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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reading Is Fundamental, Comprehending Is Everything

Reading IS Fundamental (RIF) is a organization that assists children who can not read with the ability to... read. But, in adults, comprehension is something else. How do you teach that?? I don't know if there's an adult version of the agency but if not, we sure need it - BADLY. I've been a mini-victim myself but not like I've seen as of late. On 'Parking Wars' because the sign was upside down dude couldn't read the sign stating no parking after a certain time. Ohhhhhhkkkkkkkkkk. They televised him saying he put money in the meter at 3pm which SHOULD have covered him till 4:30. Well per the UPSIDE down sign, rush hour no parking began at 4 pm and he was pissed because that the meter took his money. Oh the meter should not take your money if you can't park there after a certain time???? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!

Yes, he stated this and argued with the meter lady about it. AND, whomever the older guy was that was with him, he was not letting up either. He also insisted that the sign was upside down. The meter lady even went on to say well if this was my car and the sign was upside down, there's a few signs around. One in front just up a bit and across the street. Ohhhh noooooooo, if I didn't park there I should not have to read those signs said car owner. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Even if that scene was scripted, you KNOW there is somebody that will swear on a similar incident. I love this new show and I try to watch it every chance I get. It just shows how bad off people really are and has been far more entertaining than anything on MTV, VH1 and etc. right now. Well, except Baisden After Dark. How can you not laugh at people making complete fools of themselves by not being able to comprehend? And for the record, they are not disabled in any VISIBLE way. Cue word -> V-I-S-I-B-L-E!!

Now, you know it's a sad day when someone gotta put you on blast for not reading isn't it? Another r&c issue. Xzibit posted 2 pics from the set of the X-Files 2 movie. He distinctly took necessary time out of his busy, tiresome, frigid cold schedule to place captions under each picture. Clearly written is the date, title of the film and some other lil personal addition. So why did he have to come back on ANOTHER blog to address people writing him and inquiring if he'd joined law enforcement???? WHAT???????? Sad that your favorite "celebrity" has to go through this all because you so caught up in?!?!? And we won't even get in to the disabled HTML in his and other people's sections for leaving comments (under photos, blogs and main page comments area). I know he specifically asked people not to advertise on his page. NOPE, they never ever read that NOR the big red text IN and ABOVE the comment areas. I guess they figure they're going to do what they want to do or.... they's damn illiterate. (<- on purpose) And still speaking of SpySpace, I was on Katt's page and ohhhh my goodness. What a friggin' mess it is there too. One person was the whole page advertising his music. I ain't going to blast, but his *cough*BROTHER*cough* needs to help him out on those issues. Shoot, I won't even get into DJ Invis' page of SPAM. I'm thinking people know that these people are in the entertainment business and to them, they think it's ok to advertise in hopes of getting seen. Not only advertisement but spamosis galore. Horrific.

Now about my lil thing recently. I went on X's page and asked about something related to the movie when he SAID he could NOT talk about the movie. I did it in spite moreso than anything. It is something I know he'll address down the line but sure enough, next Blog he came back and said AGAIN... he could not talk about the movie. AHAHAHAHAHAHAA!! I know it was not directed AT me... wait... was it???? Hmmm...

PM EDIT - I've linked 'Parking Wars' website in the first paragraph relating to it. Enjoy!!


  1. ahahaha...i'm glad someone spoke out what seems to be so obviously true...
    thank you for that, lady di...i'm so glad that others face miscomprehension too, i already wondered if i was suffering from aphasia...laughs

    and i really hope there will be something comparable on german tv soon...

  2. Well don't go to the IMDb.com and search for it because the title there now is NOT related, seemingly, to the new A&E show. I don't think they have a IMDB board as yet but I can link their Website. If don't KNOW something, I don't consider it "miscomprehension". I call that unknowledged vs. the word I hate most - "stupid". But when it's quite obviously like the sign was, oh it's on and very badly at that. I almost became a meter maid in Baltimore years ago. I think I made the right choice working for The Sun - our local paper. ;)



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