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Monday, January 14, 2008

Educate, Empower & Uplift One Woman At A Time

I'm new to this personal blog stuff even though I've read loads over the years. This is the start of me taking the necessary steps to eradicate myself from the creative bird in a less than small cage mentality. No longer shall I sit and allow people to steal my ideas for their ego nor allow my self worth be determined by preset conditions that I have no chance of making an impact upon. I've supported many people, companies, ideas and.... I still feel creatively disconnected. So here's where I reconnect ME!!

I've been putting an idea out to some close friends in pieces and to some I've never met as well. Each person is rooting me on, if you will and says it is an excellent idea. So, I want to share some of it with you and get your take as well.

Anyhow, it's about reality shows and their presentation/representation of women. Or really, the women who are allowing themselves to be seen in the disgusting light they have been over the last few years. Kimora's horrific mogul mess, Flavor Flav's crap and the shows it's spawned and Tila Tequila. Now, not just that but... why do we have to wait for a competition show to see how to make it in America? There are some careers that do not require direct competitive anything to acquire success. Why are we and kids today not shown n for the entire picture of the very real life of the struggling whomever... artist, corporate business owner, actor... whatever. I want to create and show that focuses on that PLUS a campaign towards educating, uplifting and empowering WE -Women Everywhere and/or the minority women as well.

I've written several people but I don't know how to sell something positive that shows no drama. But we all have drama it's just how scripted you really need/want it to be for it to sell, you know. Anyhow, like the shows mentioned, I am sure you know what I mean. It's like if it does not have sex, boobs and more drama than you can not achieve 4 million views as I Love NY has done. I have no need to wear a size 6 when I am a size 10. Nor do I need to fake finding a man, I mean the claim of love when I don't love me... first. I want us to be seen more like Justine Simmon's of Run's House (for me, without the kids at my age - laughs) and leave a legacy behind that can carry our name.

Make me a (role) model... not just working on the outside beauty but perfecting the beauty on the inside that people seem to forget when attempting to succeed.


  1. you go girl! can i just be uplifted afteryou? (laughs)

    not being american and still being able to watch all those so-called reality-shows on mtv made me already wonder about the US "reality" happening in a parallel universe...
    unfortunately german television and its consumers are usually very uncritical about anything coming from US entertainment industries.

  2. And we both sigh together... (sighs)

    But... if I get on a reality show you'd better darned sight watch ME!!!! HAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!!!


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