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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Morning Shyt... I mean Show

Steve admits to "chasing dollars". He did blame it on not doing QUALITY research but bottom line... HE KNEW!! Notice how Steve's comments keep changing depending on which CAMERA/MICROPHONE he cheezin' for?!?!?

Steve not only lost his hair but he lost some of his thought process as well. You mean to tell me a 20 something year veteran don't know how to research and re-research this WHOLE event that is a HUGE part HIS and the other HIS career? You did not look at the total package - where the event was, how it was billed, it being in the round, it's name, it's financial AND personal gain for the LONG HAUL??? Then you take paying customer's who live in that city to fuss at them about where the event was? And then you go on your show and whine about it more. Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn... you're staple of your career is going from city to city and fussing about the city, the venue and/or the paying supporters. And from the stuff I read on the net, YOU REALLY AIN'T GO THAT MUCH LOVE when it comes to that. Hello, if your JLA set was so good, why NONE of YOUR faithful 6 supporters have ANY QUALITY footage of YOU doing what done "buttered your bread" with for all these years - "KING"!?!?!?! "HE" has 3 videos up that have been re-upped by several users and all of them are making way for half million views - COLLECTIVELY!! YOU, Steve have one video that barely is taping 2,000 views. HELLO???????? Must mean you're set was not worthy of even being bootlegged to YouTube. HAH!!

My last few word on this...


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