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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mafiosa Me

I recently posted a note about a game that I'd become... uhmmmmm, let's just say a game I thoroughly enjoyed. Yes, that does read past tense - ENJOYED. What on earth changed this since many of you posted your total enjoyment of that game as well?? XZIBIT. Blame it all on Mr. Joiner. First there was the invite to play 'Mafia Wars' to which I paid not an ounce of attention, well for at least a month. Then.............. there was this "look what I just bought...." post recently and it was a van that he'd purchased. A delivery van??? WTH?? So, as I posted about it on his forum, I had to be nosy.... oooooops - that should read curious and find out what this online game application was all about. Believe you me when I say this, I usually try stuff for the supporters, worldwide, so that if they have problems questions I can assist them. And this is for videos, music, sites, etc. I like to say, "wait let me get that answer" (or something similar) vs. "I dunno" and that's that.

So, off I go to find out the mystery Mafia War happenings. What occurred next is not only *cough*trying*cough* it out on Facebook and MySpace but on Yahoo as well. For the record, the Yahoo version SUCKS big time. Onwards, MySpace which has the better of the 3 online version, is ADDICTIVE to say the very least. It's a Mafia style game where you can purchase all sorts of WOMD (weapons of massive destruction), vehicles, and property while committing crimes, I mean.... ascertaining GREAT wealth while losing your health. (laughs) Yes... you get robbed, snuffed of your skill points and you can even be sucker punched - while online and not. I went back in one time and I was so beat down, I had to rejuvenate by doing a bank heist... I meant to say walking a lil old man to cash his check. But I did have 200k to purchase my apt cplex. I have 3 *COUGH*5*COUGH* accounts in total between some *cough*friends*cough* and I. Loads of loot, loads of vehicles and massive property. Property earns you income but the vehicles and WOMD require ownership fees. Can't think of the term right now but you want the property to balance the loss you take for the WOMD, trust me. Now, as you go along doing "jobs", you also build skill levels. The first say 5, 6 are easy. After that, it gets more and more difficult. You have to build stamina, attacks, energy, defense, health and wealth all at the same time. If you fall sort in some categories, you lose the ability to "fight" and/or complete "jobs". You can still spend your money but after you buy one of everything, what's next??

LOTS. As you are doing all of this... you have to progress through Experience levels. Now, you can do this solo or you can recruit some friends. And this is where it gets difficult. Poor me, I don't have much "friends" and therefore I'm stuck on a certain LEVEL because in order to move up, I have to have +6 friends. In other words, one crime, errrrr... "job" requires 16 friends. Ok, now what!?!?! Create mystery accounts?? Oh hell naw. That involves you logging in each account and playing the game with each profile. TO WHICH I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT - OK???????????? So, I've added a couple pics but let me say this right now. It's addictive, I think it's great to play if you can get loads of friends AND you like that sort of game. Not only do you earn money but when you fight, so does your crew. The more crew, the more money all of you make as it pays extra for that. Also, you can tackle some Crime bosses for extra skill points, $$ and some other nifty surprises. Another lil surprise is some of the jobs you do give you some much needed to the inventory items to fight crime bosses with and just for the count. Things like health pack, shiv, guns, and more are some of what I've seen so far. I earned a Blackmail letter and some sort of badge from 2 different CBs. Extra, extra goodies like verifying my email gave me a Stolen Mail Truck. Now, if ya'll only knew the irony of THAT. (widens eyes) I also get some more WOMD if one of my crew finds it, mysteriously no doubt. Annnnnnnnnnnnnd... there's daily things like hitting a link to send your crew & yourself energy packs plus the opportunity arose to pick up a violin case machine gun within a certain amount of time... PROVIDED you had the rewards points. Yep, you get those too but you can purchase more (NOT THAT I HAVE) via PayPal and other payment sources and/or picking up one of their SPAM sponsors.

So, can someone join on MySpace or Facebook so I can get that beach front property and move on to the next experience levels? Not just anybody, you need to be good with your skills. (CUL like she is)

PS - the real reason I like the game is because I get to spend MAD $$. Hey, I'm a shop-a-lic. A broke one but when it's someone else's wallet... WOAH!!



  1. Too complicated for me! I will stick to my jigsaw puzzle and concentration on People.com! Thanks for the info, though!

  2. (looks @ Jervis and shakes head no)

    It's not really but stay where you are if you're comfy!!


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