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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Paths In Life

You ever get this urge in your sleep to just get up and do SOME THING but not sure exactly what it is?? Just pop right up and get the day... oh wait, hold that thought. Prentis was pulling my hair to get up and feed him.

Ok, about paths in life... where does your head? If you could place the next step you take on that road to wherever and you could predict the very next footprint... where would it be? Are you in a position in your job/career where your most satisfying thing is lunch time? Going home?? Are you in a relationship where your satisfaction is when you're alone? Are you sitting there thinking, this chick needs a life? Do you have one of your own? (I don't mean the box of cereal or the board game ok) Are you reaching YOUR goals? Did you set any? Or are you like me, butterflying your way thru life just enjoying whatever may come? Finally did you really TOUCH someone today or yesterday - not just physically? Do you care if you do or not? Hmmm...

I mentor a lot of people on every level on and off the net and the one thing I always say to them is this. Be happy in your life and with WHATEVER you have. Take a look at that tangible item, your relative/significant other/child, you job/career, etc and the list goes on... then remind yourself, you are BLESSED more than you probably realize. There's always someone so less fortunate than yourself. Stop worrying about what someone else has or thinks about you. Take care of what YOU have. Drill it in your head and your heart that what YOU think about YOU is what should be of utmost importance. Things may not be going the way you want them to for whatever reason but ask yourself this...

Where is your path in life leading you... today, tomorrow and in the future? Remember, you are the chauffeur of your own destiny. :) Thank YOU for being my backseat front seat driver!!


  1. well, i don't agree that i am of the "utmost importance" (laughs). i know well enough about the barriers that tend to block your path of life... you know what i learned? there is always a way around or to overcome them if your determined enough to go on...

    but to keep oneself going you need to have some enjoyable things to think about which lay behind all those obstacles of life...

  2. I just read this kayoz and I do apologize for not responding to it. You make me think about things from another perspective all the time. Goo thing I have you as a net friend. Thank you for being there for me to just...


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