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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blog This n' That

So, what's a "blog" anyhow you ask? Well, I'll link the very same info I used to get my knowledge of them and how they work. Go here - http://www.blogger.com/home and be learned. That'll be $39.99 if you start one payable to me in cash, money order, cashier's check and/or Western Union. (SMILES) No, they are free and if you don't know me, the one thing I will tell you is I LOVE FREE STUFF.

Now, you ask why the need to start one? That's a grand question and here's the answer. It all depends on YOU. Blogs are used for business, pleasure and etc. Some people use them to communicate with relatives afar. Some use it to give details of their daily life on the road as whomever they are (be it business and/or personal) and yet others use it like me as well. I created mine to unleash some caged creativity in hopes that I would not only help me, but help someone else. Guess what? Someone else found my new Blog useful and has created one of her own. She's linked in the section to the right on this page. Isn't that just beautiful after mine being up for only a few hours? "Each One, Reach One". (<-saw this in the movie First Sunday)

With all that said and done, how's your Blog going to look? Better yet how do YOU look? I look marvelous!!

BTW - I'm allowing comments under each message. So I look forward to reading what you have to add to my continuing creative process.

Thanks for reading!!


  1. A blog needs not only dedication but to have things to say, and that is harder that it sounds.

    I am sure you have a lot of things to say and there are a lot of people willing to hear (read) them, so keep putting your thoughts into this little corner of the internet cause that's inspiration and enlighting to a lot of us.

    We'll be reading... (and writing!).

    Much love and support, as always.


  2. "Ditto" ....to everything Danny just said. You are just the Lady to succeed. You are already making me stop and think more about things. Thank you for that !

    Much love and respect.



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