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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stalkers, Stalkographers & Stalkeration

Man, I'm skimming Blogs/news sources that deal with the "celebrated ones" and it's amazing how much the camera loves certain people and vice versa. I know I sorta dealt with this in the 'Shine Down' blog but stay with me here. I want to do a very public project but I'll be damned if I want a camera as a buttscope every time I move. Bowel move that is. The price you pay for "success" on ANY level is always tremendous don't get me wrong. But some people just over do it to the maximum degree. It's not the ME I worried about, it's my family who truly do not deserve to be "stalked" just because we share the same blood and/or a leaf off of the family tree. I fear having to come and break a can of sue/whup your A$$ out on someone messing my Father. Now Dad can hold his own but it's just not fair that he should have to do so. Public figures depending on their amount of publicity have to work hardER to pay the security, the lawyers and who knows who else for what is rightfully theres anyhow. The right to just be like any other normal person with a career/job. Sure their pillows are fluffier, their cars are plentiful and their poisons are free (in some cases) but when it's all said and done... they don't eat, sleep nor crap any less/more than people making $2 an hour.

I really can not imagine parents having to protect their children from posts on the net, stalkographers and those people who claim to be "fans". People post pics of say, Boodie Boo's kids and think nothing of it like they wouldn't protect their own flesh and blood - far better. Ok, if YOU were in the same exact position, how would you feel?? Would you be no less overly protective if the shoes were worn by you? I doubt it because that would really state the affairs of your parenting skills, rather the lack of. Even when you post in response to news about a public figure, think how it would affect you IF it were you and/or your loved one. Oh yeah, I had to learn that thanks to the PF's (public figures) that I've linked myself to on this WWW. I have a tend to be blatantly honest about how I feel and can live with it. But then I realized that these people have flaws like me and also have significant others who may very well be reading. Sometimes they too like to know what's being said or not. I know this because some of the management peeps I've dealt with let it be known "we see you Di' without saying a word. (YIIIIIIIIIIKES)

I don't know, really... on one hand I am fearful of what can happen when the photolight is upon me and on the other I want so bad to do my project for the betterment of all WOOOman kind. So, the choice is sooooooo friggin' difficult. Especially creepy, is not only are the media allowed so much leash to do what they need to do to get A story but TV shows specifically designed for stalkeration are cropping up quickly. I see PF's trying to be so nice to the stalkographers that it just becomes evident in understanding why the lawsuits and war words occur. Here you are trying to go get some groceries and there's this stalkographer like pushing a cart with a box of Life cereal hiding a camera. WTF?? I laugh when I heard some POP-POOR-ATZZI recently were arrested for what I think was deemed excessive stalkeration, I mean... pressuring of one particular PF. Where do WE draw the line? Better yet, can we?? And then you have people that want to change their name every time the wind blows the wrong way when they need to change it to "relevant". OK? Or you have the one who is so desperate for press (and work I guess) that they've appeared on every reality show there is. Damn, didn't I see her/him on 'I need a real life' at 10pm on one of the 3 letter named channels? And guess what? Those same people are the ones beating up camera people for "pressuring" them, filing lawsuits and slamming the stalkeration camera back down said stalkographers throat. Ok, where is the line people? WHERE IS IT FOR GOODNESS SAKE??

Oooooooooooouu, here's one for you. Remember when the TV Guide channel was just THAT? It was only a channel guide with NO NOISE. And those were the days of the quiet world. Ahhhhhh, I so miss them. So, slowly the ads started appearing, then mini lil interviews BUT... the channel guide was most of the screen. Not now, naaaaaaaaaah. Today, the channel guide has become a whole TV show and like 3 -4 lines are dedicated to the actual airings. Wait, if you don't read fast, sorry... you'll miss whatever it was you were looking for. One night, this poor thing had to wait for the channel guide to come back 4 times because she kept missing one line about whatever it was. I kept leaving the room or doing something else and by the time I came/looked back... gone again. We've just been forced into this "we need to see the celebrity's each and every move" life that it's either turn the TV off, move to another planet or be over saturated with it day after day, guide scroll up after guide scroll.

My money's on the move to another planet. :p So, let me go check my solar system HERstory and see who has the least heat but least cold too. :)

BTW - if you think my Blog is winded, noooo way. I saw one Blog that had 145 posts this month alone!! (WOOOOOOOOOOAH)

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