in length which lets you know the amount of work he's put into the creation at hand. We've discussed sports (ok, not me), politics, life, John Forte (now up) and a plethora of other issues. As a light brown woman who's in dire need of continuing her education by any means necessary, Kofi is doing a fabulous job of assisting me in that department to say the least. Now, if he could only help a sistah see the onyx is not always black when investing.... (did that come out right!?!?)

Check him out. You'll be learned as well.

Kofi - I need some imagery here.


  1. Thank you for the shout out and recommendation.

    My thing is - I never want to post anything that somebody could just Google or check out in their newspaper.

    If I can't provided detailed, inside, hard-hitting news - I will always add a few nuggets of my own commentary to the story. I mean, people can get news from various websites or their local papers. Bloggers must be different because the distribution isn't there in the beginning.

    I typically write things down in a notebook and type them up in the office. And I am constantly seek out the perfect adjective to really describe what is happening. My flow comes from listening to rap 95% of the time, reading everything, and the fact that my parents are in education doesn't hurt either.

    Now, that I am finance - I am used to every little piece of information that I present being scrutinized. These means that if I make a claim - I am going to back it up with stats of some sort as a build a bulletproof argument.

    As for C. Jervis - I have peeped his blog a few times - but I don't know all the ins and outs of it. I do see him all over the blogosphere though.

  2. Yeah, Jervis is going thru some rough times but he's trying really hard, sorta. His surroundings seem hard and I can only pray he'll survive.

    I can't write for crap so who knows why I started a Blog. At any rate, you and a couple others write really, really good stuff. Just thought I show appreciation to one for now...



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